Sunday, 7 July 2013

March Against The Banks A Success In Johannesburg

Press Release:   7 July 2013

A seed of consciousness was planted in Johannesburg South Africa on the 6th of July 2013, when about 150 people gathered in the March Against The Banks, in Sandton. This was the first official public action against banks in South Africa. We delivered memorandums to 5 major banks. Investec; Nedbank; FNB; STD Bank and ABSA Barclays. Three of these were received by representatives of the banks while FNB and ABSA did not accept the memorandum. In those two instances the documents were attached to the front entrance door at FNB and the gate at ABSA Barclays / Norton Rose lawyers.

We also delivered a memorandum Norton Rose, a law firm that represents several banks. It is not surprising that they share the same building as ABSA Capital. This was merely an indication that lawyers are complicit in the unlawful activities of banks by defending their actions in courts while being fully aware of their transgressions. For this the lawyers need to held equally accountable for the crimes of the bankers.

The security was out in full force around the banks where in some cases, like at FNB, security guards formed a wall of protection around the front entrance to its building, while the representative of Nedbank was protected by vigilant bodyguards who ensured nobody overstepped the threshold of the heavily fortified entrance to the building.

I conveyed a message to the people and the staff of the banks, and the law firm, that we hold no ill feelings towards them and that this action was not aimed at the staff, but rather at the owners, the top management and directors.  We respect the fact that the people who work for these corporations are merely caught up in the matrix of control by these corporations that enslaves us all,  and are merely trying to survive and look after their families. We hope that they start to realise that their employers are involved in unlawful and often criminal activity against everyone, including the people that work for them.

It was made very clear to all those who met us and the security guards, that we honour and respect them as human beings and for their courage to meet us on the street to receive the memorandums. I also stressed that it was a peaceful match and our intentions were NOT to confront them but to rather plant a seed of consciousness to make the management and board of directors realise that their action were inhumane and harmful to the people of South Africa and the world.

They were asked to look into their hearts and change their ways for the greater benefit of the people of South Africa and the world. The memorandums to the RESERVE BANK OF SOUTH AFRICA and the REGISTRAR OF BANKS will be delivered in Pretoria on Monday 8th July 2013, as there was not enough time to do so all on the same day.

While this may have been a small group of people who braved a cold day in Johannesburg, we achieved our objective to plant the seeds of consciousness and a new world of abundance where money does not control any aspect of our lives - united in our diversity, free from any form of enslavement  or forced servitude.

Michael of the family Tellinger
UBUNTU Party & Liberation Movement founder.