Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The Minerals Belong To The People

Mining & Minerals

UBUNTU Plan of action
The mining and minerals sector is probably the most important and most sensitive sector to contemplate. It will raise many deep emotions within people from all walks of life because of our long and proud history of mining that goes back many thousands of years to the great kingdom of Monomotapa, and even further back in time.

South Africa is one of the wealthiest countries in the world producing virtually all the precious metals on Earth in large quantities. And yet our people live in poverty, hunger and many are homeless. Sixteen years after our so-called liberation, there is more poverty, more hunger and more homelessness than ever before. It is very clear that something is desperately wrong with this picture.

The sad part is that this immense wealth of the land has been stolen from the people by our government and a handful of international corporations that have laid claim to the minerals and have been given all the rights to take our precious gold and platinum and coal and diamonds from the ground. The people of the land have been reduced to mere slaves who work for these corporations, while the corporations make unimaginable wealth for invisible foreign shareholders.

Our government - “the servant of the people” - has allowed these greedy corporations to do as they please. Their greed has no boundaries and they are slowly turning our beautiful country into a mining wasteland. The coal mining companies are probably the worst culprits. The areas that surround the coal mines and ESKOM power stations have become so polluted and so disturbed that it will take a lot of time and energy to rehabilitate these areas to states of former natural health and beauty.

All of this in the name of greed and profit for the very few - at all costs. The tragic and inhumane massacre of the mine workers at Marikana stands as a chilling reminder that our government holds the legal rights of the mining corporations above the human rights of human beings - the honest hardworking people whom they are supposed to serve.

This cannot continue. We cannot allow our sacred motherland to be continuously raped and destroyed for profit to benefit those few shareholders that continue to enslave our people, and on top of that slaughter our people when they protest against inhumane treatment.

African elders and the custodians of ancient knowledge in Africa and the around the world believe that the Earth is sacred and that we are the custodians of this sacred planet.  It is our duty to protect all living things and to live in harmony with mother Earth and all life. We have to start to live in a symbiotic co-existence with all life if we are to sustain humanity and thrive with abundance while maintaining a balance of all life on Earth.  Only then will we ensure the continued abundance for all future generations.

But we cannot do so as long as we are denied the right to our land and the wealth of our country. It is clear that our land and all it’s natural gifts and resources have been stolen by the government and greedy multinational corporations that have laid claim to it. Before we can start to protect our sacred land we need to remind ourselves of our inalienable rights as the people of South Africa and we have to re-claim that which belongs to all the people.

The Rights of The People

  1. The country belongs to its people
  2. The land belongs to its people
  3. The water belongs to the people
  4. The forests belong to the people
  5. The rivers and lakes belong to the people
  6. The gold, the platinum, diamonds, chrome, copper, iron, uranium, tin, aluminium, and all other minerals in the ground belong to the people
  7. The air and the airwaves and frequencies belong to the people
  8. Everything that grows on the land belongs to the people
  9. The beaches, the mountains and the skies above belong to the people
  10. The wild animals do not belong to us or anyone else, they belong to the planet and we are their custodians and protectors
  11. The Earth is our MOTHER – we are only here because of her – and therefore we must honour her and protect her against harm.

All these things DO NOT belong to the politicians, the government, or any corporation who has unlawfully claimed exclusive rights over it.
The government has stolen the country from its people. We, the people, need to take it back!

We need to stress the difference between “nationalisation” and “ownership by the people”. 
“Nationalisation” means owned and controlled by the government. This policy is used as a means to control the people.
“Ownership by the people” means the people themselves benefit from all the natural wealth of the country and they themselves hold the deciding power as to how to use the resources and wealth for the benefit of all.

The ‘Government of South Africa’ AND ‘The Republic OF South Africa’ are both registered as Corporations on the US Securities Exchange (see the articles and evidence of this on our website). This means that our government is using the people and the wealth of our country as commodities to be traded on the global stock markets. This comes as huge shock to many when they first discover this – so be prepared to face some spine-chilling revelations as we share more information with you and hopefully make every South African realise that we have become the slaves of our government without realising it.

For all these reasons the Ubuntu Liberation Movement, through the political front of the UBUNTU Party, proposes the following steps to be taken by the people.

  1. Every mine in South Africa becomes the property of the people with immediate effect. (Not the property of the government – that would be called nationalisation.)
  2. A Council Of Elders will be appointed by the people of South Africa, consisting of the most trusted and respected individuals, to look after the interests of the people in this regard – this council will have absolute control to implement the will of the people – not the will of the corrupt politicians who are controlled by powerful multinational corporations.
  3. All foreign shareholding in all mines or any directly related activity will be cancelled immediately.
  4. This includes the production of all metals, alloys, steel and so forth.
  5. A comprehensive program to expand the refining and manufacturing industry will be implemented immediately. There is no need for us to export anything for the sake of re-importing it in a refined form. This has been a devious convoluted system to create wealth for politicians and corporations on both sides of the import-export fence.
  6. All exports of minerals, coal, iron ore, diamonds, or any other resource that comes from our ground or is mined in any way will be stopped immediately.
  7. South Africa will produce only as much of these commodities as is required by the people of South Africa for the various industrial sectors of our own society and other needs that may arise as the process of transformation takes place.
  8. The Council of Elders will decide on these actions as is demonstrated by the will and need of the people. The people will remain in full control of this process and fully informed of the exact status of all mining activities.
  9. Remember that we will do whatever is necessary, or needed by the people, to create abundance on all levels of society. This means that new opportunities and new activities will constantly arise and will be implemented on a regular basis.
  10. We will not continue to enrich foreign shareholders and allow our precious commodities to be stolen from us and traded on the global stock markets at the expense of our people, who are being used as slaves or cheap labour.
  11. The new money system or currency adopted by the people will be linked to the mineral wealth of South Africa. This will make the SA currency the strongest currency in the world with immediate effect – because all the other major currencies are FIAT currencies with absolutely no intrinsic value at all – other than the confidence of its people.
  12. The people will decide how to proceed and how to develop the mining sector into the future so that it provides a real tangible benefit for the people in every sector of our society and in every community.
  13. This will open up a new exciting era of research and development by our brilliant scientists, engineers and inventors for the greater benefit of all the people.

More will be written on this paramount subject in the weeks to come. Please think about it and imagine the possibilities once the people are in control of our own mineral wealth!
The country belongs to the people!!!