Saturday, 30 March 2013

UBUNTU Poem - Let us heal the world with love and unity

My short tour of England is over and it delivered incredible results. We have successfully planted the UBUNTU Contributionism seed firmly in this land. Thanks to all those who made it possible and heleped me on this journey. Especially Ray, Vanessa and Andy. Here is a very special UBUNTU poem written in a moment of inspiration by the talented Vanessa Bristow-Rose. 
Please share this with everyone who will appreciate it. 
Love and light
Michael of the family Tellinger

UBUNTU   (I am what I am, because of who we all are)

Under Ubuntu we can create for ourselves a new Earth.
      Where all beings are honoured for their individual worth.
Become once again a planet of equal sharing.
       With abundance for all and compassionate caring.
United we will evolve into a species at peace.
       Set free from suffering.  Triggering enslavement release.
No longer controlled by the vice-grip of banks.
       Without money there will be no more missiles, guns and tanks.
Treating each other with pure love and respect
       will have the enlightening, transforming effect.
Unity between nations.  All races and tribes.
       Will ensure that our beautiful blue planet survives.