Thursday, 29 August 2013

Exposing The Banking Scam - Part TWO

This is part TWO of Peter Moyo's SABC documentary in which he bravely goes where very few mainstream journalists have dared to go. It is amazing that the SABC has agreed to screen these hard-hitting programmes. So once again I extend my deepest and most sincere congratulations to Peter and the SABC for exposing this information for all to see.

We have become the slaves of the banking cartels of the world. Only we can release ourselves from this enslavement by choosing not to use their tools of enslavement, which is money.

My new book UBUNTU Contributionism - A Blueprint For Human Prosperity, will be released very soon. It will allow those who are new to this information to be slowly guided through the shocking revelations to recognise the way forward towards unlimited opportunity and a world of abundance for all.

Love and Unity of UBUNTU to all.
Michael of the family Tellinger.

                                              WHO OWNS YOUR DEBT - Peter Moyo