Monday, 8 July 2013

South African Reserve Bank Was Served

The March Against The Banks Memorandum - was successfully delivered to the office of Gill Marcus - Governor of the South African Reserve Bank AND Rene van Wyk - the Registrar Of Banks in South Africa today, 8th July 2013. The content of the memorandum is below - please study it and share it.


March against the banks – 6 July 2013  - Sandton South Africa

Attention: Gill Marcus and the Board of Directors.
You are hereby required to respond publically and via email to all questions contained in this memorandum within SEVEN days from date above.

We, the concerned people of South Africa, hereby declare that the RESERVE BANK OF SOUTH AFRICA (SARB) is a private corporation, with shareholders all over the world, that has somehow found its way into the CONSTITUTION OF THE REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA and has for some inexplicable reason been allowed to print their privately owned and controlled money as the official currency of the land and thereby dictate the financial policy to its people. Its primary objective is to make profit and to keep its shareholders happy. SARB has no interest in the wellbeing of the people of South Africa.

All of us who participate in national election believe that the duly elected government is the servant of the people, to perform the will of the people. The people feel that they have at least some say in the running of the country by electing its leaders.

Unfortunately the people have no control or any say whatsoever about the activities of SARB and we are all at the complete mercy of the financial decisions that SARB makes on a daily basis. SARB continues to operate as a completely independent entity not answerable to anyone and seems to be above the law at all times. It is unimaginable that the president, minister of finance and minister of justice have not recognised the complete control and stranglehold that SARB has over the people of South Africa and has not as the servants of the people taken the necessary corrective steps to change it for the benefit of the people.

At the same time SARB is supposed to be responsible through the office of the Registrar of Banks, whose office is in the SARB building in Pretoria, to monitor the activities of all banking institutions and take the necessary steps and corrective measures when banks act outside their mandate. This has clearly not been happening as South African banks have been operating like rogue economic cowboys causing financial misery and destruction in our country.
The Registrar of Banks has bluntly refused to answer questions that implicate the banks in criminal activity and in so doing, he has implicated SARB in the same fraudulent action.

By not implementing any control or taking punitive measures against the banks that have been committing fraud against the people, lying under oath, presenting false evidence, and destroying people’s lives with their actions, SARB is complicit with the crimes of the banks. The senior management and directors of SARB must face the same criminal charges as their banking colleagues.

The time has come for the people of South Africa to realise that our lives are being completely controlled by a private corporation called THE RESERVE BANK OF SOUTH AFRICA, by printing their private worthless FIAT currency which is enforced on the people. It is time to take the necessary steps to change it.

We call on the chief servant of the people, the president of South Africa, to support the people of South Africa in declaring the activity of SARB unconstitutional and unlawful. To further support and expedite the closure of the Reserve Bank and replacing it with a PEOPLE’S BANK, that issues money for the people, by the people, backed by gold, platinum and other minerals that belong to the people. 

Please respond to each point below to the best of your ability to clarify information about the RESERVE BANK to the people of South Africa.

1)    Who are the owners of SARB – please provide a full list of names of ALL owners and shareholders and their respective shareholding in the company. The South African people have a right to know who the people are behind making all the financial decisions behind their backs.
2)    What is the relationship between SARB, the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK of the USA, the BANK OF ENGLAND, and the INTERNATIONAL BANK OF SETTLEMENTS?
3)    Are there any common shareholders in these three corporations? If so please list them.
4)    What is the average total monthly payment made by SARB to the gold mines and all other precious metals mines?
5)    As a private corporation, where does SARB get the money to pay for all the gold and other precious metals that it takes under its care on a regular basis from the many mines in South Africa?
6)    Why does the printed money by SARB no longer state “I promise to pay the bearer on demand”?
7)    As it stands, the ZAR money notes printed by SARB are worthless pieces of paper, that only remain in circulation because the people have no other option. Confirm of deny.
8)    Explain why the ZAR money printed by SARB has any value at all?
9)    How does SARB make the final decision to print money?
10)    Who is responsible for making this decision?
11)    Explain how Fractional Reserve Lending works and how banks are allowed to create money out of thin air.
12)    Explain how the Matching Principal of debit / credit instrument swopping is used by SA banks to create loans out of thin air.
13)    Explain what Seigniorage is and how it works.
14)    How much was paid to the SA Government in 2012 in the form of Seigniorage?
15)    Where in SARB’s financials, and the SA government’s financials is this money recorded and reflected for the people to see?
16)    Why is the public precluded for participating in monetary policy?
17)    Why is the public precluded from lodging complaints against Banks with SARB?
18)    Should a bank fail, does SARB have sufficient capital to bail-out or rescue a bank?
19)    If so, explain how and why?
20)    Should a bank fail, does SARB have sufficient money to pay back the clients of such banks? Explain.
21)    If there is no such guarantees by SARB, what other safeguard is there available to the clients if a bank should fail?
22)    The SARB stands as guardian to oversee the Banks, why has it failed to address securitisation in terms of the provision of the Constitution 1996, transparency and freedom to access of information?
23)    Why should the consumer be contributing to their banks – e.g. deposit fees, accounts fees and transactions fees, if the banks benefits from these transactions?
24)    Is SARB prepared to convert and become a PEOPLE’S BANK and print interest free money for the people by the people? If not, why not? If YES, when and how?
25)    State any reasons why the people of South Africa should continue supporting your private corporation called SARB instead of creating their own PEOPLE’S BANK to create money for the people, by the people?

Please note that your responses, or lack of response, will be used as evidence in all future legal action against the banks which already include charges of criminal activity against the management and directors of a specific bank.

In Pure Truth
Michael of the family Tellinger
Founder of the UBUNTU Party and UBUNTU Liberation Movement.
Born free as a living breathing human being of flesh and blood and infinite soul with inalienable rights from the creator, without the pledge of allegiance to any institution or my permission to be enslaved in any way.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

March Against The Banks A Success In Johannesburg

Press Release:   7 July 2013

A seed of consciousness was planted in Johannesburg South Africa on the 6th of July 2013, when about 150 people gathered in the March Against The Banks, in Sandton. This was the first official public action against banks in South Africa. We delivered memorandums to 5 major banks. Investec; Nedbank; FNB; STD Bank and ABSA Barclays. Three of these were received by representatives of the banks while FNB and ABSA did not accept the memorandum. In those two instances the documents were attached to the front entrance door at FNB and the gate at ABSA Barclays / Norton Rose lawyers.

We also delivered a memorandum Norton Rose, a law firm that represents several banks. It is not surprising that they share the same building as ABSA Capital. This was merely an indication that lawyers are complicit in the unlawful activities of banks by defending their actions in courts while being fully aware of their transgressions. For this the lawyers need to held equally accountable for the crimes of the bankers.

The security was out in full force around the banks where in some cases, like at FNB, security guards formed a wall of protection around the front entrance to its building, while the representative of Nedbank was protected by vigilant bodyguards who ensured nobody overstepped the threshold of the heavily fortified entrance to the building.

I conveyed a message to the people and the staff of the banks, and the law firm, that we hold no ill feelings towards them and that this action was not aimed at the staff, but rather at the owners, the top management and directors.  We respect the fact that the people who work for these corporations are merely caught up in the matrix of control by these corporations that enslaves us all,  and are merely trying to survive and look after their families. We hope that they start to realise that their employers are involved in unlawful and often criminal activity against everyone, including the people that work for them.

It was made very clear to all those who met us and the security guards, that we honour and respect them as human beings and for their courage to meet us on the street to receive the memorandums. I also stressed that it was a peaceful match and our intentions were NOT to confront them but to rather plant a seed of consciousness to make the management and board of directors realise that their action were inhumane and harmful to the people of South Africa and the world.

They were asked to look into their hearts and change their ways for the greater benefit of the people of South Africa and the world. The memorandums to the RESERVE BANK OF SOUTH AFRICA and the REGISTRAR OF BANKS will be delivered in Pretoria on Monday 8th July 2013, as there was not enough time to do so all on the same day.

While this may have been a small group of people who braved a cold day in Johannesburg, we achieved our objective to plant the seeds of consciousness and a new world of abundance where money does not control any aspect of our lives - united in our diversity, free from any form of enslavement  or forced servitude.

Michael of the family Tellinger
UBUNTU Party & Liberation Movement founder.

Friday, 5 July 2013

STD Bank & NEDBANK Will Accept Our Memorandums

Breakthrough for the March Against The Banks.

Both STANDARD BANK & NEDBANK have agreed to receive our memorandums so far.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

ABSA Hides Behind Norton Rose Refuses To Receive Memorandum

Below is the response I received from ABSA Barclays Bank, refusing to receive our memorandum. Clearly showing the fear of being exposed, continuing to hide behind their pit-bull terriers - Norton Rose. It is interesting that Aslam Moosajee, responded to my email to ABSA - since Aslam is one of the directors of Norton Rose who has been the chief litigator against me in my case against STANDARD BANK.
Can everyone see the incest, deception and dishonesty going on here?  It was Aslam that blurted out laughingly under oath in court during one of my hearings, stating in the background that the bank does not securitise home loans, and that my home loan was not securitised.  What is the public verdict on this? Was he lying or was he telling the truth?

Dear Mr Tellinger,
Your email communication of even date, addressed to the Absa CEO refers.
We also refer to our attorneys’ response to your communication to them in respect of the same issue. We attach a copy for your ease of reference.
We similarly have no intention of engaging with you outside the court process and we will also not be accepting your memorandum on Saturday, or at any other time.
Absa’s rights are reserved in their entirety.

Yours sincerely

Marthinus van Rensburg | General Counsel: Shared Services - Africa |
Tel: +27 11 350 4313  |  Fax: +27 867531463  |   E-mail:
Absa Bank Limited  |  7th Floor, Absa Towers West  |  15 Troye Street   |   Johannesburg 2001

Please consider the environment before printing this email


This was the attached letter from Aslam.  Why can’t the lawyers keep out of this and leave the matter to the banksters and the people? The moment you shake their tree, the banskters start hiding behind their pit-bull lawyers.

Dear Sirs
Public march on Saturday 6 July 2013
1)    We refer to your email dated 3 July 2013.
2)     Apart from continuing to defame our clients, you are now also defaming us. You are also being contemptuous of our judiciary. We have no intention of engaging with you outside the court process and we will not be accepting your memorandum on Saturday.
3)    All our rights remain reserved.

Yours faithfully
Aslam Moosajee
Norton Rose Fulbright South Africa
This is an electronic transmission and is therefore unsigned

Media Invited To Report Accurately On Bank March

SABC, PRIMEDIA and ETV have been invited to support the people in the march with the email below.

Hello Terry    (Terry Volkwyn - CEO Primedia Broadcasting)
I trust that by now you must be aware of the March Against The Banksters – this Saturday in Sandton.
This is a hugely historic event in South Africa and presents the media with a golden opportunity to show the rest of South Africa that those behind the news are also human and not just “journalists” or “reporters” who observe events from the outside. Everyone has been affected by the fraudulent activity of the bankers, including you and everyone in your family. The sad thing is that most people don’t realise this and keep getting on with their lives believing that sooner or later something will have to give.

Well, it is going to “give” this weekend. The issues we are raising are extremely complex, deeply guarded and understood by only a few. But this is changing rapidly as people are waking up to the reality of how the banks work and who is behind their activity. Everyone who has investigated this issue goes through the same shock of disbelief when they realise that all our lives we have been abused by the financial institutions, blissfully ignorant of the crimes they commit without recourse.

I would appreciate contact from you or someone in authority in the newsroom at PRIMEDIA / 702, to pledge your journalistic support in covering the event as accurately and honestly as possible.
This will have to go hand in hand with at least some of your investigative journalists fully informing themselves about the banking scam and how banks actually work. This is a big pill to swallow for most and therefore not everyone is prepared to go there – but if PRIMEDIA Broadcasting is going to reflect accurately, honestly and impartially on the events of the day and the reasons that brought us here, your journalists and editors will have to do what we did – open their minds and be prepared to discover new information that they will struggle to believe at first.

We will be delivering a Memorandum to your offices in Sandton on Saturday 6 July 2013 – at about 11:30 am. It contains a journalistic pledge of integrity to stand united with the people of South Africa, in exposing the corrupt and criminal activity in the banking industry that has enslaved millions of people unwittingly, and bring those responsible to justice. I will email you the memorandums that are being delivered to five major banks, Reserve Bank, Bank Ombudsman and Norton Rose law firm, so that you can familiarise yourselves with it. For now the memorandums can be downloaded from this link

The simple questions we pose in these memorandums are mostly the same questions that have been posed by thousands of people over many years and ignored bluntly by the banks. You will realise from the questions that our cause is not only real and well researched, but that it points to an ongoing and deepening financial enslavement of our people by the banking families. If one brave journalist by the name of Peter Moyo, from SABC’s Special Assignment could work this all out and expose the fraud of who we now call the “banksters”, so can every other journalist. All it takes is a hunger for truth, justice and some true journalistic integrity.

I look forward to your feedback and comments.
Please provide me with the name of the senior responsible person at the PRIMEDIA that will receive the Memorandum from me on Saturday.
My cell number is xxxxxxx – I hope to hear from you or one of your bright reporters.

in Pure Truth

Michael of the family Tellinger
All rights reserved - without prejudice - non assumpsit.

Australian Banker ShowsThe Way

One by one the conscious bankers are waking up, realising that they cannot do what they did - shuffling papers and making money out of thin air, while enslaving the rest of humanity.
As time goes by the awakening amongst the bankers will speed up to the point that their industry will not be able to cope with the logistical nightmare it created and simply fold under the pressure of the "exodus of bankers". If there is no one to do the hard labour in the banks for the bankster families, their empire will crumble and free humanity from its financial enslavement.

So, this is a message to everyone in the banking and finance industry... If you regard yourself to be a human being, be human first and then be everything else you want to be – spread your wings and follow your passion and God-given talents to serve the rest of humanity. Let us conduct ourselves consciously - honour, respect and love all of creation, especially our fellow humans. Together we can create abundance beyond our wildest dreams - and we do not need money to do that.
My new book UBUNTU Contributionism is due for release very soon. It help us understand these simple principles of unity and abundance – without money.
Michael of the family tellinger


Saturday 6 July 2013 - Sandton, South Africa.

Meeting place & Start: 11 am - outside Investec Bank - corner Rivonia and Grayston Drive,
End & Disperse: Approximately 1 pm - Outside Norton Rose law firm - Alice Lane.

PARKING: Loads of public parking at Benmore Gardens Centre; Village Walk or Mandela Square. All walking distance to meeting place

Everyone is invited to join in the march – because everyone is severely affected by the criminal activity of the banksters. Do not sit on the fence to see what happens - be there.

Bring your video cameras and shoot as much as you can - post it everywhere.
Join the event HERE:

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

March Against The Banksters - 6 July 2013 Sandton South Africa

PRESS RELEASE                                 2 July 2013

I am pleased to announce that on the 1st of July 2013, the UBUNTU Party was issued with a permit for the Public Gathering and “March against the BANKSTERS” by the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department, under section 205 of 1993. The permit number is 0232/06/2013.

Saturday 6 July 2013 - Sandton, South Africa.
Start: 11 am - outside Investec Bank - corner Rivonia and Grayston Drive, Sandton, Johannesburg.
End: Approximately 1 pm - Outside Norton Rose law firm.

Everyone is invited to join in the march – because everyone is severely affected by the criminal activity of the banksters. Do not sit on the fence to see what happens - be there.
Join the event HERE:

We start at 11 am on Saturday, 6th July – on the corner of Rivonia Rd & Grayston Dr, Sandton in front of INVESTEC Bank. We will deliver memorandums to INVESTEC, NEDBANK, FNB, STD BANK, ABSA and also NORTON ROSE, one of the key law firms that continues to defend and represent the banksters, being fully aware of their unlawful activity. The memorandum will be distributed to the media – and contains simple questions that the bankers and their many law firms have refused to answer after repeated requests by thousands of people. 

We will also deliver a memorandum to the 3 major media companies: PRIMEDIA, e-TV and SABC, urging them to stand with the people, and to perform their task as investigative journalist responsibly and  report truthfully on their findings. We call on the editors and the journalists to become human beings first – and then play their role as journalists to bring justice into an unjust system filled with lies and deceptions often perpetuated by reckless and ignorant reporting.

We will also deliver memorandum to the OMBUDSMAN FOR BANKING SERVICES and most importantly to the RESERVE BANK OF SOUTH AFRICA in Pretoria – a private corporation that has been allowed to take control of our economic policy, by issuing privately printed money, in the form of a “FIAT” currency without any value whatsoever, by which they enslave all the people of South Africa. Our objective is to follow in the footsteps of brave leaders of the past, like JFK, and to return the right to print money, to the people, where it belongs. We propose the implementation of a PEOPLE’S BANK owned by the people, that pints money for the people by the people – interest free.

Our objectives are:
1)    To mobilise those who have been enlightened regarding the gross unlawful conduct and criminal activity of the banks in South Africa – including the RESERVE BANK.
2)    To bring this to the attention of the greater public and the media who are still in the dark regarding such activity of the banksters.
3)    To highlight the method by which the gross fraud and criminal activity is conducted by the banksters.
4)    To ensure that everyone understands their malicious intent and fraud committed through a process called SECURITISATION, by which our signatures, promissory notes and contracts of  loans are sold to third party companies and traded on international stock markets for unimaginable profits, while repossessing people’s properties unlawfully, without the right to do so, destroying millions of lives in the process.
5)    To expose the seemingly infinite influence and control over the Judiciary by the banks and their corrupt lawyers to the point where they influence certain Judges and the circumstances surrounding judgements against ordinary people who stand their ground.
6)    To expose the corrupt lawyers and advocates who are complicit in this criminal activity by defending the criminal actions of the banks while being fully aware of the banks’ actions.
7)    To urge the media to inform themselves and to report responsibly on the criminal activities of the banks that affect every human being alive, in the interest of justice for the people.
8)    To make the banksters aware that the people will not stop until their criminal actions have been fully exposed.
9)    To launch criminal charges against the CEOs, CFOs and DIRECTORS of the relevant banks, together with their lawyers and advocates that have relentlessly defended them while lying under oath, making them complicit in the fraud. 
10)    Ensure the swift prosecution and incarceration of the senior bank management, their directors, and their lawyers for their inhumane actions and crimes against the people of South Africa.
11)    To facilitate the closure of the privately owned RESERVE BANK OF SOUTH AFRICA and replacing it with a PEOPLE’S BANK, that issues interest-free money BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE.
12)    To allow this interest-free money to bring freedom from financial slavery and prosperity to all. THE PEOPLE SHALL GOVERN – NOT PRIVATE BANKING CORPORATIONS
“Justice is indivisible. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Martin Luther King.

In pure truth
Michael of the family Tellinger
Founder of the UBUNTU PARTY
For information email: join the UBUNTU movement at