Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Obama Promotes UBUNTU Party Philosophy - Without Realising It

Obama inadvertently promoted the philosophy of the UBUNTU Liberation Movement & political Party with his speech at Nelson Mandela’s memorial in Johannesburg. Whether this was cunningly planned or accidentally overlooked by his advisors is immaterial. What Obama did in those 2 minutes was to admit to the entire world that the UBUNTU way, is the way that we should all live. That UBUNTU is the social structure and a simple way of life for our communities to unite and rise above all our differences. A beautiful life of abundance for all – on all levels of human endeavour.

What Obama did not realise, was that the UBUNTU model excludes the use of money and any kind of corporate hierarchy and unlawful legal systems that he, and virtually all other world leaders represent.

Let this be a loud message for us all that the time has come for us to embrace the model and philosophy of UBUNTU – and move away from using the tool of enslavement called money, that has turned brother against brother, and caused so much suffering and misery on this beautiful planet.

Let us liberate all of humanity from the devastating economic enslavement that has brutalised all of us, rich or poor. This is the freedom that not only Mandela but many other humans of integrity have lived and died for. Let us embrace the absolute freedom enshrined in the New Freedom Charter of the UBUNTU Movement.

Read it – and if it resonates with you – tell everyone you know – let your heart lead you - do not be afraid of your knowledge and the ignorance of others – help them see the light of true liberty – free from all economic and political enslavement.

We are the people – we are the 99.99%

Love & Light to you all

Michael of the family Tellinger