Wednesday, 30 October 2013


We are about to implement our first volunteer programme.

Please read the following before you apply.

The Stone Circle Ubuntu Village is a riverside space in Waterval Boven, South Africa, intended to provide a base of access to the work of Michael Tellinger and the Ubuntu Liberation Movement.  It is a marriage of the path that brought us to this point, and a platform from which we intend to launch from into the future.

Please bear with me while I conjure a brief introduction that has brought us to this point.

In 2008 Michael Tellinger packed up his 'Joburg lifestyle and moved to the sleepy little town of Waterval Boven in Mpumalanga, South Africa, on a quest to make sense of a tantalising mystery into the origins of humankind.  Strewn across the hillsides in the area are thousands upon thousands of circular stone ruins, visible as far as the eye can see, all joined by stone channels and interconnecting terraces.  Ancient Sumerian texts speak of a land in the deep Abzu (south east Africa) where the creator god Enki set up a vast mining empire in the unquenchable pursuit of gold. 

Subsequent research has led us to believe that this region could very well be the original cradle of humankind.  The discovery of Adam's Calendar close by – a working stone calendar site dated conservatively to in excess of 75 000 years – has forced us to question our origins and reasons for being.  Who are we?  Where did we come from?  Why are we here?  And more importantly, where are we going?

Michael's research naturally evolved from seeking to understand our past to a clear sighted look at our present – our beliefs, our social structures, at why there are so many people at war and unrest and in poverty, and why our 'system' of life does not work.

Enter an earth shattering reality check, and the birth of a new way that echo's an ancient philosophy - Ubuntu.

I am going into this in great detail so that you have a good grasp of what we are trying to achieve here, holistically.  I leave it to you, if you so desire, to look into this story in more detail, but for our purposes here, this is just condensed sequence of events that has led up to the vision of the Stone Circle Ubuntu Village and why we invite you here, now.  So that you can decide to come here with full knowing of what we are about and what to expect in terms of the focus of the next 3 to 12 months.

3 -12 Month Plan
The Stone Circle Ubuntu Village is a large property of about 7500 sq metres, on the banks of the Eland's River in the town of Waterval Boven. Here lies the beginning of a space made available to our global community that shares our passion for ancient history and the future of humanity.

What we have in place at the moment:

·    Stone Circle Museum – created by Michael Tellinger
·    The Stone Circle Bistro
·    The River Deck Bar
·    Library and Book Shop
·    Conference Venue
·    Stone Circle Backpackers
·    Tourism Office
·    Organic kitchen garden

In order to create a platform for the future growth of the Ubuntu community, we need to stabilise our venue and turn it into a secure base to launch a variety of future projects over the next 3-12 months – such as:

·    Greater community gardens and farming
·    Community kitchen – to feed the aged, orphans and homeless.
·    Ubuntu Education and Learning Centre
·    Skills development of local community – woodwork, metal work, building with natural materials.
·    Arts & Crafts Studio and Center – For exhibition & teaching.
·    Natural building workshops
·    Implementation of free energy
·    Dairy, fishery and bakery
·    Beautifying the town.

A large percentage of the population here is unemployed and unskilled, so it is our plan to bring a large number of highly skilled and talented individuals in every conceivable field through here that will share their information and teach local people how to live the highest Art of Life.

This would be our first attempt at implementing the philosophies of Ubuntu into a community that has been left ravaged by incompetent municipal services and the governmental closure of the local railways. Unemployment and social problems are rife. This will be our first attempt to move from a money driven society to a society driven by people, their talents and their passion for life. Where everyone contributes their natural talents or acquired skills to the greatest benefit of all in their community.

Immediate Volunteer Requirements:
We have accommodation for 12 people on site, but can accommodate up to 10 more people in a beautiful backpackers sister lodge close by. We will encourage volunteer group activity, fun evenings, barbeques, video screenings, music evenings, drumming, sweat lodges, and more to keep the community spirit high. Volunteers will be actively involved in running the restaurant, bar, museum, tours, training the community, manage the growing of the food etc. Once our base is secure we will be free to activate the other important community driven projects in the area and truly activate the Ubuntu philosophy.

We require the following skilled volunteers – to begin with:

2 Restaurateurs (or a couple) - Experienced in all aspects of running a restaurant and catering for groups of up to 60 people; cooking healthy and organic food; being involved in the growing of the food for the kitchen; taking care of the food requirements of the other volunteers and guests; working with the organic farmers to ensure we can sustain the restaurant from our kitchen garden. Possess a friendly manner to interact with customers and share the information of our mission.

2 Barmen / Women – Able to effectively run the bar, manage stock and be able to talk to people.  The people holding this space should be gracious hosts well versed in every aspect of our work and philosophy in order to communicate everything we do here at the Ubuntu Village to those that visit. The bar operators will overlap to help the kitchen and restaurant in times of need.

2 Organic Farmers – The vision is to create enough food and medicine for our restaurant and the local community. We have access to a large area of land across the river that has been abandoned by the local municipality, and a failed food growing project, so it is our intention to rehabilitate it and start growing food for our community as soon as possible.  We are looking for people well skilled in this area of expertise, and that are able to manage and initiate other volunteers into the art of growing food sustainably. This will include teaching children to grow seedlings and more.

2 Natural Builders & Handymen – The accommodation we have now at our disposal is barely enough to house the volunteers.  In order to create awareness of what we do, we need to be able to accommodate our many visitors on site.  Guest cottages and more backpacker accommodation is in the pipeline. We wish to use natural building techniques with as little impact on the local environment as possible.  Our builders must be able to work with others and hold workshops where we can share skills while building our guest accommodation.

1 Tourism coordinator / tour guide – This volunteer will hold all aspects of organising tours to Adam's Calendar and the local Stone ruins, assisting with building awareness of what we do here and marketing the Village and tours locally and abroad.  Highly administrative task, we require someone who is well organised with admin skills and a good communicator.  The tourism focus will be split in terms of people visiting because of Michael's research into the origins of humankind, and our work to do with Ubuntu and communities.  Both aspects require activation and administration, and in essence, are deeply connected. Will assist in organising the maintenance and clearing of the ruins for access to tourists.

1 Museum Curator / Tour guide / Maintenance of Ruins  – This candidate should be well read in terms of Michael's work into the origins of humankind and familiar with his books and the latest developments of his research to do with Adam's Calendar and the stone circles.  The museum needs maintenance, upgrading and expansion, this will fall under the responsibility of this person. Cataloguing the artefacts and ensuring their safety. Also, a good communicator and gracious with guests who will take groups on tours to visit the stone circle ruins in the area.  The management of the upkeep and clearing of the ruins will also need to be held by this person.

2 Artists / Crafters - Talented and multi-skilled contributors needed to assist with the building and beautifying of our space, as well as initiating community projects that will teach local residents skills that will enable them to sustain their families and community through the Ubuntu Movement. Assist in adding an artistic flair to the building initiatives and help and in assisting such activity.

1 IT / Graphic Designer - Someone able to assist us with IT, live-streaming broadcasts, skype conferences and websites, and who can also design and create road signs and other signs and great looking web pages. Social networking and general publicity and PR online – keeping the world abreast of our activity.

Period of Involvement:
Each volunteer will sign up for a period of 2 months, after which this can be extended based on the agreement by all parties. There will be an option to opt out after 12 days. As much as we would like to provide all the food and accommodation for free to everyone, it is simply not possible. So we propose the bare minimum fees payable to help make this a reality and provide abundance for all in the initial phase.

For international volunteers staying up to 2 months, all living expenses and food will be covered for a contribution of $20 per day.  This will include 3 meals a day; coffees, teas, and any other beverages or foods made by the people on the property. This does not include alcoholic beverages and soft drinks.

Local and long term volunteers will need to contribute a proportional percentage toward the rent of a shared house in town, depending how many volunteers move to the area. All meals will be covered from the eventual income from the entire Ubuntu Village.

Time Input: Volunteers will be expected to contribute 6 hours daily, for six consecutive days, for two weeks after which they can take an additional break of  2 full days.

This is a short intro to the terms and conditions – we will send the full terms and conditions to those who apply. I hope that you are inspired by this insight into planting the seeds for the creation of the first model Ubuntu community. We welcome everyone in sharing and growing this vision with us.

Please send all applications to Louise –

Thank you!
In Unity,
Louise Clarke

Waterval Boven is one of the top 10 rock climbing destinations in the world with more than 700 climbing routes in the immediate area.
Mpumalanga has much to offer the tourist – the Kruger National Park, Echo Caves, God's Window and the Blyde River Canyon, and much more.
Visits to the stone circles and Adam's Calendar with Michael Tellinger, will be part of the volunteer experience.
The awesome coastline of Mozambique is a short 2 hours away... so fasten your seatbelts and come have some fun.