Saturday, 7 December 2013

Tribute to a Human Being Who Inspired The World.

By the UBUNTU Party

It was inevitable that sooner or later the undisputed hero of our country and millions of people around the world, Nelson Mandela, would leave us. And so the time has come, and with his passing opens a new chapter in South African history.

Nelson Mandela devoted his life to free the people of South Africa – he was loved and cherished unlike any South African before him. His honour, integrity and wisdom will be missed at the most critical time in our country’s history. You will live in our hearts forever Madiba.

But while many believe that the end of apartheid had brought us political freedom, very few could anticipate that we would become enslaved by a far more devious and invisible system imaginable – economic slavery. It does not discriminate... it enslaves all of us equally. It is critical at this point that we do not confuse the legacy of a great man with the cunning manipulation of events by a corrupt political system.

As this door closes, another will open. Will it bring a new era of prosperity for the people that Mandela dreamed of and died for, or will the situation be exploited by a tyrannical dictatorship controlled by invisible corporations around the world, hell-bent on taking control of our country and its immeasurable mineral wealth? I trust that the answer to this question is blatantly clear. The ANC has already become a tyrannical law unto themselves, passing new laws every week that do not benefit the people, but instead enrich multinational corporations in business with key members of the leadership.

I had the honour of meeting Madiba in 2002, at his home in Houghton, and as he did with everyone, he left a lasting impression of humility and devotion to the people with me. This has become my personal quest.

The unsavoury activities surrounding Nelson Mandela’s death, that were reported on by several major newspapers, raise disturbing questions about what has been going on behind the scenes. There is little doubt that the cunning ANC and their corporate masters have planned this situation meticulously to be able to exploit it for their maximum benefit and keep the people of South Africa enslaved for another period of five years after 2014.

The ANC is in desperate trouble as the unhappiness amongst all South African rises exponentially. To many people, the government has rapidly gone from being the liberator, to becoming a heartless slave master. The ANC knew that without the presence of their patriarch, they would lose a large portion of their support in the 2014 elections. And nothing sells as well as using the love of the people for a great man and the strong emotion it carries. And so the ANC has already begun to bask in the legacy of Nelson Mandela, a glory that the current regime does not deserve, exploiting the situation and confusing the people by making the masses believe that they still uphold the values and objectives he fought for.

The ANC of today is far removed from the original ANC that Nelson Mandela stood for. Take a quick glance at the famous Freedom Charter that was the mantra of the original ANC leadership, and you will quickly realise that the ANC of today has rapidly strayed in completely the opposite direction. The Freedom Charter made it very clear that “the country belongs to the people” and that the government is to serve the people.

The ANC government has done exactly the opposite. They pretend that they are serving the people with brilliant propaganda, while selling their country and the sweat and blood of the people, to greedy corporations around the world, all neatly controlled by the privately owned SOUTH AFRICAN RESERVE BANK.

In the true spirit of absolute freedom, unity and abundance for all, the UBUNTU Liberation Movement and the UBUNTU Party urges the people of South Africa and the world to recognise the fundamental difference between the human values and principles of freedom that Nelson Mandela died for, and the malicious clandestine activity of a corrupt government, that has cast its people into unimaginable economic slavery, while basking in the glory of Madiba.

Long live your spirit in the people Madiba, and let them realise the true freedom that you devoted your life to.

Michael of the family Tellinger (Born free – enslaved by a corrupt system)
Founder UBUNTU Liberation Movement
& UBUNTU Party.