Thursday, 16 August 2012

Transport - Roads - Rail - Ports - Air

Transport & Travel

This section contains our plan of action for Road, Rail, Air and Sea transportation and travel. It is one of the key activation initiatives for the creation of work for everyone across a wide spectrum of talents and provides for the following:
  1. Work for millions of people
  2. Activation and stimulation of existing and new industry in all sectors
  3. Decentralisation of overpopulated cities
  4.  Rapid development of rural towns and villages
  5. Provision of all necessary facilities across the land
  6. Large scale material production – building and other
  7. Development of new sustainable industries in rural towns
  8. Establishment of all necessary farming and agriculture in rural areas
  9. Training and educating of people in a diverse number of skills
  10. Development of new technology during this process
  11.  Creating abundance and sustainability across South Africa.

Under the UBUNTU Contribution System, we expect a rapid advancement in new technology, free energy, materials and all aspects of industry; how communities adapt and change. This will affect how people live, where they live, what they do and how they contribute to their own community as well as the larger community of the country.

These new developments and advancements will dramatically change the way we travel and the tools we use to transport goods and people. In this light, it is difficult to predict how this sector will change – but we do expect it to change dramatically and very quickly once the chains of financial restraint are removed and allow us to deliver innovative solutions and the people on all levels of society.

For example: Today people have to travel and sit in traffic for many hours each day do go to their jobs, just to earn some money to pay the bills. This is clearly a complete waste of productive time. But once people can choose to live in a community of their choice, where they contribute their natural talents or acquired skills to the benefit of that community, there will be no peak traffic – or very little traffic on the roads.

This simple change in our behaviour will dramatically change the way we build and use roads, the way we travel and how we transport goods. It is probable that other forms of transport will be developed with new technology to make all of that much easier and quicker. The existing railway system will play a crucial role in all of this during the transition phase from a money driven society to a human driven society.

The proposals we make in this sector are therefore based on current use of the tools and technology at our disposal – but can be rapidly adapted for the needs of the people as we are presented with hew solutions from our brilliant scientists, engineers, researchers and inventors. We have to keep the politicians out of this at all costs.

The word ‘transport” is very confusing and forms part of the words and laws that enslave us. All of which are related to the Maritime Law that forms the basis of all our legal structures. Please see the detailed documents on this subject on our website: Laws That Enslave US.
The word “transport” suggests that while we travel around our country or neighbourhood, we  “cross” (trans) borders or “ports” as in ports of entry and exit. The evidence can be seen at Airports – where we pay airport duties and taxes. WHY?

New toll-gates have sprung up all over South African roads that prevent the people from travelling without paying a toll – as if we were crossing ports or borders. WHY?


All roads in  South Africa are on the land that belongs to the people. Our servant, the government, has sold these roads and our rights to travel on these roads to private multinational corporations that now extort money from the people while travelling.

The secondary roads have been so neglected that they are almost unusable, forcing us to use the privately controlled toll-roads. This could be called highway robbery and it is a gross violation of our rights and a betrayal of the people, preventing us to travel freely in our land.
Nobody should have to pay to travel, drive, walk or use our roads, no matter where they are in South Africa. Any form of taxing, charging, or tolling is unlawful and not in the greater public interest – it is therefore unconstitutional and must be abolished immediately.

We propose a massive public works project that will involve possibly as many as one million people, to re-think; re-plan and upgrade all our roads across South Africa. All the participants, from the engineers to the labourers will be given all the tools and latest technology possible to make this as smooth and easy as can be.

This will be part of a major move towards instituting UBUNTU as a principle of society across the land. Professionals and trainees from each town or community will participate in this giant project creating a network of activity across our country.

All this activity will be integrated into the various needs of towns and communities everywhere, which will include town planning, public parks and places, sport and recreation all other activities in our communities.

The engineers and architects and town planners will be required to apply all their knowledge of sacred geometry or the laws of nature to enhance the natural flow of energy in all areas. This has been part of ancient and eastern philosophy for thousands of years and all the great architects and artists of the past incorporated sacred geometry into their works because they understood its effect on those who use it or observe it.

For those who do not understand this, please read the document on the Laws of Nature And Sacred Geometry in all of it.

Everything we propose to do in the UBUNTU Party must subscribe to these basic principles because of the positive effects it has on the people who live in such environments. This applies to every sector of society. Farming, engineering, construction, town planning, water purification, science and everything else in our lives.

We have been separated from Mother Earth through the massive modernisation frenzy we are have been caught up in, at the expense of our physical and mental health. All true healers and scientists are aware of this. Because everything in creation functions on the basic principles of harmonic resonance and coherence.

In other words, the entire universe vibrates in harmony – that is what keeps galaxies and solar systems and atoms together. If we are not in harmony with our Earth, we are in dis-eases and become sick. We will expand on these basic laws of nature in other documents that deal with health – but I needed to highlight this even in this section, because it crosses over into every human activity and affects our lives in everything we do.

The channelling of water in spirals that energise the water is just a small example. Energised water has almost super powers in its ability to heal and invigorate our bodies and enhance the growth of corps and livestock who eat those crops.

Researchers have shown how raw sewerage water can be completely purified and energised by simply allowing it flow along specific spirals over a few hundred metres. No chemicals or poison required. We have been denied this simple knowledge that follows the laws of nature, because of the greed of corporations and government.

We need to reconnect with Mother Earth in everything we do. This is part of the healing and the awakening of humanity. Our road works projects will be just one of the many sectors to play a key role in  this beautiful transformation process.


South Africa once had a very efficient railroad system that was used by people all over the country. This has been completely destroyed by our servants, the government. Every town and village has a railroad running through it or near it and yet very few towns have an active railway connection between them serving the people. Hundreds of old railway station buildings lie in ruin and more are deserted every year, while they could be providing a desperately needed transport service to the people across our country.

It seems to most people as if our railways are not functioning at all, but this is not the case. The trains are running all the time, twenty four hours a day, crossing our land and crossing our borders into our neighbouring countries – not to serve the people, but rather to serve the giant corporations – coal, mining, petroleum, forestry, and other industries.

Tax payers money is used to provide transportation for the corporations while the people are left stranded. This is not acceptable.

The UBUNTU Party will initiate a large scale project to reactivate and upgrade the once mighty railroad network of South Africa. All the old railway stations will be rebuilt and upgraded; deserted railroads will be restored, and every town and village will have an active railway system to serve the people.

This will become one of the key driving mechanisms to give millions of people work to do, teach new skills, and fill each one with hope and the belief that we can control our own destiny and provide true and lasting prosperity and abundance for all the people.


Every coastal town and city will play an important role in the reactivation and transformation of our country. This will include provision of energy; fisheries and fish farming; conservation of coastlines and marine life; upgrading and maintenance of ports and harbours; import and export of our goods – but this aspect will change dramatically as we enter an UBUNTU way of life. 

Every port and harbour will be upgraded and redesigned to serve the needs of the people of South Africa and not the needs of international corporations at the expense of the people.
Every coastal town, city and village will have its own port or harbour, based on the needs and activity of the community. It will be up to each community to plan and decide what is necessary. This will require skills and many people to upgrade and maintain. Those who love to live by the sea will see this as a great opportunity to relocate from overpopulated cities to the tranquillity of coastal living. It is obvious that this movement of people will significantly activate the building, housing and town planning sectors everywhere, providing many new opportunities for people in all walks of life.

Existing boat and water transport vessels will be upgraded and adapted to provide specific functions necessary for serving the people across the land and the immediate communities. Every fisherman and any other boat owner will be encouraged to get involved in the many aspects of transport and travel along our coastline, rivers and other waterways.

This will in many ways be a whole new initiative and massive expansion to the travelling options and lifestyle we have today. It will require innovative thinking, massive construction and building; training and an exciting opportunity for many people with a variety of skills.

Our coastlines, rivers and waterways should provide an exciting new way to travel and transport goods that is not an option today because of cost and availability. Anyone anywhere along the coast, will be able to catch a boat, or transport goods to any other coastal town.


South African Airways and all other government controlled airlines; the airports and all related facilities have been paid for by the people. Therefore, the airplanes, the airports and all related facilities that are under government control belong to the people.

Any agreement signed by the government with multinational corporations to control or manage these facilities on behalf of the people, at the expense of the people, is unlawful and was done without the knowledge of the people. There is no benefit at all to the people from such agreements that are in existence today.

The entire air transport and travel sector will be restructured to be of benefit to the people everywhere. Every pilot and owner of aircraft will be encouraged to become part of the solution and add their skills to this sector.

Airports and air transport will be important components to change the way people travel and transport goods. We will use the new technology that will emerge from the freeing up of scientists to develop new kind of aircraft as soon as it becomes possible. But at the same time we will encourage the use of all functional aircraft that are standing in hangars around South Africa to be upgraded and made operational to benefit the people.

There are many such craft, most of which are not operating merely because of the cost of repair. The UBUNTU Party will allocate every resource available without the restraint of funds, to the repairing and upgrading of every possible aircraft in the land. There is a sense of excitement in flying in older propeller driven craft that many people want to continue to experience. Just because there is new jet technology available, does not mean we have to discard the older tools as long as they serve the people or provide a role in remembering the past. This will apply to the rail and vehicle industries as well.

Since South Africa is a major petroleum producer through SASOL, the fuel used by the airlines and all other airplanes in SA will be provided by SASOL either very cheap – if not free to some sectors.


Massive Public Works Projects Across The Land

The UBUNTU Party will initiate a large scale national project to reactivate the entire road system, railways, ports and harbours, airports and air travel for the benefit of the people and not for the benefit private corporations that manage them on behalf of the people.

We believe that this will involve well over 4 Million people across our country with a diverse variety of skills. It will involve training and the supply of huge quantities of materials.

This will be the foundation of the UBUNTU movement’s liberation of the people from financial tyranny. It is the seed that will produce sustainable prosperity on all levels and in every sector of our lives. These projects will propel us rapidly towards an UBUNTU society that does not depend on money and greed, but rather depends on cooperation of the people – doing the best for everyone in their localised communities and for the entire country.

All the old railway stations will be rebuilt and upgraded; deserted railroads will be restored, and every town and village will have an active railway system to serve the people. Old steam locomotives will be refurbished and displayed or used for recreational and sentimental purposes. We will restore and upgrade the once mighty railroad network of South Africa.

We see the railways as the main transport medium of the near future. It will also benefit the industrial sector, which in turn will benefit the people. Once we start this process of change for the benefit of the people, there is no stopping this machine of prosperity.

Every community will have the opportunity to get involved in the planning, designing and implementing the railway system in their community, the roads, ports and airports. It will also provide a large number of opportunities for those who love these industries to get involved on all levels within every city, town and community.

It provides an opportunity for the decentralisation of the overpopulated metro areas as people will be able to chose a town or community of their choice to settle in, while becoming involved in the roads, rail, ports and air travel public works with its many exciting activities.

Furthermore, these projects will require skills, materials and training that will spread out across our entire country, reaching every little village. It will be accompanied by the establishment of many associated industries like: Building materials and training of the people.

Every community will develop an appropriate building materials facility to be able to provide the necessary building materials for the projects. This will include steel works; metal works; stone works; cement; bricks, sand; saw mills; wood work; other natural sustainable materials and more.

Training of people in all the various skills in these areas will be an important aspect in the activation of the projects and continued success.  All this activity will also provide the local town developers and planners and architects and builders with the materials necessary to plan and upgrade the town layout with all its facilities for the greatest benefit of the people.

This will include housing, sport and recreation, art and culture, local industry, agriculture, energy supply and anything else the towns need to be self sufficient in all its requirements as far as possible. The objective is to provide immediate benefits to the people.

Many of the people involved in the transport sector such as the large taxi industry, will be involve in this transition process and will be given all the support they need to integrate and convert to other aspects of the giant support network around the roads, railways, harbours and airports. No one will be left out or neglected in the process – it has to be a comprehensive and inclusive process to benefit all the people everywhere.

Remember that this activity is not about making a fortune of money for a small group of people at the expense of the majority as it has always been in the past, but rather to see this as a transitional phase in which we all move towards the principles of UBUNTU – where we use less and less money, because most of our needs are provided and everyone has everything they need all of the time because that’s how it works.

Money will no longer be a hurdle to progress, or used as a tool to create scarcity. There is no need for hording or envy or lust and desire and theft or any other plagues of society today. Please see the section on Finance – to see how this will be funded and managed in the transition to a UBUNTU society without the need for money.

The model and the solution is basic and simple – do not allow those who do not understand it to complicate it and sow confusion.

The farmers provide the food, the engineers build the bridges, the teachers teach, the scientists provide the scientific solutions, the bakers bake, and so on. There is a place for everyone and everyone has everything they need all of the time without any worry about having to earn money.