Saturday, 28 December 2013


“Justice is indivisible. Injustice anywhere, is a threat to justice everywhere.” Martin Luther King Jr.

Every morning, billions of people get up to start their daily chores. A large percentage hate their jobs, they hate their boss, they have to travel to their lousy jobs for hours, on the buss, or train, or bicycle, or walk, in the rain, the snow , the heat, or sit in bumper-to-bumper traffic for hours.
Why do all these people repeat this insanity every day? To earn money – so that they can buy bread and milk and clothing; to pay electricity and send their children to school and somehow make it to the end of the month – and then start the madness all over again.

On a planet of seven billion people the majority of us live in poverty and in a state of quiet desperation, waiting for some kind of miracle to deliver us from the harsh economic times. Millions dream of fame and fortune, which can be seen in the endless number of reality television shows offering exactly that. People are searching for any kind of salvation often choosing the wrong kind that only leads to more misery.
We watch the news and see a world filled with injustice, crime and war and we desperately search for relief from our own personal suffering. Most of us realise that there is something dramatically wrong with this situation. It’s as if  our society is terminally ill. But how can we cure this human disease if we do not know what the cause of our human disease is?

Until we know what lies behind the human struggle and suffering, we will never eliminate the cause, but blindly continue to treat the symptoms – over and over again. Our ignorance will remain our weakness while the simple solutions glaringly stare us in the face with the rising of every sun.
The so-called “American Dream” remains a dream because we are all asleep, cunningly deceived by those who run the world. The same dream is sold to us as lingering and perpetual “hope”, and millions of people around this planet “hope” on a daily basis that things will get better. But hoping and waiting will get us nowhere. 

UBUNTU Contributionism presents us with the opportunity to embrace a new reality on our planet with unimaginable prosperity for all its inhabitants, in perfect harmony with all of nature and mother Earth. It is truly a bright light at the end of a dark and gloomy tunnel of quiet desperation and misery shared by most of the people on this beautiful planet.


·        Is a blueprint for a new social structure in which everyone is absolutely free and equal.

·        A society that functions without the concept of money, any form of barter or trade, or the attachment of value to material things - and bribery and corruption cannot take root.

·        A culture where each individual is encouraged to follow their passion and contribute their natural talents or acquired skills to the greater benefit of all the people in their community.

·        Where everyone can choose to live anywhere and nobody is forced to do anything against their will.

·        A society with a new set of laws based on the needs of the people where everything is provided to everyone, because they contribute their Labour of Love.
  • A society where people decide what they need - not corrupt governments or central bankers.
·        A world where there are no jobs, careers, corporations, unemployment, homelessness or hunger.

·        A society which promotes the highest levels of scientific and technological exploration because there are no financial restrictions.

·        A society in which arts and culture flourish allowing people to experience life to the fullest.

·        A society in which spiritual growth of its people, through the explosion of arts and culture, will allow the rapid rise of consciousness to fully embrace the concepts of unity.

·        A system that provides unimaginable abundance of all things on all levels, almost impossible to imagine by those trapped in the capitalist consumer-driven environment of today.
Now join the global UBUNTU movement online and spread the word - become a seed of consciousness in your area - inspire others and talk to everyone - even if they do not understand what you are trying to convey. We are the 99.99% and this is our planet.