Friday, 27 September 2013

Garnishee Orders - The Most Blatant Evidence of Slavery

Sharing a critical message from the New Economic Rights Alliance on behalf of Scott Cundill and co.

While this is aimed at people in South Africa, it applies to everyone in all countries whose bank accounts are being raded unlawfully every month to settle some debt. Please use this information to help those in need against the criminal banksters and their pitbull lawyers. 

We need to help the 2-5 million South Africans who are being exploited by illegal garnishee orders or "EAOs."
NewERA has teamed up with a technology and Internet marketing partner, The Majestic Way, to help us get the message across to the people and rally the troops (if you are a business, please check out Majestic). We are also working with the Debt Counselling Industry and the Mascansdane Club who are assisting people and companies stop this nightmare that exploits around 40% of South Africa's workforce.
Step 1. Send this letter to your financial director and / or your payroll officer.

Step 2. If you are that person, please consider STOPPING all garnishee orders / EAOs from being deducted from salaries until the required information has been provided to you.

Step 3. Write to the credit provider to whom you are paying the order. Ask them to provide you with the information below:
  1. A copy of the loan agreement.
  2. The latest statement of account from inception of loan to date.
  3. A complete and detailed breakdown of legal costs (this must be itemised, do not accept a general figure)
  4. Proof that the required letter (in terms of Section 29 of the National Credit Act) was sent to the consumer.
  5. Registered letter slip for above, or signed receipt by debtor if handed to him personally.
  6. The debtor's written consent to jurisdiction, judgment and the EAO.
  7. The appropriate extract from civil judgment, duly stamped and signed by the clerk of the issuing court.
  8. The complete emolument attachment order.
  9. The Sheriff's return of service of the order.
In nearly all cases, you will not get the required information. At least 85% of them are illegal. For research and confirmation of this, please listen to this interview (episode 11): and read these articles:

You can help the people of South Africa, merely by hitting the forward button. Send this to your senior management and let's stop illegal garnishee / EAO abuse today. Also join our petition here.


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