Thursday, 4 July 2013

ABSA Hides Behind Norton Rose Refuses To Receive Memorandum

Below is the response I received from ABSA Barclays Bank, refusing to receive our memorandum. Clearly showing the fear of being exposed, continuing to hide behind their pit-bull terriers - Norton Rose. It is interesting that Aslam Moosajee, responded to my email to ABSA - since Aslam is one of the directors of Norton Rose who has been the chief litigator against me in my case against STANDARD BANK.
Can everyone see the incest, deception and dishonesty going on here?  It was Aslam that blurted out laughingly under oath in court during one of my hearings, stating in the background that the bank does not securitise home loans, and that my home loan was not securitised.  What is the public verdict on this? Was he lying or was he telling the truth?

Dear Mr Tellinger,
Your email communication of even date, addressed to the Absa CEO refers.
We also refer to our attorneys’ response to your communication to them in respect of the same issue. We attach a copy for your ease of reference.
We similarly have no intention of engaging with you outside the court process and we will also not be accepting your memorandum on Saturday, or at any other time.
Absa’s rights are reserved in their entirety.

Yours sincerely

Marthinus van Rensburg | General Counsel: Shared Services - Africa |
Tel: +27 11 350 4313  |  Fax: +27 867531463  |   E-mail:
Absa Bank Limited  |  7th Floor, Absa Towers West  |  15 Troye Street   |   Johannesburg 2001

Please consider the environment before printing this email


This was the attached letter from Aslam.  Why can’t the lawyers keep out of this and leave the matter to the banksters and the people? The moment you shake their tree, the banskters start hiding behind their pit-bull lawyers.

Dear Sirs
Public march on Saturday 6 July 2013
1)    We refer to your email dated 3 July 2013.
2)     Apart from continuing to defame our clients, you are now also defaming us. You are also being contemptuous of our judiciary. We have no intention of engaging with you outside the court process and we will not be accepting your memorandum on Saturday.
3)    All our rights remain reserved.

Yours faithfully
Aslam Moosajee
Norton Rose Fulbright South Africa
This is an electronic transmission and is therefore unsigned