Wednesday, 1 May 2013


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(A copy of this NOTICE has been forwarded to the State Attorney)

Attention: State Attorney of the REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA

Tel No :            (011) 330-7600
Fax No :           (011) 337-7180                                                           Date: 1 May 2013

RE: Clarification about the registration of the REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA
as a corporation.

The president of the REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA is hereby granted 20 days from receipt of this letter to respond to the questions contained in this communication.

In our efforts to bring absolute freedom and liberty to all the people of South Africa, especially on the economic front, it has come to our attention that our country “REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA” is registered as a corporation on the US Securities & Exchange, among other well recognised corporations like Anglo American, Old Mutual, ABSA and Standard Bank.

We demand an urgent response to the questions below, from the office of the president, to be able to accurately advise the people of South Africa of their rights and their relationship to this corporation, which appears to be unlawfully imposing itself as a legitimate government of the people who live in a land called South Africa.

On the 18th January 2013, we requested clarification on the same questions via email from the Minister of Arts & Culture. On the 30th of January 2013, we followed our original enquiry with a further request, which was copied to the office of the president. On the 19 February 2013, the same requests for clarification were sent to the following departments:
•    Public Services Commission;
•    Government Communications Ministry;
•    Public Services And Administration;
•    Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development.

On the 4th March 2013, a further and final request for clarification on this matter was sent to the same departments, including the president’s office.  To date we have not received a response of any kind.  We have now exhausted all reasonable means to get clear answers to critical questions that dramatically impact the constitutional rights of every South African.

This is our final attempt to be provided with clear and satisfactory answers by the president of the REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA to the questions below, failing which we will proceed with the necessary legal action to obtain such answers.

1.    We require to view, or to obtain, for public scrutiny, a certified copy of the original registration documents, founding statement and title deeds of this corporation called the REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA.
2.    Who authorised that the REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA was to be registered as such and why?
3.    Who is the CEO of this corporation?
4.    Who is the accounting officer and what financial statement does it produce?
5.    What are the assets of this corporation?
6.    Are these assets traded by this corporation – if so, how and where, and who is accountable for trading these assets?
7.    Who are the shareholders of the corporation and how are they appointed?
8.    What is the relationship of the people of South Africa to this corporation called REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA.
9.    Is there any agreement between the people and/or citizens of South Africa and the REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA? If so, where are those agreements and when were they entered into?
10.    Do the people of South Africa have any obligations to this corporation, and if so do they have the right to renounce such obligation?
11.    Since our BILL OF RIGHTS and our constitution, as well as the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights strictly forbids any form of slavery or forced servitude, what rights do the people who live in the land referred to as South Africa have, to cut all their ties and any responsibility to this corporation that they did not even know existed?
12.    What is the relationship between this corporation called THE REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA and another corporation called the GOVERNMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA?

You have TWENTY (20) days to respond to the questions. It is our opinion that these corporations have violated the liberties and economic freedoms of all the people who live in this land called South Africa.

In Pure Truth
Michael of the family Tellinger
Born sovereign and free of flesh and blood and infinite soul
Founder of UBUNTU Party and UBUNTU Liberation Movement
Without prejudice - All rights reserved - Non Assumpsit