Thursday, 1 November 2012

Email to Judge Kirk-Cohen

Email to Acting Judge Kirk-Cohen – 1 Nov 2012

Good day
We were notified by Gary Newmark and his client Peter Osborne that you handed down a judgement against FNB in the week of the 10th October 2012. All our efforts to find any evidence of this have so far been unsuccessful. We have had very confusing  and worrying feedback about the whereabouts of the file and the judgement, that should by now be in the public domain. We at the UBUNTU Party represent several thousand people who have a vested interest in this case and its outcome, as do the rest of the people in South Africa.
Please can you urgently confirm the following so that we can make an informed public statement in the midst of various other reports that are at this stage merely speculative.
1)    Did you hand down a judgement in favour of Peter Osborn against FNB?
2)    What was the date of the judgement?
3)    What is the case number?
4)    Where is the file at present?
5)    Why has it not been made available to the public for review?
6)    Is there any truth to the reports that Acting Judge President Traverso has intervened in this matter and is in possession of the file?
7)    Has Traverso opened the door for FNB to submit additional argument to allow them to overturn the judgement?
8)    When can we get a copy of the judgement?
I trust you already appreciate the extreme sensitivity and urgency of this case, that will have an irreversible affect on banking in South Africa, and I hope to hear from you on this case as a matter of urgency.
In pure truth
Michael Tellinger
UBUNTU Party Leader