Saturday, 11 August 2012

Politics and Global Crime

(Please read this before you dive into the extensive articles about the Bush Crime Family.)

Part of growing in consciousness involves growing in knowledge. The new information that we acquire allows us to formulate new thoughts, that I sometimes call higher thoughts, which we cannot formulate without the missing knowledge or information. Many people use the expression "what a load of rubbish... I have never heard of that" as an argument to disprove the existence of something. Well, "I've never heard of that" is not a scientific argument, but rather an admission that the person does not know anything about that subject and is simply ignorant.

So, on this subject of how politicians and governments control the global crime syndicates, which is quite new to many, we have to clearly state that most major political leaders of the world belong to very well organised crime syndicates which are all linked to the Illuminati and the Royal Political Bloodlines that control the flow of money and with this tool they control the world.

This is how they have orchestrated the revolutions, the wars and the terror attacks like 9/11 and many others. Through the media they keep us indoctrinated; the pharmaceutics keep us sick; and the expensive electricity keeps us dependent.

Through the suppression of natural energetic healing techniques that can cure all disease they keep us sick. Many are still unaware that vaccines are not there to help us but to fill our bodies and children with genetically modified viruses and bacteria that become activated by certain external factors giving rise to the most horrific diseases. The cure for all disease has been found long ago, but this will never be allowed to reach the masses under the current capitalistic global system.

The pharmaceutical giants are the watchdogs for the governments to ensure that new REAL cures do not reach the people. Most the vaccines available today are mass culling tools released on the global population. The governments and their pharmaceutical companies are the real killers of people. Remember that the pharmaceutical companies with their "legal drugs" kill more people annually than all the wars, terrorism, crime, car accidents, and pretty much most other human activities do combined.

And finally, the energy giants have obviously kept all free-energy devices and other amazing gravity-free devices well out of sight and made very sure that no new technology has been allowed to filter into society since the discovery of the alternating current and the steam engine over 150 years ago. As hard as this may be to admit, we still live in the steam age.
The war on terror and the war on drugs is carefully managed by the governments and their political allies in the form of giant corporations, and constantly used as a tool to create fear among the people. This is not something we can just shove under the carpet and forget. We need to inform and educate global citizens about this so that it acts as a catalyst to lean more and grow in knowledge and subsequently consciousness.

The higher our collective consciousness as the human race, the easier it becomes to embrace the UBUNTU Contributionism principles and move towards working from a point of UNITY.
This body of information always comes as a shock to those who hear this for the first time. If you are new to this information, all I can say is open your eyes and learn... set aside any arrogance and ego and realise that all of us are constantly learning. Let this information enlighten you and give you the courage to continue on the path of enlightenment and growing in consciousness.

Keep exploring
Michael Tellinger
20 January 2011