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The Law - Our Legal System - Constitution

We, the people, are lead to believe that we live in a lawful society and that the legal structures are constantly evolving for the benefit of the people and the country as a whole. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Anyone who has ever had any experience with the legal justice system will know  that the system with all its laws and courts and bureaucracy, has nothing to do with protecting the people and dispensing justice and fairness. It is all about procedures; knowledge of court rules; and collecting money.

Even our Constitutional Court which is held in such high regard by many, is not truly there to help the people, since the majority of the people who experience gross and unimaginable hardship on a daily basis, do not have access to the Constitutional Court because of its complex rules, structures and procedures. The courts are supposed to be the people’s courts and everyone should have access all the time to get justice – this is not the case.

The founders of the UBUNTU Party have a great deal of experience trying to get justice for the people in various attempts to expose the unlawful activities of the banks, but in the process we discovered that the courts and the banks are inextricably linked, and that the courts seem to actually protect the banks.

YES – in the end, it is all about money. The majority of ordinary South Africans will never get any form of justice because they do not have money for lawyers and advocates to represent them in court. We do not have the knowledge of the infinitely complex rules that govern the procedures, or how documents are to be presented and “served”, and what may be argued and what may not be argued. This is not a justice system – it is a control system.

Corporations, that are fictional entities have more rights in our courts than  living, breathing human beings. New laws are being made and passed every week by the invisible lawmakers, without the knowledge of the people, constantly adding to the bottomless pit of complexity that will never benefit the people in any way.

It is a deeply unjust system aimed at keeping the masses under control and not allowing the people to get justice, but rather to create the impression that they do. This is completely unacceptable to any moral society who have a fundamental belief in integrity and fairness on all levels, and it needs to change with immediate effect to deliver true justice to the people – justice that we all deserve – justice that is ours to take and not to have to beg for.

The first laws applicable to human beings is Common Law with its three basic principles.

  1.  Do no other harm;
  2. Do not steal or take what is not yours;
  3. Conduct yourself honourably in all that you do.

But sadly this is not applied in our courts unless we stand up for our rights and demand it from the judges.

We live in Africa – we are all Africans. Why are we not using the wisdom of ancient African laws – of real justice and fairness to its people? Instead our laws and courts are ruled by Roman-Dutch Law that is outdated, out of place and so complex that it cannot be of any benefit to the people.

Our entire legal system is structured around commercial law, contract law and statutory law. These laws have nothing to do with common law and the rights of people, but rather the rights of corporations and fictional entities.

It is important to realise that each and every one of us has also been turned into a fictional entity, or a piece of paper, a “juristic person”, the moment we are given a birth (berth as in naval vessel) certificate or identification number, followed by a passport or an ID document that carries our picture linked to those numbers.

From that moment on, you have two entities. Your true self – a living breathing human being of flesh and blood and infinite soul, with inalienable rights that no one may take away from you; AND secondly – a piece of paper, often referred to as a “straw-man” or “juristic person” that is identified by a picture of you and an ID number of some sort.

The two are NOT the same, but all our lives we are lead to believe that they are one and the same and the human being is made responsible for the legal fiction that was attached to its being at birth and in a strange and complex legal way has become the property of the state who issued those numbers. You will notice that all your fictional entity legal documents carry your name spelled with CAPITAL LETTERS. This is the first mark of distinction to look out for.

It is crucial for everyone to truly grasp and comprehend this great deception that has been poured on all of us and we will expand on this in greater detail under a separate document that deals with our human sovereignty and absolute inalienable rights.

Our laws and court systems come from a slow evolving control structure of the royal political elite, and is based on Admiralty Law or Maritime Law. This is why we all have “passports” and we have things like “ownership, internship, partnership...” I hope you get the “drift”?

It involves  incredibly complex layers of deception so cunningly crafted over thousands of years that nobody can say that they truly understand it. Its main objective is to retain absolute control over the “vessels” or people, who believe they are free, but in fact are subjects owned by the king or the state.

Attached to this unimaginable and immaculate deception is the whole body of legal language that was designed to confuse and entrap trusting human beings. This is called by those in the know as “legalese”. These are words that mislead us and deceive us – but we all think we comprehend their meaning.

For example if any official figure of authority like a judge or a police officer ask you: “do you understand?” It really means “do you stand under my authority”. And if you agree, then they can do with you what they want, because you have submitted to their authority. It is truly a masterfully designed deception that makes us willingly submit to their authority.

The people deserve a legal system designed for the people by the people. In a world without money, such a legal system is very simple to comprehend. Because once we remove money from the system most of our troubles will magically vanish overnight.  Because money is the main cause for all our problems that keep us caught up running around in circles arguing about money, while all that energy could be used for providing abundance for the people.

Money is the major cause of crime and the seven deadly sins – our law as we know it, is the tool that keeps this merry-go-round going.

Almost every legal action in all of the courts of the world today can in some way be linked to money – we urge you to please think about this carefully. Because once you see this link, it become very easy to see the web of deceit that permeates the financial and legal systems we are trapped in.

The Courts, Judges and lawyers that act against the people in favour of the unlawful banks are committing crimes against the people of South Africa. How their crimes and actions will be dealt with under an UBUNTU system with new laws written by the people, is up to the people to decide.

The UBUNTU Party proposes a complete overhaul and rewriting the entire legal system that is created by the people for the people, based on the principles of Common Law.

The UBUNTU Party Plan Of Action:
  1. All existing laws that are in any way opposed to the will and the needs of the people will be abolished.
  2.  Everything that the people want to attain must be possible.
  3.  There shall be no one homeless; no one hungry; and no one sick without the best possible care.
  4. New laws and new governing structures will be created based on the will of the people on a local and national level;
  5. All Eurocentric, Roman, Dutch or any other laws that are not of the people – all the people irrespective of race or sex, will be abolished.
  6. The reintroduction of African tribal structures consisting of a council of elders will be implemented to manage and advise communities;
  7.  These Councils will be voted for and appointed by the people from each community, to represent the community and therefore respected by the community.
  8.  The Councils will be voted on by the community every year.
  9. These new councils of elders will adopt the fundamental principles of UBUNTU Contributionism to enhance their ability to rule and advise the people in their community.
  10. These Councils Of Elders will be available to deal with all the matters of the community – including legal issues. We will depend on the wisdom of the aged to guide and advise the people – not lawyers, advocates or judges who are out of touch with the real needs of the people.
  11. The governing structures will be decentralised and communities will have absolute control over their own affairs and well being, as long as it does not infringe on other communities around them, or undermine the greater well being of the nation as a whole.
  12. There will be a centralised Council of Elders that will be represented by a chosen elder from each community, province or district. These structures will be developed as we embrace and implement the simplicity of UBUNTU.
  13. Every man and woman shall have the right to stand as a candidate for all such councils or bodies that govern or make laws in their communities, but these wise elders will most likely be chosen by the people of each community because they are respected and not feared.
  14.  Remember that money will play no role in any of these activities and therefore cannot be used as a tool of extortion or bribery in any way – true justice will prevail.
  15. All people shall be entitled to take part in the administration of the country, town or community in accordance with the newly developed laws by the people and the appointed councils.
  16.  The rights of the people shall be the same, regardless of race, colour or sex;
  17. All the people and national groups will have equal rights.
  18. The unimaginable damage that has been brought against many of the ethnic groups like the Khoi , San and other people will be redressed and repaired.
  19.  Where possible, displaced people will be given back the land that was stolen from them by large corporations and government and given all the support they require to re-establish their indigenous way of life.
  20. Where this is not possible because of mining, farming or other activity, solutions will be found by the elders of those peoples, to redress the situation to their satisfaction.
  21.  The principle of UNITY will be the foundation of all communities and the national governing Council of Elders;
  22. Cooperation will be promoted – competition will disappear. Competition is a consequence of capitalism and consumerism and gluttony. In an UBUNTU society where money has no effect, the concept of competition is utterly alien.
  23.  All people shall have equal right to use their own languages, and to develop their own culture and customs as long as it does not infringe on the customs of others;
  24.  The diversity and beauty of our cultures and languages will be promoted and celebrated as widely as possible;
  25.  All national groups shall be protected by common law against insults to their race and national pride;
  26. There shall be no hierarchy or levels of superiority in any aspects of society, every person’s contribution will be valued as equally important as any other;
  27. All discriminatory laws and practices shall be set aside and will not be tolerated.
  28.  The use of money and wealth as tool of separation, segregation and discrimination will be abolished in all its forms.
  29.  The land belongs to all the people of South Africa and it must be used and developed for the benefit of all.
  30.  No government, political party, individual or corporation can claim ownership of the land or any part thereof;
  31.  Everyone has the right to a home of their own
  32. Every community will have the right to land that surrounds the community equivalent to the needs of the people, for self sufficiency and sustainability.
  33. Farmers will be given all the land they need to provide for the people of each community and other communities that cannot provide certain produce.
  34.  Land will be allocated to those who use it for the benefit of the community – not just the benefit of the few who currently own it.
  35.  This includes the land used by SAPPI, MONDI and other forestry companies that are using the land of the people for profit without any benefit to the people.
  36. Forestry companies will play a crucial part in the restructuring of towns and communities by providing the wood for much of the construction and other manufacturing needs.
  37.  These are living laws that will grow according to the needs of the people and the guidance of the Council of Elders of each community.
  38.  The foundation of all our new laws will be based on Unity Consciousness where every individual’s actions should contribute to the greater benefit of all in the community.
If it’s not good for everyone – it’s no good at all.
“Africa was once great – Let us make great again.”  Sanusi Credo Mutwa. Elder of integrity and wisdom - spiritual icon of millions around the world – living treasure.

Laws And Words That Enslave Us – Part 1

The Unlawful Deception
 “No one is more enslaved than those who believe they are free.” Anonymous
Our entire legal system is underpinned by Maritime or Admiralty Law, that very few people are even aware of and is guarded by the highest levels of our legal system. It is a great trick of deception that has been played on most of humanity keeping us entangled in a web of confusion about who we really are and our rights as living breathing human beings, while we are treated like numbers by our so-called authorities.

This is a deeply convoluted system that has been evolving for thousands of years. It has nothing to do with justice for the people but everything to do with the control over human beings who are all sovereign and have inalienable rights that they do not know about. It’s about keeping us ignorant so that we can continue to be treated like cargo and possessions.

Most of us are filled with utter shock and disbelief when we first stumble upon this information and many people choose to discard this. We urge you to read this carefully and then do your own research to verify what you find. Share this with everyone you know, because we can only free ourselves from the unlawful control of our people by becoming informed.

Knowledge is power. Let us use this knowledge to lead us toward enlightenment and free ourselves from the unlawful oppression and financial tyranny imposed on the people by a small number of individuals. Now that we know this, it is up to us to liberate ourselves.

Part 1:
Words ending in SHIP include ownership, custodianship, partnership, receivership and of course citizenship (see all 218 words here: The vast majority of these terms are used commercially because commerce originated from shipping merchants. Shipping merchants extended their rituals and practices from the sea onto the land.

This is why you must SHIP your furniture from Vegas to Texas, even though there is not a drop of water in sight. This is also why you need a passport to travel. There are even ports in the air, known as airports which are clear extensions of the laws and rituals of the sea. It is all about money and commerce. 

When driving on a road, one uses a left and right lane. These lanes are symbolic of shipping lanes. Strangely, common city streets have islands which need to be negotiated (like a ship negotiates difficult waters). The person sitting next to the driver is called a passenger. Passengers are paying people who are taken from one place to another on commercial vessels for money.

The assumption is made that you are always doing commerce when driving on a road. Commercial vessels need to insure their cargo. That is why passengers are insured because they are literally considered cargo. Who owns the cargo? Research this yourself to find out just how deep the rabbit hole goes. 

The word "person" means corporation and a person is therefore considered cargo. If a person cannot maintain their commercial integrity, the corporation sinks, the business cannot stay afloat and they are declared insolvent.

A solvent is a liquid in which something can be dissolved. If you have too many illiquid assets, you are insolvent. This is why the word liquidity is used in commercial affairs. Everything is about water and the sea because commercial laws of the sea is about commerce and cargo.
It’s about turning real solid things (on land) into liquid trading commodities (money, commercial paper and negotiable instruments). How the illiquid (the real assets) are linked to the liquid (money) is the most masterful of deceptions and why lawyers are paid huge amounts of money NOT to investigate this.

In summary, it works like this: unless you specify otherwise, YOU ARE THE STATE'S CARGO. However, if you specify to someone who has no idea what you are talking about (like a traffic officer) that you are not cargo, they will look at you very strangely.

See how clever this is: a ship berths in a canal, and its cargo is offloaded into a delivery room where it is accounted for by way of a certificate with a title. Certificates are evidence of commercial value (like a share certificate). 

Is it a coincidence that babies are also born from a birth canal in a delivery room? And a doctor then signs a manifest of live birth and issues a birth certificate in their name? The baby is then registered (the word register comes from Latin rex regus – “for the crown”) and it, the baby, now has a commercial value as property.

This property (cargo) has been gifted to the crown (ie. the government's estate). The state now has a vested commercial interest or share in the value of that property / cargo. That is why your human baby is stripped of all rights and given a commercial value to be traded as part of the national corporation.

Please see the evidence on our website that the SA Government is registered as a Corporation on the US/New York Securities Exchange – allowing it to sell the labour of its people into slavery to invisible shareholders around the world. 

If you take a look at your birth certificate, you will see that it does not say what you are (ie. a human being). However, if an animal is born, it gets a certificate specifying “bovine” or “feline” or “equine” or whatever the case may be. Put simply, when a human baby is born, a shadow corporation is formed in the baby’s name. The baby's name then becomes it's title. This cute little corporation only has those rights which the state chooses to give it.

Ask yourself - is a baby born with any natural rights at all (like the right to food and water?) Or does it only have those rights which are granted to it by the state? Well, the state can intervene at any time in the life and education of that child can it not? It can if the child is their precious cargo. This is why the state has the right to remove children from their parents at will, making any excuse it chooses as its legal reason.

Remember, a flesh and blood human being has no natural “legal” standing, only it's shadow corporation (or juristic person) does. This is why the word “human being” is not in Black’s Law Dictionary.

Black's Law Dictionary contains just about every word imaginable. However, if you want a definition of a human being, go back to 1930 and read Ballentines Law dictionary. Next to Human Being it says: “see monster.” I am not kidding.

Ships require navigational instruments to negotiate through rough waters. Instruments used to negotiate the seas of commercial law are negotiable instruments and are used as money. Banks do not use ‘money’, they work with negotiable instruments like Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes – NOT Money. Money is a fancy word used to keep people happy on the other side of the counter.

Just like ships use negotiable instruments, so do merchants (bankers, lawyers and judges) use negotiable instruments between themselves. This is why they always threaten to take a “course of action.” This is very important because if you understand negotiable instruments, the banking and court system begins to unravel and make sense.

For example, a “draft” is not a pint of beer. A draft is a bill of exchange which is an order to pay money. An order to pay money, like a promise to pay money, in a world where money is not backed by any physical resource is, quite literally, the money itself.
(In memory of Dr. Johan Joubert, who dedicated his life to bring us this volume of research and knowledge.)

Laws And Words That Enslave Us – Part 2

The government is itself a legal person or juristic person which means that it is a corporation. Please see the evidence on our website that the SA Government is registered as a Corporation on the US/New York Securities Exchange – allowing it to sell the labour of its people into slavery to invisible shareholders around the world. 

The only asset this corporation really has is its people (a collection of persons). This property (the people) must be given a value so it can be used as collateral to make loans, so they need to calculate how and what they can repay.

The word repay does NOT mean to pay something back. It simply means to pay something over and over and over again. Be careful of this word "repay" for it is very tricky.

A census gives the government the data it needs to calculate how much its property is worth. This is how countries are able borrow money. They borrow, and use the people as surety to pay it back. In actual fact they do not borrow money because money is created by central banks out of thin air.

Remember, the word loan in the legal sense does not mean loan as you and I know it. This word lies at the root of an incredible deception. Banks to not make loans, they extend credit. The difference is vital to the future of the world at a very pivotal time in history. 

Natural resources belong to the real human people of the land. However, real human people are not recognised in commercial law, only their legal person / corporation is recognised. The real human being was tricked into giving up all their rights when the berth of their vessel (corporation) was registered with a birth certificate.

Therefore, the land and natural resources have been gifted (presented) to a corporation who acts on their behalf. Yes, the government of a country is a corporation and yes, it is registered as such.

To be part to the government corporation, one must first pledge ones allegiance to it. Nobody in their right mind would ever pledge their allegiance to the government, at least not knowingly. Of course it should be the other way around. When you pledge your allegiance to something, you admit that it is more powerful than you and therefore you grant it authority over you. In other words, you are a submissive slave.

Here is the key: look up the definition of a “citizen” in Black’s Law Dictionary. It is defined as one who pledges their allegiance to the state in return for benefits and privileges. If you are in the army, you were given the privilege of going home for a weekend. However, that privilege could be revoked at any time.

It is the same with citizenship. You were tricked into giving up your natural rights in favour of benefits and privileges granted by a superior authority. You are now a corporate entity subordinate to another corporation, the state / government. The state is, of course, subordinate to whomever it owes money to: ie. the central banks. In the end, it all comes down to the banks.

So then, are you a citizen of your country? Of course you are. Too bad.  

In case you are still confused, a citizen of a country is property of that country, by way of: 1) a birth certificate; and 2) voluntary citizenship registration. If you join the military, you are no longer an ordinary citizen and are now part of a new legion. In essence they have been re-legioned. Churches used to have a completely separate legal standing called piae causa. Fascinating.
If you cannot pay a debt, you will need to appear before a Judge in a court. In the old days, priests and ship captains could marry people. Commercial judges can therefore be associated to priests and ships’ captains which is why they can preside over commercial affairs and why black robes are worn.

Judges in the high court are called “my Lord” and everyone is expected to bow down to them. Take a look at any court document and you will see parties literally praying for judgment from the lord on the podium. This entire system is a cleverly disguised ritualistic sequence designed by those who created this legal control for us. But we are waking up to its lies and deceptions.
What is the similarity between a church prayer and legal prayer? In both cases, you are voluntarily submitting to a higher authority. Everything that goes on in commercial law is about submission. Every court document you submit and sign is purely about getting you to submit to a higher authority.

When you appear in court, you are required to stand in a dock (another shipping term). But first, you need to enter through a small fence called a bar. This fence, often with a little gate, represents coming aboard a ship. You are now in maritime admiralty law and are no longer bound by the natural or common law of the land.

When lawyers pass the bar exam, they are able operate above board (another shipping term) as a registered officer. This is opposed to being below board which is where the cargo, slaves and criminals are kept. The holding cells in the courts are often below the floor level and the accused are brought up above board into the doc.

When you place your signature on a piece of paper, the line below your signature represents the horizon line and below that line is your name (usually in capital letters). You have just been tricked into relegating yourself from a flesh and blood human being living on the Earth endowed with Creator-given natural rights (represented by your signature), to that of mere cargo / property / chattel / slave / criminal, and you are now bound by the terms and conditions of that agreement.

In the law of the sea (maritime or commercial law), all cargo must be labelled with a name and a title. Do you have a name and a title? (eg. Mr, Mrs, Miss, etc.) Yes. You are property.
Try this: try signing all agreements with the words "all rights reserved" below your signature. This tiny little act will create absolute havoc. Why? Because you are stating that YOU HAVE RIGHTS. Heaven forbid you should have rights.
(In memory of Dr. Johan Joubert, who dedicated his life to bring us this volume of research and knowledge.)

Laws And Words That Enslave Us – Part 3

The “money” that you are forced to use by the banks and the money that the banks use themselves are different. Banks use promissory notes and bills of exchange, and all this is clearly outlined in the Uniform Commercial Code. (Other countries including India, Australia, the UK and South Africa use the Bills of exchange Act).

This is what money is – pieces of paper with signatures on them. The Bills of Exchange Act  which originates from the UK, is common to almost every country in the world. For example, an inchoate instrument is defined across the globe as any blank piece of paper containing a signature. An inchoate instrument can be filled up as a bill of exchange to the value of any amount. Be careful what you sign.

Both UCC and the Bills of Exchange Act, talks about “capacity to contract.” Look at the words: Capacity (a volume of liquid/ity) to contract (to shrink back to zero). You can contract any bill because our “money” is no longer backed by any physical resource.

Think about the concept of capital. The president of the United States (which is actually a trading name, the corporation name is actually the “Virginia Company”) lives on “Capitol Hill”. Every country has a “capital.” All things capital (like capital letters) relate to all things commercial and that means everything comes down to money.

The Romans had three classes of people: capitis dimunitio maxima, capitis dimunitio media and capitis dimunitio minima. You can read all about this in Black’s Law Dictionary. Slaves are capitis dimnutio maxima (maximum loss of rights).

Slaves had their names spelt in capital letters. Grave stones have names spelt in capital letters because they are legally dead. Clever reading and understanding the Cestui Que Vie Trust Act of 1666,  which was passed while everyone was focusing their attention on the Great Fire of London, declared everyone legally dead.

The assets of all the dead people were put into a trust and are held by the state. This still applies today – you do not own property, you only think you do. Read your title deed carefully, it says that the state reserves all its rights. Are you dead? Yes, which is why your name is spelt in block capitals on all legal documents.

Have a look at how any diplomat has his official name spelled: half his name is in capital letters and half his name is lower case. This is capitis dimunitio media and refers to medium loss of rights.

When slaves won their freedom, they were given a title. The slaves were very happy, but they had no idea that their title simply meant “slave.” This just highlights the important aspect of all of this convoluted Language is used to deceive humanity.

More evidence that death abounds in the legal and banking word can be seen in the word ‘mortgage’, which, like the word ‘mortuary’ is related to death. Even the word ‘attorney’ comes from the word ‘attorn’, which means to take from one person and give to another, while keeping a nice chunk for yourself of course.

Attorneys cannot see, they can only hear because everything must be in writing which is why you have a court hearing, not a court seeing. We can therefore confidently state that justice is blind. In fact, the entire court room is contained in the piece of paper – the contract.
In court, contract is everything. Writing is the language of the corporation because in the past when these clever tricks were established, very few people could read or write. When they learnt to read and write, the legal language was still very different to the language used on the street, even though the words sounded the same.

The legal and banking world is completely two dimensional with no heart and no soul. Certain judges have the power to grant remedy, but even their hands are tied because they are playing out an act. They are bound by the script of the act (the statutes) and there is not much room for improvisation.

You will notice that Judges always operate in honour. They are always referred to as being “honourable.” But being “in honour” and being “with honour” are completely different. This is one of the many misnomers about legal language. Legal words and English words are NOT THE SAME THING.

Honour simply means “balanced books” or that the “debts are paid.” The Judge is a banker and his books are always balanced. Another classic example is the word “security” which does NOT mean what you think it means. Security is more or less the pledge on a negotiable instrument.

You pledge your “security” to the instrument so the instrument (or debt) is then  “secured.” A secured instrument is one where a “person” puts in their sweat and energy into insuring that it gets honoured (paid).

Remember, the Judge sits on a bench and the root origin of the word “bench” comes from the Latin word “banca” because merchant bankers would sit on a bench in the market places. If they were caught cheating, the naughty banker would have their bench smashed in public and from that they forth they were bankrupt.

Judges are always in honour, because to be in dis-honour would mean to be insolvent. Judges books are always balanced / their debts are always paid because they represent the bank. A bank's books must, by definition, always be balanced (which is yet more proof that they do not really loan money). 

You will learn this when you learn about banking – the bank is merely a debit / credit computer system that operates on your instruction. When you wake up and realise that you can instruct the bank differently, and enough people do it as well, then everything will shift. It’s all about knowledge and enlightenment – this is our pledge to the people of South Africa.
(In memory of Dr. Johan Joubert, who dedicated his life to bring us this volume of research and knowledge.)

Laws And Words That Enslave Us – Part 4

The word act is a very interesting term. An act is something that is played out on a stage. Shakespeare said “all the world’s a stage, the men and women merely players.” This could not be more literal and the royal political elite who understood the full meaning, must have laughed out loud when they heard it.

Today, when an act of parliament is signed, it then becomes just that, an act. Of course none of the people or the police who enforce this have any idea that this is a complete game of charades and that they are mere instruments enforcing an unlawful act against their own people.

You may wonder why you always have to sign contracts in black ink. The usual argument is that it is easier to see, but that is utter nonsense. The more logical answer is that only wet ink (original) signatures have value as negotiable instruments. When these structures were originally implemented the colour of the ink was black.

When your instruments (ie. documents containing your signature) are traded amongst the lawyers and bankers, they must use the ‘black’ wet ink signature. They endorse it (sign it) over to other parties in exchange for other kinds of money. This happens behind the scenes to your bank loans all the time.

Banks are selling our signature on the negotiable instruments that we sign into the derivatives market and we have no idea that this is going on. We actually think that we owe the bank money which is why we continue to pay them every month. Think about the word repayment. Does it mean to “pay back something you have borrowed” or does it mean to keep re-paying, over and over again?

By using black ink, it is very difficult to know where the original actually is. Some banks in the USA have been caught forging signatures on mortgage documents so that they could foreclose on people’s houses. There was a big expose on 60 minutes about this.

Black ink also has a more sinister connotation. It represents death. Black robes in court represent death because they are not dealing with real people, they are dealing with corporations, or characters in a play. That is why we are called a legal character, legal fiction, or juristic person which is not a human being, but the title of a corporation or a stage name.
It is also another reason why you have a court hearing and not a court seeing and why justice is blind. The symbol for justice is the goddess “Themis” who is blindfolded. Why would the symbol for justice be a blindfolded goddess? Why even use a goddess at all? This is part of the ancient ritual that is continued and upheld today without anyone being aware of it. Most people believe that only the ancient cultures had rituals relating to gods and goddesses. They are wrong in their belief.

Put simply, if you sign a contract, you are relegating yourself to be subordinate to a higher authority. However, even the word contract is misleading. A contract used as a noun is merely an agreement. The verb, to contract, means to get smaller, like a balloon contracts when the air comes out.

Because our currency (current/sea) is no longer backed by gold or any other natural resource, the only reason it stays afloat (like a business is floated before it sinks), it is therefore backed only by the confidence of the people.

That means, the people have the full, unalienable right to contract (the verb) any agreement and bring the amount owing (pledged, or promised) back to zero. Yes, you heard correctly, you have the power, using your signature, to eliminate any debt that exists in the world today.
(In memory of Dr. Johan Joubert, who dedicated his life to bring us this volume of research and knowledge.)