Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Police Prevent People Access To Free Food - Ordered By The Banks

Every day the draconian rules that enslave us are enforced by our fellow human beings against their mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters.

This is a call to the police and all others in the security services. Remember that you are all human beings part of the human family. It is time to choose sides. Either you will continue to be the instruments of oppression against your own people or realise that the police are being exploited by the unlawful corporate governments to keep the people enslaved and keep limiting their human rights.
Time to join the human family against the tyranny of unlawful corporate governments.

All those in the police and the army – please become PEACE officers of the people – not policy enforcement agents for corrupt government and the banksters that keep them in power. The video clip below will make this painfully clear.

On a planet of abundance - hunger and poverty is not an option - it is by design.
Only we, the people will change this. 
Only out of unity can we achieve infinite diversity and abundance for all.

Love and light
Michael of the family Tellinger