Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Update From Michael Tellinger - 30 Oct 2012

About the robbery and assault of our legal advisor Raymondt Dicks


Acting Judge President Intervenes in Judgement Against FNB.

The past week has been really intense.  After our legal advisor and mentor, Raymondt Dicks was attacked in his home office on 20 Oct 2012, he seemed strong for the first few days as we all gathered around him and tried to give him as much moral support as we could.
But, as of yesterday he slipped into a deep depression and is saying that he cannot continue with our work and that he feels broken. I hope that this feeling will pass very soon and that he will recover from the huge shock of what he endured. More than 3 hours of constant beating and interrogation and repeated threats that he was going to be killed.

They knew exactly what they were doing when they attacked him and stole all his equipment, our documents and more – this was our “nerve centre” and it has affected us much more than we originally imagined. The amount of work that Raymondt has done is simply spectacular. Any normal legal firm would have been paid well over a Million Rand so far for such a legal contribution. But so far we have only been able to pay Raymondt a tiny fraction of his true worth.

We are now sitting in a position that unless we can re-motivate and re-energise Raymondt, a number of people which include myself, will be in deep trouble within the next week, when we have to file the next level of legal documents and arguments.
There are very few legal minds like Raymondt that we know of in South Africa, and the others that have just recently emerged to join our cause are still relatively green in our way of thinking. Two of these lawyers live in Cape Town which is a thousand miles from Johannesburg and it will be difficult for them to get involve in our cases.

We have not been able to edit the surveillance camera video footage simply because we have not had enough money and the right technology to do so. But it has been stored and saved in various locations for safekeeping. We finally handed it to an editor yesterday – and we hope to have something to load onto YouTube ASAP. The Star Newspaper –has had several dozen calls from other people who have had similar organised hits on them in the past, that seem to have been aided by rogue groups of police officers, where legal documents were taken and lives where threatened. The Star told me that they are doing a full investigation and hope to publish a detailed article on this serious issue.

VICTORY NONETHELESS: But, there have been 3 small victories in the past 2 weeks that have given our actions a great deal of traction as legal precedents. They also however indicate how incredibly cunning the banksters are in their actions – all three cases where withdrawn and abandoned against three individuals arguing similar cases to ours. This means that there is no judgement; no actual legal case precedent, except that they withdrew unconditionally. It does however presents us with a strong argument that something fishy is going on and that the banks do not want this heard in the courts.

THE BIG CASE: There is one MAJOR case in Cape Town, where 3 weeks ago, a judgement went against First National Bank – in favour of the defendant who will remain nameless until this Friday. This has now turned into the most sensitive case in SA history regarding banking. This is the straw that will break the camel’s back and allow all of our cases to be argued and won, by arguing legal precedent.  It will also spread like a virus worldwide very quickly from here.

We have been waiting for this physical judgement and papers, holding our breath, for 3 weeks. But once again we have discovered how cunning, dirty and unscrupulous the banksters are. While completely ignoring the High Court judgement, and not complying with the court order, they have been trying to influence the outcome in various ways at the highest level of the court and legal system in South Africa.  So much so, that the Acting Judge President, Jeanette Traverso, has taken the file into her chambers for safekeeping to avoid anyone tampering with it. That is what she claims according to our information.

What needs to be pointed out is that Judge Traverso has been involved as a judge in many liquidation cases where majority of the judgements she handed down have gone in favour of the banks. The case we are referring to here is now a matter of public domain and is of extreme interest and should be disclosed and exposed for all to see immediately, instead of being hidden and protected by the Acting Judge President in her chambers!

The UBUNTU Party demands that Acting Judge President Traverso reveals her hand and explains why she has intervened in this particular case and why she has given the bank additional opportunity to argue or attempt to overturn the judgement, without notifying the defendant’s attorneys and outlining her reasons for her actions.

This matter is of extreme public interest in view of the millions of people who have lost everything as a result of countless unjust judgements in the past, by our courts, handed down by ill informed judges, who have ignorantly upheld an unjust system in favour of corrupt banksters that have been getting away with fraud and extortion for years.

As Acting Judge President, the spotlight is squarely on Traverso’s shoulders to act on behalf of the people who she represents. This is the moment in her life that she has been waiting for. She will either become famous or infamous.

While this is second hand information from our source, we trust our sources to be very reliable and it was confirmed this morning that she does have the file in her chambers. We have been told that FNB has been doing what they can to reverse this judgement in every way possible outside of the courts. We have also been informed that as of today, FNB has been given until Friday to come up with any final legal attempt to petition the judgement on legal grounds. We all know that this is not possible, they have no legal standing, and teir case for urgency is long expired, so we all hold our breath to see what  they do next, and how our Acting Judge President deals with this situation.

It is simply unimaginable that the Acting Judge President would be so partial towards the bank and choose to protect the bank, after a very clear judgement against them, where in the past 2 weeks, since the judgement has been served by the Sheriff, they have made no effort to act against it through normal legal channels. It is unimaginable why the Acting Judge President is giving the bank such undeserved liberty, freedom, and time to try and reverse this judgement, instead of simply enforcing it – like she has done so many ordinary disposable people.

Traverso has clearly shown her stance of impartiality because such liberty is never granted or extended towards the common people. Every day thousands of judgements are handed down by the courts in favour of banks, to execute people’s property and destroy their lives. Judges never take it upon themselves to intervene in favour of the people. This is a clear indication that corporations carry much more weight with our courts and judges than human beings do. We urge Judge Traverso to do the right thing and to be just towards the people in the peoples’ court and not be swayed in any way to uphold the unlawful activity of the banks.

The UBUNTU Party believes that this judgement will truly be the breaking point and the end of the road for the banks. We may see possible government interference or other drastic measures very soon – who knows what deals are being done behind the scenes. Once this is irreversible and the bank has exhausted all its possibilities, it will hit the banking scene like an earthquake.

Mainly because of the various actions that are already launched – like my own civil fraud case against Standard Bank; UBUNTU Party’s planned class action with around 200,000 people or more; and the criminal charges that will be launched through the UBUNTU Party. This could possibly cause the banks to be declared bankrupt and be forced to go under administration. It will also allow us in SA to follow Iceland’s model as best as we can and cancel all mortgage debt and car loans as a start, together with all other credit debt that was created by banks in the past decade or even longer, while moving rapidly towards prosperity for the people in the short to medium term.

BUT AS FOR NOW – we hope that Raymondt will bounce back – he is one of the strongest people you will find. What we need urgently more than anything else is funding. They have hit us where it hurts most, our legal advisor. Ultimately the banks know that if they can continue the game long enough, they will eventually kill any opposition by making them run out of money. We are very close to that situation right now. Although we have started receiving donations for the UBUNTU movement, I do not know how much longer we can carry the UBUNTU movement and all our activity under the current situation. So far, we have received less than R15,000 in total donations. This is clearly not going to carry us and allow us to be a venomous opposing force to the banksters. We urge people to pledge a small monthly amount on our website. Our target to reach stability and continue to function smoothly is roughly R80,000 ($10,000) per month. So we need to find 1000 people to pledge $10 per month to us. This should not be difficult but at this stage is proving to be a real challenge. www.ubuntuparty.org.za

We need to raise about $20,000 in the very short term for the following:
1)    Restoring Raymondt’s legal office – Computers, software, printer, scanner, TV, recorders, other electronic and office equipment, backup drives, increase security, and other personal items.
2)    Printing of brochures and pamphlets for the UBUNTU Movement & Party – for our planned public meetings and launches around South Africa till end of 2012.
3)    Legal fees for Raymondt and probably other legal representation in the near future as our needs grow and more legal muscle is brought in.
4)    Upgraded security at my own home and office.
5)    Editing 12 hours of video footage.
We urge as many people as possible to get involved and let our unity in numbers be our strength as we move into a new age and break down the shackles of the past regimes that have enslaved us.

Michael of the family Tellinger.