Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Freedom Activist Anthea Torr Has Been Arrested in South Africa

The time to stand together as human beings against the tyranny of corporations.

The unlawful corporation called THE GOVERNMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA has stolen the country from its people – unbeknown to the people. This privately registered corporation unlawfully upholds laws created by another corporation called THE REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA against the people of the land, who live in a land called South Africa.
Please pay attention to this as a matter of urgency. This has nothing to do with THE REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA which is a private corporation that stole our country from us – the people. This is an illegitimate government that the people are not aware of – please inform yourself and tell everyone you know.
We cannot allow corporate thugs posing as government to continue to use other human beings in the police and security services to execute their unlawful acts against our people. The police and other security forces need to be informed that they are upholding the laws of a private corporation – NOT a legitimate government or representatives of the people.
The government has stolen the country from its people – the POLICE and all other security forces need to stand behind the people and protect the people against the growing tyranny and onslaught by the corporate government which is funded by the banksters.
Living breathing human beings are being arrested unlawfully every day and made to abide by laws of a corporation – not the Common Laws that govern people who are FREE and live in a land called South Africa. You may be next!
Please read the email below and give your support to Anthea Torr – if you live in South Africa and especially Cape Town. Tell the police to inform themselves and serve the people – NOT TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENTS bent on abusing our people.

We urgently need your assistance, Anthea has been arrested 9pm SA time for failing to appear in court, due to a matter that initially revolves around not obtaining a building permit. As many of us as possible will show up at Simons Town court tomorrow morning 9 am to show our support.
A horde of police arrived at her property, making the Marikana Police presence look like a joke. Clearly she has hit a nerve and the status quo wish to make an example of her. This is bad for your freedoms since it would appear we have no choice but to do what we are told or take it in the proverbial.
Seeing you tomorrow at 9am at the Simons Town magistrate court would be a great show of support. Even if you are late, it is ok as they will most likely move her hearing until the end. In addition to this, if you come empowered with a simple document to give to the magistrate, this would be a step in the right direction. The document should state, in your own words, that you no longer have faith in the status quo and that you are their to support a woman who is brave enough to stand up for her rights as a human being. When you enter the court, give it to the bailiff to give to the magistrate.
Anthea has asked for support and to spread the word as widely as possibly. We look forward to seeing you there.
many thanks