Saturday, 15 September 2012

SABC NEWS - SA BANKS Steal Money From People's Accounts

The bankster's unlawful activity is making it into the news on a daily basis.

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Now, we the people have to take the final step and close these fraudulent corporations down. This will take some doing and we have to stay strong because our experience in South Africa has shown us very clearly that the law and the courts and the ignorant Judges support these activities by the banks in favour of the financially crippled people, whom the courts are supposed to serve.
Remember that the courts are "people's courts" and the judges are “servants of the people” - but they behave like servants of the crooked corporations on a daily basis. Their biased and unjust rulings have plunged millions of hard working honest South Africans into financial ruin and misery because the Judges do not seem brave enough to actually cross examine the banks when facing them in court.
Sooner or later this empire of corruption has to collapse and we need to plan for exiting times ahead when people will be liberated from this full blown onslaught against humanity by a small group of banking families that seem to rule the world.
The UBUNTU Party proposes as an interim step the creation of a central People’s Bank that operates on completely different principles and produces a new ‘real’ form of money that has real value unlike the baseless ‘fiat’ money we have today with no value at all. It has to be supported by gold or other precious metals in SA and therefore truly become the currency of the people, supported by the confidence of the people and most importantly - does not charge any interest. This will be explained in more detail in other papers.
The charging of interest is a concept created by the global banskters a long time ago to keep people enslaved while creating incredible wealth for themselves. In 1225 St. Thomas Aquinas stood up against the bankers/ money lenders claiming that the charging of interest is wrong because it applies to "double charging," Charging for both the money and the use of the money. Church law in Middle Ages Europe forbade the charging of interest on loans and even made it a crime called, "usury."

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