Thursday, 29 August 2013

USA Planned to Invade And Take Down Seven Countries

Spine chilling expose by General Wesley Clark - USA, about how USA administration had planned to invade and take down 7 countries.

Exposing The Banking Scam - Part TWO

This is part TWO of Peter Moyo's SABC documentary in which he bravely goes where very few mainstream journalists have dared to go. It is amazing that the SABC has agreed to screen these hard-hitting programmes. So once again I extend my deepest and most sincere congratulations to Peter and the SABC for exposing this information for all to see.

We have become the slaves of the banking cartels of the world. Only we can release ourselves from this enslavement by choosing not to use their tools of enslavement, which is money.

My new book UBUNTU Contributionism - A Blueprint For Human Prosperity, will be released very soon. It will allow those who are new to this information to be slowly guided through the shocking revelations to recognise the way forward towards unlimited opportunity and a world of abundance for all.

Love and Unity of UBUNTU to all.
Michael of the family Tellinger.

                                              WHO OWNS YOUR DEBT - Peter Moyo


When the mines send out trucks filled with gold or any other minerals that have been taken from the ground in South Africa, the mine is paid for the minerals by the South African Reserve Bank (SARB).

Where does SARB get all the money?

This is a wake-up call for those who are still asleep and have no idea how we have become enslaved by our governments and the corporations that control them. We need to recognise what is going on in South Africa and other countries with the issuing of money. Our money is being issued by private corporations. In SA it is called the South African Reserve Bank (SARB). These institutions are controlled and ultimately owned by the Rothschild, Rockefeller and a handful of other banking families.
 SARB is a truly special corporation because it has somehow, and miraculously, obtained the right to create money out of thin air. How do they do this? They take blank pieces of paper and print their special logos onto it. Then they use these worthless pieces of paper to hand over to the mines and our government as payment for the minerals that belong to the people of the land.

So the government is allowing a private corporation to steal all the wealth of  our land and the people, firstly by allowing mining companies the right to mine these minerals from our ground and to sell it to international bidders and trade with it on international stock markets, and secondly by accepting these worthless pieces of paper from SARB as a form of payment for the minerals.

Remember that the country belongs to its people. It is critical that we take back the right to print money, from private corporations like SARB, and create a central bank of the people, that prints money for the people, by the people. In this way money will always be made available for all that is needed to create abundance and prosperity for the people.

Remember that our government is the servant of the people and they should be doing what we, the people, want and need to live beautiful lives in the country that belongs to the people. 

As soon as we have created this supply of money that has the support of the people and therefore has the confidence of the people, we will make the money available for all our needs, so that nothing is ever impossible, and nothing is ever withheld from the people. Industry and technology and any other development necessary. Very soon the people will realise that the money is not actually necessary at all – since it can be made available when we need it.

And this is the point at which the people will begin to realise that we don’t actually need any money at all – and we can simply operate and create abundance by deciding what we need for prosperity and abundance on all levels.

This may take a while for some to compute and assimilate because our minds are truly poisoned by capitalism and the indoctrination of “scarcity”. But as our consciousness rises we will begin to move towards this realisation, rapidly transforming our lives and our planet in a true UTOPIA. The kind of lives we all deserve and should experience in contrast to the slavery we are all trapped in by the private banking corporations that have stolen the world from its people. 

Friday, 23 August 2013


Louise and I are on an extended tour of the USA, Europe and UK, presenting our research into ancient civilisations in South Africa and spreading UBUNTU Contributionism.

Since our march on the banks and the Reserve Bank in South Africa early July 2013, when we served them all with specific memorandums and requesting answers to rather incriminating questions, we have had no response from any one of the banks except a one page letter from SARB - see below.
I expect to follow up on this in October as it presents us with a strong legal case and the serving of summonses and obtaining court orders to force the banks and SARB to answer our questions.

I will however respond to SARB. Their feable response is not acceptable to the people whom they are robbing of their birth-rights every day.

Love & Light and freedom form financial enslavement to all of humanity,
Michael of the family tellinger.