Friday, 12 April 2013

Message For The Lawyers


My dear friend Scott Cundill, Chairman of New Economic Rights Alliance, had a fascinating day in the Supreme Court in Johannesburg. Defending the attempt by the banksters to dismiss NewERA’s  application of "unconstitutionality" against all the banks, including the Reserve Bank. The case was postponed till later this month – April 2013.
The judge skipped the case on the role call when the lawyers of the bank were not present, instead of dismissing their attempt and ruling in favour of NewERA. Scott was forced to wait for the Senior Counsel of the banks to arrive – this is unbelievable. Imagine the judge doing the reverse, when banks are granted default judgements every day against people who are not present in court. It usually only lasts less than a minute in most cases – and people lose their lives without even knowing about it. This is why Scott and I originally chose to pick this battle – to speak for those who cannot, or do not know how to. I suppose it was a twisted kind of calling to seek justice where there is no evidence of justice at all.
But, after more than two years when Scott and I independently started legal action against the banks' unlawful activity, criminal and fraudulent behaviour, we are still around and we keep getting stronger and wiser with each court appearance. The first day of my appearance in court during early 2011, the senior advocate said to the judge "it will take no more than 15 minutes my lord, it’s a simple matter of default judgement my lord...".  Completely unconscious of what he was doing and the devious nature of his client.
I trust that they are already regretting those words. We are not going anywhere until the banskters are behind bars, together with the lawyers that have been defending and hiding their criminal activity, fully conscious of their actions. Because today, the lawyers all know who their clients are, unless they are completely stupid and ignorant, which I trust they are not, and therefore they are complicit in criminal activity just as their clients the banksters are. The lawyers can no longer hide behind the client-lawyer confidence veil of deception.
But the rise of consciousness does not discriminate, it affects everyone, whether they are aware of it or not. And so we trust that this message will start to filter through to millions of lawyers who realise the true criminal nature of their clients, the banks and central banks, and the governments, and start to refuse to represent them against the people. Lawyers are human beings like all of us – talk to them – inform them – make them realise that they are choosing to uphold the criminal activity of unlawful corporations when they defend the banks against their own brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers.
Sooner or later the lawyers too will wake up when they have to explain their actions to their children. There will come a time when lawyers will no longer be able to defend the banks – driven by their own growth of consciousness. I do believe that we are already in those days as many lawyers have chosen to support our actions. Talk to everyone – spread the consciousness.
Spread Love and Light – keep exploring
Michael of the family Tellinger