Saturday, 11 August 2012

The World Is Trading Post of STUFF

UBUNTU Contributionism – provides the solution

Slowly but surely, our entire planet has been turned into an unbearable trading post. Just visualise all the millions of shops, kiosks, markets, stock exchanges, street vendors, restaurants, fast food outlets, etc... all with their shelves loaded with STUFF, trying to sell their STUFF to passers-by.

Millions of companies spend insane amounts of time, money and creative energy to design, manufacture and sell STUFF that they think and hope people will want to buy.

This is extended into the hospitality industries selling hotel rooms and holidays, scrumptious plates of food – WHY? Because the human slaves that work all year like worker ants deserve to take a break at the end of the year to spend all that MONEY that have been working so hard for, to lie on a beach on some exotic island to make them feel better about themselves.

What has happened to us?

We have become a planet of slaves that manufactures more and more STUFF every month for the slaves to buy and consume. STUFF we do not need nor want, but it gets made in any case with ever increasing gadgets, bells and whistles, because somebody somewhere thinks they can sell it to some unsuspecting person in order to make some MONEY out of the STUFF.
It is always a NEW & IMPROVED version of the same STUFF.

All this to keep us preoccupied and not realise that we are being conned into all this consumerism by those who control the flow of money and keep us enslaved by its glitter.
Billions of people buy billions of things every day that they don’t really need – but this is state of hypnotic numbness that we have been lured into so that we can continue to buy more stuff, so that we, the slaves keep rewarding ourselves with all this glitter and stuff.

In the meantime the planet is being mined more than ever before for every possible mineral and substance so that more stuff can be manufactured and traded so that those who control the flow of money can sell the unsuspecting humans more STUFF they don’t really need, to keep the flow of money and enslavement on the rise.

The incredible waste of people power and resources and materials that goes into keeping this monster alive is almost unimaginable.

IT HAS TO STOP – We have to free ourselves from this insanity.

Most people cannot imagine a way out of this mess – and yet there is a very simple way out. It is so simple that every ounce of logic shouts at us that it cannot possibly be so simple. Because our minds and hearts and souls have been poisoned so deeply by the controllers of money, that we cannot see the simple solutions.

Money is the obstacle and the cause of all the strife on EARTH. So the answer is quite simple – REMOVE THE MONEY and all the madness dissolves almost immediately.

Remember that the UBUNTU model allows for all things to be provided for free to all those who need to make stuff. So that everything is possible and available at any time to those who make and manufacture things.

So, instead of making and marketing STUFF to unsuspecting citizens, we should be creating products and things that the people need to firstly survive, then to prosper and then to achieve great things on all levels of society. It is quite simple actually – The UBUNTU Contributionism model provides the plan and blueprint for such a society.

Just imagine that all those shopkeepers, traders, vendors and salesmen were not trying to sell stuff that people don’t really need and want, but rather acted as PROVIDERS of things and services that communities needed to reach their highest potential.

Just imagine all the factories, and military manufacturers  that make all the things our minds can imagine and MORE – like cars, computers, nail clippers, bread, clothing, shoes, beds, bricks, milk, eggs, bread, free energy devices, and all other things communities need – were actually making it specifically for the communities that needed those items, and supplying scientists with things they needed to make great new breakthroughs all the time. Our world will be a place of UTOPIA. A real heaven on Earth that we have been denied of.

This is why small communities under a well integrated UBUNTU system will flourish in abundance. The will have everything they need and keep improving the lives of their citizens. Arts and culture will explode and consciousness will skyrocket with the freeing up of people’s minds.

It is not rocket science – it is quite simple to know what communities need and get it made or manufactured or produced for the community.

Let’s look at some basic examples. If there are 5000 people in the community, how many nail clippers do they need? How much shampoo do they use monthly?

How much butter do they need and how many litres of milk do they need daily?  

To place a computer or two into each household and into each factory and office is not an insurmountable problem any more.

How many beds do we need in the community?

Can you see the obvious approach to this STUFF problem?

And if money is no hurdle, then brands will not be a competitive problem either – manufacturers will share the latest knowhow and scientific technology to make the best possible products. I will deal with this aspect in a separate document because it is important to understand that EGO and GREED aspect of branding that has poisoned our minds and keeps us buying more stuff – new shiny metal and bells and whistles all the time.

Let us turn the factories and the traders into providers and distributors rather than just salesmen and vendors who want to make MONEY instead of providing for the needs of their communities.

Please watch this wonderful video clip called “The story of Stuff”  it will help to make a lot more sense. It is also under the VIDEO button on the website. 

Keep exploring and spread the word.
Michael Tellinger 
8 January 2011