Friday, 12 April 2013

Government Has Stolen The Roads Form The People

How a cosy club dominates SA's toll road empire

This is an older article in the Sunday Times from November 2012 but it holds no punches. If you have not seen it please read it and inform yourself. Knowledge is power and allows us to realise how we are being manipulated by the unlawful corporate government.
South Africans are paying millions of rands extra for toll roads as a group of powerful players reap the spoils of lucrative tenders from the SA Roads Agency (Sanral), while cheaper options are ignored.
A court will hear arguments for and against the proposed tolling of Gauteng roads this week.
Court papers lodged by the Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance slam Sanral, saying the Gauteng e-toll plan is "unlawful" and "disproportionately and unjustifiably expensive", while accusing the roads agency of a shameless lack of transparency.
This view is supported by a three-month Sunday Times investigation into the toll industry.