Friday, 23 August 2013


Louise and I are on an extended tour of the USA, Europe and UK, presenting our research into ancient civilisations in South Africa and spreading UBUNTU Contributionism.

Since our march on the banks and the Reserve Bank in South Africa early July 2013, when we served them all with specific memorandums and requesting answers to rather incriminating questions, we have had no response from any one of the banks except a one page letter from SARB - see below.
I expect to follow up on this in October as it presents us with a strong legal case and the serving of summonses and obtaining court orders to force the banks and SARB to answer our questions.

I will however respond to SARB. Their feable response is not acceptable to the people whom they are robbing of their birth-rights every day.

Love & Light and freedom form financial enslavement to all of humanity,
Michael of the family tellinger.