Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Message To UBUNTU Members In 168 Countries

Dear UBUNTU Members & Newcomers
We honour and appreciate the enthusiastic responses and emails and phone calls of support from so many people. It has however become impossible to engage with our members one-to-one, since we now have many thousands of members in more than 168 countries all over the world.

To keep moving ahead we encourage everyone to read as much as possible about the UBUNTU Contributionism philosophy on this website - adapt it to your own situation and start creating and building your own UBUNTU community. This is critically important. We are doing exactly this in Waterval Boven, South Africa. A small railway town, divided and poor, that was decimated by the SA government in around 2003, when they put over 200 families on the street by closing the railway office.

It is impossible for us to give everyone advice and join in with every community. Keep in mind that we do not seek to govern anyone but believe that communities should govern and manage themselves. We are however joined in spirit and consciousness in our belief that we are moving towards the liberation of humanity everywhere. If we follow these principals individually, but stand UNITED globally in our aims and philosophy, nothing will stop this movement.

Please share this with everyone and start applying the model - but adapt it where necessary to suit the needs of your community. Remember it is all about the benefit to all – not individual greed. Take the first small step and keep on the path as difficult as it may be at the start. It gets easier with every month, every week and every day. The more people involved the easier it will be to make the changes you need.

And please share your activity and successes on the community forum that we created exactly for this purpose - to inspire others and allow others to connect with you and your group. Share skills and activities and grow into a global network of skills exchange that will enable us to create miracles.

NB: If you do have important information to share with us, please keep your emails short and to the point so that we can get through the thousands of emails we receive. We will only respond to you if it is absolutely necessary – otherwise pleas know that we do read all the emails we receive and save all important information you send to us for future use and implementation.  

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In love & light & unity
Michael of the family tellinger