Thursday, 20 June 2013

UK Minister Exposes The Banking Fraud

The banking scam and fraud is being exposed on every level. The British parliament has no more excuses – they too are fully informed after the delivery in the attached video clip. I urge you to share this with all those who still believe that the banks are squeaky clean. I know it takes a while to see through their defensive armour of disguise. They have perfected it over thousands of years – but the people are waking up from their deep slumber of mesmerised control.

The content of the vide is exactly what we have been arguing in the High Courts of South Africa since 2010. But our efforts have been thwarted by ignorant and crooked judges who either do not understand how the money system works and always assume that the banks are right in their claims or they are on the payroll of the banks and simply issue fraudulent pre-written judgements, most likely prepared for them by the lawyers of the banks. 

This was exactly what happened in my action against STD Bank, where after a 3-hour argument the judge pulled out a pre-written judgement, and simply read it out. Clearly a predetermined outcome devoid of any justice and smacking of complicity with criminal actions of the banksters. 

Until recently the media has been siding with the crimes of the banksters, ignorantly assuming that they must be telling the truth, since they are large corporations with big fancy buildings and the CEOs wear fancy expensive suits – they couldn’t possibly be criminals? Or it could be that the media simply do not want to rock the boat of their potential income. Because just as it is with law firms, banks provide a large portion of the advertising income to most of the media companies around the world. So, many of the media companies  simply let this slide to keep the banks’ business. How can the banks spend so much money on advertising and sponsorship? Because they make money out of “thin air” as was reported by Steven Goodson, ex Reserve Bank director in Cape Town.

But thanks to the brilliant investigative work of SABC 3 journalist and producer Peter Moyo, (see video clip above) the mainstream media has finally broken the spell that the banksters held over them and we hope to see more responsible reporting by the many great journalists that we have in South Africa – and the world – exposing the criminal activity of the banks and their lawyers, before the media owners slap a complete black-out on reports dealing with negative bank  activity.

Keep exploring – share the truth.
Michael of the family Tellinger
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