Thursday, 31 October 2013

Michael Tellinger's One Hour Interview on SAFM - 29 Oct 2013

Making great strides into mainstream media - ahead of the 2014 Elections in South Africa

Listen to Michael Tellinger’s interview on SAFM Radio by clicking the link below.
Look for the 29th October – Ubuntu Liberation Movement – Click the play arrow icon.

At first it was supposed to be only a 10 minute interview - it lasted for a full hour on one of the largest national radio stations in South Africa. I was astounded with the response I received from the host and all the callers to the first real interview about the philosophy and vision of a better world, as promoted by the UBUNTU LIBERATION MOVEMENT and the UBUNTU Political Party in South Africa. It was as if all the conscious people in SA were listening to the interview at that specific time. The number of emails and subscribers have increased dramatically too. So spread the word and let others hear the interview.

For those that are new to this, I did not start the political party to go into politics, but to use it as a platform of credibility for important information that we share as the UBUNTU movement. Our aim is NOT to govern people, but to allow people to look after their own needs in their own communities and have no hurdle to progress, contrary to what we all face today from our governments.

Our main objective is to liberate everyone from the financial and economic slavery imposed by unlawful central banks and the banking corporations that enforce their draconian laws through our courts. If this is new to you – welcome to the baptism by fire... J

Because some of the information is not easy to digest at first encounter. But the solutions are simple and there is a bright light of freedom at the end of this dark and gloomy tunnel that humanity has been caught up in.

This light of liberty is called UBUNTU Contributionism. Where people live free from any form of enslavement or servitude to any government or corporation. Where money does not exist and people live in united communities of their own choice, where everyone contributes their god-given talents or acquired skills for the greater benefit of all in the community – in total harmony with mother Earth and all of nature.

Love & light & unity to all.
Michael of the family tellinger.