Thursday, 1 November 2012

Letter to Helen Zille - 31 October 2012.

Acting Judge President Allegedly Interferes in Historic Judgement Against Banks.

I trust that with your influence in the Cape, you will be able to urgently intervene in this matter by Friday 2nd November 2012. 

From: Michael Tellinger
Founder of the UBUNTU Liberation Movement & UBUNTU Party               

The information in this press release is compiled with our best intentions and to the best of our ability stating all the facts as we have been able to obtain under very strange and mysterious circumstances in our attempts to find a critical missing court file containing an historic judgement against the banks in South Africa.
-    During the week of 10 October 2012, Acting Judge Kirk-Cohen in the Cape Town High Court handed down judgement against First National Bank, in favour of the defendant, who wants to remain anonymous at this stage.
-    The judgement was based on the argument of securitisation of the defendant’s home, in which the bank lose all its rights to the property, and therefore cannot execute it, or even begin any legal proceedings of such nature because they lost the legal standing to do so.
-    The case numbers are 6579/12 and 17374/12.
-    This judgment was spawned by two counts of contempt of court by FNB refusing to comply with two court orders.
-    This judgment has the capacity to change the lives of all people in South Africa forever, and remove the financial hardship that we have all been unlawfully plunged in to by the actions of the banks.
-    This has ramifications for the entire banking system.
-    Judgments like this have been handed down overseas in favour of the homeowner.
-    For some strange reason, the judgment and the entire court file is not forthcoming and as of today is still unavailable to the public.
-    The Ubuntu Party has a vested interest in this case since it represents several thousand people who are equally affected by this judgement – as is everyone else in South Africa.
-    The UBUNTU Party was informed yesterday that the case/file had been directed to the office of the Acting Judge President Traverso.
-    The defendants Counsel was not aware of this.
-    In fact, if not for the investigative work of the Ubuntu Party, he would never have known that the file was with Traverso and would have continued searching for it.
-    Counsel for the home owner met with Traverso this morning, who confirmed that she does have the file, and informed him that the file would not become available until this coming Friday, 2nd November 2012.
-    Traverso was allegedly instrumental in arranging security at the defendants house, without his knowledge.
-    A strange security person had entered the defendant’s residence while he was away on business, and made himself at home – without any knowledge or consultation with the home owner at all.
-    Traverso has allegedly instructed FNB that they have rights, and have until Friday 2 November to file some form of final legal argument.
-    Traverso’s son-in-law, Paul Finlayson is the Managing Director of Nedbank Private Wealth.
-    At around 16:30 on Wednesday, 31 October, we were informed that the file has been handed to Judge President Hlope – reasons unknown.
-    Helen Zilla has been notified that this is a matter of the highest public interest and asked to use her influence to intervene.
-    The Ubuntu Party has been following this case for some time and would like an immediate investigation into the disappearance of the judgement and the legal reasoning behind the action taken by Traverso.
-    This information has been extremely difficult to obtain and cannot be verified until Judge Traverso makes a public statement and full disclosure regarding the whereabouts of the file and its legal status.

There have been some dramatic developments after our legal advisor and mentor, Raymondt Dicks was attacked in his home office on 20 Oct 2012,in a military style precision hit by well trained men, that seemed to have been aided by police vehicles with flashing lights, as indicated in the security video footage, allowing the intruders’ vehicles the freedom to perpetrate the assault.He was tied up for more than 3 hours, constantly beaten and interrogatedwith repeated threats that he was going to be killed,
They knew exactly what they were doing as they carefullyremoved his computer, and all backups, our documents and more. This was the “nerve centre” of the UBUNTU Party and it has affected us much more than we originally imagined. The amount of work that Raymondt Dicks has done, and the research he had compiled against the banks is simply spectacular. The next day, only three sets of legal documents were found to be missing.  Those of the UBUNTU Party,Michael Tellinger, and New ERA, which is active in major legal action against banks and represents around 160,000 people.
All of this was captured on security cameras and the footage is ready to be released onto YouTube imminently. As of today Carte Blanche has been in contact with us and is consideringto expose this story.The Star Newspaperconfirmed that they had several dozen calls from other people who have had similar organised hits on them in the past, that seem to have been aided by rogue groups of police officers, during which legal documents were taken and lives where threatened. A senior journalist at The Star told me that they are doing a full investigation and hope to publish a detailed article on this serious issue.
VICTORY NONETHELESS:But, there have been 3 small victories in the past 2 weeks that have given our actions a great deal of traction as legal precedents. They also however indicate how incredibly cunning the banksters are in their actions – all three cases where withdrawn and/or abandoned against three individuals arguing similar cases to ours. This means that there is no judgement; no actual legal case precedent, except that they withdrew unconditionally. It does however presents us with a strong argument that something fishy is going on and that the banks do not want this heard in the courts. They have been very good at delaying tactics to date, using court rules and technicalities to win their cases without any real scrutiny by the courts – forcing ordinary people to run out of money and not be able to continue with legal proceedings against the mighty banks.
THE BIG CASE: There is one MAJOR case in Cape Town – case numbers 6579/12 & 17374/12 where during the week of 10 October 2012, a judgement was handed down by Judge Kirk-Cohen against First National Bank – in favour of the defendant who wants to remain nameless until this Friday. The judge allegedly stated to the lawyer of the defendant “you have opened Pandora’s box”.
This has now turned into the most sensitive case in SA history regarding banking. This is the straw that will break the camel’s back and force banks to rethink their business models that have been exposed to be fraudulent and highly corrupt. The judgement is based on the same arguments that our members and myself have presented in various courts, only to be laughed at, treated with a complete lack of respect, have our rights desecrated by the Constitutional Court, and even threatened that we are “wasting the court’s time” with our actions, as was the case in the judgement handed down against me. This is all about to change, once the missing file and Judgement can be located and exposed to the people.
We have been waiting for this physical judgement and papers for 3 weeks. But once again we have discovered how cunning, dirty and unscrupulous the banksters are. While completely ignoring the High Court judgement, and not complying with the court order, we suspect that they have been trying to influence the outcome in various ways at the highest level of the court and legal system in South Africa.  So much so, that the Acting Judge President, Jeanette Traverso, has taken the file into her chambers for safekeeping to avoid anyone tampering with it. That is what she claims according to our information. According to her, there is huge interest in this case. How could this be when the information regarding this case is not available and the file is missing? So who is interested in this case behind the scenes?
We have been informed and it needs to be pointed out, is that Judge Traverso has been involved as a judge in many liquidation cases where majority of the judgements she handed down have gone in favour of the banks. The case we are referring to here is now a matter of public domain and is of extreme interest and should be disclosed and exposed for all to see immediately, instead of being hidden or protected by the Acting Judge President in her chambers.
If all of this is accurate and true, The UBUNTU Party demands that Acting Judge President Traverso explains why she has intervened in this particular case and why she has taken it upon herself to give the bank additional opportunity until this Friday, 2nd Nov 2012, to argue or attempt to overturn the judgement, without notifying the defendant’s attorneys and outlining her reasons for her actions. We find her actions highly questionable.
This matter is of extreme public interest in view of the millions of people who have lost everything as a result of countless unjust judgements in the past, by our courts, handed down by ill-informed judges, who have ignorantly upheld an unjust system in favour of corrupt banksters that have been getting away with fraud and extortion for years.
Unbeknown to the defendant, Judge Traverso had allegedly arranged for security to be placed at his home. Without his knowledge or consent, a private security specialist has entered his home while he was away on business and made himself at home – taking showers and behaving as if this was his house.
This is highly irregular and suspicious behaviour – especially when taking into account that her son in law, Paul Finlayson, is the MD of BOE Private Clients Division.
It is simply unimaginable that the Acting Judge President would be so partial towards the bank and choose to protect the bank, after a very clear judgement against them, where in the past 2 weeks, since the judgement has been served by the Sheriff, they have made no effort to act against it through normal legal channels.
It is unimaginable why the Acting Judge President is giving the bank such undeserved liberty, freedom, and time to try and reverse this judgement, instead of simply enforcing it – like she has done to so many ordinary peoplewhose lives were destroyed in the process.
If this is all true, Traverso has clearly shown her stance of impartiality, because such liberty is never granted or extended towards the common people. Every day thousands of judgements are handed down by the courts in favour of banks, to execute people’s property and destroy their lives. Judges never take it upon themselves to intervene in favour of the people. This is a clear indication that corporations carry much more weight and favour with our courts and judges than human beings do.
We urge Judge Traverso to find this file, wherever it is being hidden, and release the judgement and file into the public domain where it belongs for the benefit of all the people.
The UBUNTU Party believes that this judgement will truly be the breaking point and the end of the road for the banks in exposing their fraudulent actions against each and every one of us.


Michael of the family Tellinger.