Saturday, 30 March 2013

UBUNTU Poem - Let us heal the world with love and unity

My short tour of England is over and it delivered incredible results. We have successfully planted the UBUNTU Contributionism seed firmly in this land. Thanks to all those who made it possible and heleped me on this journey. Especially Ray, Vanessa and Andy. Here is a very special UBUNTU poem written in a moment of inspiration by the talented Vanessa Bristow-Rose. 
Please share this with everyone who will appreciate it. 
Love and light
Michael of the family Tellinger

UBUNTU   (I am what I am, because of who we all are)

Under Ubuntu we can create for ourselves a new Earth.
      Where all beings are honoured for their individual worth.
Become once again a planet of equal sharing.
       With abundance for all and compassionate caring.
United we will evolve into a species at peace.
       Set free from suffering.  Triggering enslavement release.
No longer controlled by the vice-grip of banks.
       Without money there will be no more missiles, guns and tanks.
Treating each other with pure love and respect
       will have the enlightening, transforming effect.
Unity between nations.  All races and tribes.
       Will ensure that our beautiful blue planet survives.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Freedom Activist Anthea Torr Has Been Arrested in South Africa

The time to stand together as human beings against the tyranny of corporations.

The unlawful corporation called THE GOVERNMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA has stolen the country from its people – unbeknown to the people. This privately registered corporation unlawfully upholds laws created by another corporation called THE REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA against the people of the land, who live in a land called South Africa.
Please pay attention to this as a matter of urgency. This has nothing to do with THE REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA which is a private corporation that stole our country from us – the people. This is an illegitimate government that the people are not aware of – please inform yourself and tell everyone you know.
We cannot allow corporate thugs posing as government to continue to use other human beings in the police and security services to execute their unlawful acts against our people. The police and other security forces need to be informed that they are upholding the laws of a private corporation – NOT a legitimate government or representatives of the people.
The government has stolen the country from its people – the POLICE and all other security forces need to stand behind the people and protect the people against the growing tyranny and onslaught by the corporate government which is funded by the banksters.
Living breathing human beings are being arrested unlawfully every day and made to abide by laws of a corporation – not the Common Laws that govern people who are FREE and live in a land called South Africa. You may be next!
Please read the email below and give your support to Anthea Torr – if you live in South Africa and especially Cape Town. Tell the police to inform themselves and serve the people – NOT TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENTS bent on abusing our people.

We urgently need your assistance, Anthea has been arrested 9pm SA time for failing to appear in court, due to a matter that initially revolves around not obtaining a building permit. As many of us as possible will show up at Simons Town court tomorrow morning 9 am to show our support.
A horde of police arrived at her property, making the Marikana Police presence look like a joke. Clearly she has hit a nerve and the status quo wish to make an example of her. This is bad for your freedoms since it would appear we have no choice but to do what we are told or take it in the proverbial.
Seeing you tomorrow at 9am at the Simons Town magistrate court would be a great show of support. Even if you are late, it is ok as they will most likely move her hearing until the end. In addition to this, if you come empowered with a simple document to give to the magistrate, this would be a step in the right direction. The document should state, in your own words, that you no longer have faith in the status quo and that you are their to support a woman who is brave enough to stand up for her rights as a human being. When you enter the court, give it to the bailiff to give to the magistrate.
Anthea has asked for support and to spread the word as widely as possibly. We look forward to seeing you there.
many thanks

Thursday, 7 March 2013


Corporations Cannot Force Their Rules Upon People

Some people can't seem to open the web page that displays RSA as a listed corporation among other corporations like Old Mutual, Standard Bank, Anglo American and more. Here is a screen shot for those who still think that this is all some kind of conspiracy against the government. Quite the contrary - the government has conspired against its people.

Time to wake up and realise what is going on in the world people – take control of our minds and ability to reason for ourselves. We are living, breathing, human beings - NOT juristic persons, legal fictions, or other synthetically created entities, spawned by the corporation REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA and their laws.

Our constitution clearly states that South Africa belongs to all those who live in it. We need to be vigilant and recognise the twisting of words and sentences. South Africa is a physical land with a geographical location defined by its neighbours and borders – it is not the same as REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA – which is a corporation, registered on the US Securities Exchange with its own set of laws that govern the corporation only.

Our constitution is the constitution of THE REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA a corporation, not the land of South Africa. Therefore the constitution protects the rights of the corporation not the human rights of the people, who are living breathing human beings who live in the land of South Africa. This is so twisted and perverted that most people simply run away from this information – and this is exactly the kind of ignorance they feed on.

A corporation is a piece of paper, with limited rights enshrined in its title – PTY LIMITED. Contrary to that, living breathing human beings cannot live in a corporation which is just a piece of paper. People live on real land, physical land and breath air and have the capacity for infinite love. Corporations cannot do that.  Citizens belong to corporations because they pledged allegiance and are awarded right and privileges in return for their citizenship.

People or human beings are born free on the land, with human rights, inalienable rights, without having to be granted such rights by anyone – they are our God-given rights. We are all born free, without commitments or obligations to anyone, sovereign humans. Nobody may enslave us of force us into servitude of any kind.

Remember that just as KFC cannot force you to follow their rules and regulations unless you work for KFC - neither can any other corporation force you to do so. That would be called slavery and servitude. So think for yourselves - what exactly is the corporation called REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA doing to every one of us who live in South Africa? It is a corporation posing unlawfully as the government of the people of South Africa.

Please become comfortable with this information and expressions because these are the words that control our lives in the unlawful courts that have claimed authority over us. Our so-called independent judiciary is part of the corporation RSA; the judges are appointed by its CEO – the President; the judges are paid by the corporation to uphold the laws made by the corporation RSA. This has nothing to do with a land called South Africa, a physical landmass, occupied by human beings – that have been conned into believing they are the same as corporate pieces of paper like ID documents and passports – juristic persons or citizens.

What are we going to do about it? Let us stop watching the news and soap operas and do something for ourselves. Let’s start educating everyone and one by one start standing up for our HUMAN RIGHTS. The land belongs to the people – not to the corporation RSA. Their laws only apply to their employees.   

Love and light to you all.
Michael of the family Tellinger
Born a free and sovereign human being with God-given rights.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Final Notice to President Jacob Zuma

FINAL NOTICE:                                          4 March 2013


And the ministers and assistants in the office of the president


With reference to communication sent on 18 January 2013 to the minister of arts & culture;
which was followed up with a further request for clarification as set out in the letter and questions below, and was copied to your office on the 30th January 2013 with an urgent request for answer to several key questions regarding the registration of the REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA as a corporation. The email is below for your reference.

I state for the record that to date, the 4th March 2013, we have not received a response of any kind. This matter is of critical importance to every South African regarding their legal standing and relationship to the corporation called REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA.  

On the government website it clearly states that in case all attempts fail to get a response from various government departments, your office should be the final attempt to get a response and feedback.
After exhausting all possible avenues and requesting responses from five different government departments on the issue below, we have not had a single response to date from any of the ministers or their departments. This is therefore the final attempt to get an urgent response to the question below.

You are hereby granted FIVE days from date hereof to respond in detail to the questions below after which we will proceed with legal action to extract the information required.
Please use the email below to respond and please request a proof of delivery with your response.

In Pure Truth
Michael of the family Tellinger
Founder of UBUNTU Party and UBUNTU Liberation Movement
All rights reserved - Non Assumpsit

From: Ubuntu Party Contact []
Sent: 30 January 2013 02:59 PM
Cc:;; SAPA
Subject: PRESS RELEASE: URGENT clarification about the registration of South Africa as a Corporation

To:  The minister of Art & Culture, deputy minister, members of the preseident’s office and the president.
With reference to our:  Open letter and enquiry from the UBUNTU Party         DATE: 18 Jan 2013

RE: The registration of the corporation called “REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA”.

Dear ministers and president.

On the 18th of January 2013, I forwarded and urgent enquiry to your office from the UBUNTU Party, requesting the urgent clarification of the matter listed above. The full email and its content is included in this email below. We requested a response from your office within SEVEN (7) days of 18th Jan 2013.
You have not comlied with our URGENT enquiry and seven days have passed.
We hereby give you an additional FIVE working days from date hereof, to comply with our request and to reply to the questions posed in original email.
If we do not receive clear and satisfactory answers to the deeply concerning issues raised with our questions, we will take the necessary legal steps to do so.

In pure truth
Michael of the family Tellinger (Freeman)
Founder UBUNTU Party & Liberation Movement
Fax: 086 600 6420
All rights reserved - Non Assumpsit

From: Ubuntu Party Contact []
Sent: 18 January 2013 11:19 AM
Subject: PRESS RELEASE: URGENT clarification about the registration of South Africa as a Corporation

Open letter and enquiry from the UBUNTU Party         DATE: 18 Jan 2013

TO:  Sibusiso Xaba, the Director General of Arts & Culture - Republic Of South Africa
10th Floor, Kingsley Centre, 481Stanza Bopape
Cnr Steve Biko & Pretorius Streets Arcadia - Tel: 012 441 3027

RE: The registration of the corporation called “REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA”.

Dear Mr Xaba.
In our effort to bring absolute freedom and liberty to all the people of South Africa, especially on the economic front, it has come to our attention that our country “REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA” is registered as a corporation on the US Securities Exchange, among other well recognised corporations like Anglo American, Old Mutual, ABSA and Standard Bank. Please click on the following link to verify this:

  1. We need urgent information and answers to the following questions to be able to accurately advise the people of South African about their rights and their relationship to this corporation.
  2. We require to view or to obtain a certified copy of the original registration document, founding statement and title deed of this corporation called REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA.
  3. Who authorised that the REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA was to be registered as such and why?
  4. Who is the CEO of this corporation.
  5. Who is the accounting officer and what financial statement does it produce?
  6. What are the assets of this corporation?
  7. Are these assets traded by this corporation – if so, how and where, and who is accountable for trading these assets?
  8. Who are the shareholders of the corporation and how are they appointed?
  9. What is the relationship of the people of South Africa to this corporation called REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA.
  10. Is there any agreement between the people and/or citizens of South Africa and the REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA? If so, where are those agreements and when were they entered into?
  11. Do the people of South Africa have any obligations to this corporation, and if so do they have the right to renounce such obligation?
  12. Since our BILL OF RIGHTS and our constitution, as well as the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights strictly forbids any form of slavery or forced servitude, what rights do the people who live in the land referred to as South Africa have, to cut all their ties and any responsibility to this corporation that they did not even know existed?
  13. What is the relationship between this corporation called THE REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA and the GOVERNMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA?

We require your urgent attention and response to this within 7 (seven) days, as this matter has severe implications to the liberties and economic freedoms of all the people who live in this land, called South Africa.

In pure truth
Michael of the family Tellinger
Founder of the UBUNTU Party

All rights reserved - Non assumpsit