Monday, 7 October 2013


This is an extract from my new book on UBUNTU Contributionism, that will help everyone understand the philosophy, the reasons for the movement and the simple solutions it presents. The section on education is especially moving as it addresses the foundation of our ignorance and continued willing indoctrination. I expect to have the book out as an e-book by the end of October and as a printed version soon after.

“Restructuring our education system is probably the most critical thing we have to do if we want to liberate ourselves from the prison matrix and the never-ending struggle for survival. It is through the current education system that we become the prison guards to the very prisons that have captured our own immortal souls and our humanness.
We look around us, at how things work, how things are done, and how we live from day to day, and we believe that this is the norm – that this is how things are done – that this is progress and we are part of this never-ending wheel of progress. And yet life gets tougher every year, every month, every week. But we believe that maybe if we hang on for a little bit longer, things will get better.
After more than 120 years of enduring the current education system, we are all products of this system and we are all equally tuned and calibrated by this system to endure its consequences – without any questions. Most of us now believe that this is the norm – and that this is the best way of educating ourselves and our children – and that there is no better way – because if there was a better way, the authorities would have implemented it. Blindly we continue holding on to distorted slivers of hope that our leaders will do something to answer our cries for remedy.” 
UBUNTU Contributionism – A Blueprint For Human Prosperity by Michael Tellinger.