Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2014 - The Year of UBUNTU In 185 Countries

New Courage And Unity For A New Year -

South African Elections - 2014 - Year of UBUNTU

We wish all our members in 185 countries of this beautiful planet a year of growing unity, rapid enlightenment among your friends and families that still stand separated from you, a rapid rise in consciousness across all cultures and abundance on all levels of human endeavour.

We were born on this planet - we are of this planet - this is our planet - we are the 99.99% - keep this in mind when you consider the hurdles and obstacles in the way of human emancipation from economic enslavement.

United we will succeed and achieve our human freedom - divided we will continue to be conquered. Lose the fear - it is the tool used against us to keep us blinded, obedient and dived as living breathing human beings of flesh and blood and infinite soul.

In 2014 the UBUNTU movement will require all the help we can get from our members around the world to really make our presence felt - to share our message of light and prosperity for all - and to get as much support as possible in the South African elections - that only happen every 5 years.

We have to be highly visible and get our foot in the door of parliament to inject the virus into the system of crime and genocide against our people. This means we need to get around 100,000 votes. This should be possible but will require many resources and funding to do this. We will not do this on our own from our tiny office in the mountains of South Africa. Many hands will make light work.

We want this activity in SA to be the catalyst for all the other UBUNTU movements in the other 185 countries to do the same. If everyone contributes a tiny small amount to our cause every month - we can move mountains and shift perceptions, and create huge awareness that will lead to rapid change.

Till later - in love - light - and unity
Michael of the family tellinger