Friday, 29 November 2013

NewERA's Scott Cundill interviews Michael Tellinger

Scott Cundill, from NewERA interviews Michael Tellinger about his new book that blows the lid on the South African and global banking system. Download the interview with Michael Tellinger here:   [Right click on Episode 15 and choose "save target as."]

New ERA's website can be found here.

Michael Tellinger’s new book is for everyone. Whether you are newly exposed to the global banking fraud, or if you are a seasoned activist-flag-bearer for the “freeman” or “sovereign human” movements. It was specifically compiled to join the dots that have previously kept humanity divided and unable to unite against those who are consciously trying to keep us dumbed down, enslaved and marching to the beat of their draconian drum. The solutions are simple – all we have to do is recognise this and take the first brave step towards liberating ourselves from global corporate control and economic enslavement.

NOTE: The UBUNTU Party will be contesting the elections in 2014 in South Africa. For all those that have not voted before, this is a good reason to vote for the first time and start taking back the control.