Saturday, 28 December 2013

Jumping To Conclusions - Obama & UBUNTU

I was astounded to see how many people completely missed the point when I posted the Obama speech in which he refers to UBUNTU.
It simply highlights the fact that many people do not read the text and simply jump to conclusions – which, as we all should know by now, is very dangerous in a confusing world.

NO – I am not a friend of Obama – nor am I a supporter of his policies in any way. I also do not honour Obama and his administration in any way for what they have done, and continue to do, to the American people. Nor do I condone any other government that has hijacked its country and oppressed its people under draconian corporate law – allowing private central banks to dictate the law and economic policy to the people.
All such governments are no more than dictatorships hiding behind a false fa├žade of freedom, patriotism and this thing called democracy that has been shoved down our throats for far too long now. I deal with the concept of “democracy” extensively in my UBUNTU Contributionism book.

What I pointed out very clearly for everyone to see – by posting the Obama-Ubuntu speech, is that the leaders of the world will go to any length, and will abuse any situation, for their own benefit.
Obama was a guest of honour at the memorial of a man who devoted his life to freedom for his people – a freedom that the people of South Africa have not yet attained – but we are constantly told that we are free. These are the blatant lies that are shoved in our face and many do not even recognise them as such.

Obama spoke of UBUNTU as if it the saving grace for humanity, and yet with every action the global governments do exactly the opposite. Instead of serving the people, they impose new laws, every day, that are more draconian in its nature, enslaving the people more and more, under the control of the central banks and the unlawful regime that keeps itself in power by the laws it makes.
Obama was waving and abusing the UBUNTU flag, to make himself look good and endear himself to the people. This is the case with any political leader that uses UBUNTU to attract attention, but still promotes a capitalistic philosophy where money is used as a tool of enslavement and central banks are given the freedom to completely enslave the planet for their own benefit – using people as chattel and the workforce to enslave themselves – believing that the government is their friend and servant.

I posted the Obama UBUNTU speech to wake people up to this abuse of the word and not to be deceived by Obama’s charisma and flamboyance just because he learnt a new word.
I trust that everyone is very clear that the UBUNTU movement does not in any way endorse Obama’s speech or support his philosophies on what is best for the people of the world.

In pure truth
Michael of the family tellinger
UBUNTU Liberation Movement & Political Party – South Africa