Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Laws And Words That Enslave Us – Part 4

The word act is a very interesting term. An act is something that is played out on a stage. Shakespeare said “all the world’s a stage, the men and women merely players.” This could not be more literal and the royal political elite who understood the full meaning, must have laughed out loud when they heard it.

Today, when an act of parliament is signed, it then becomes just that, an act. Of course none of the people or the police who enforce this have any idea that this is a complete game of charades and that they are mere instruments enforcing an unlawful act against their own people.

You may wonder why you always have to sign contracts in black ink. The usual argument is that it is easier to see, but that is utter nonsense. The more logical answer is that only wet ink (original) signatures have value as negotiable instruments. When these structures were originally implemented the colour of the ink was black.

When your instruments (ie. documents containing your signature) are traded amongst the lawyers and bankers, they must use the ‘black’ wet ink signature. They endorse it (sign it) over to other parties in exchange for other kinds of money. This happens behind the scenes to your bank loans all the time.

Banks are selling our signature on the negotiable instruments that we sign into the derivatives market and we have no idea that this is going on. We actually think that we owe the bank money which is why we continue to pay them every month. Think about the word repayment. Does it mean to “pay back something you have borrowed” or does it mean to keep re-paying, over and over again?

By using black ink, it is very difficult to know where the original actually is. Some banks in the USA have been caught forging signatures on mortgage documents so that they could foreclose on people’s houses. There was a big expose on 60 minutes about this.

Black ink also has a more sinister connotation. It represents death. Black robes in court represent death because they are not dealing with real people, they are dealing with corporations, or characters in a play. That is why we are called a legal character, legal fiction, or juristic person which is not a human being, but the title of a corporation or a stage name.

It is also another reason why you have a court hearing and not a court seeing and why justice is blind. The symbol for justice is the goddess “Themis” who is blindfolded. Why would the symbol for justice be a blindfolded goddess? Why even use a goddess at all? This is part of the ancient ritual that is continued and upheld today without anyone being aware of it. Most people believe that only the ancient cultures had rituals relating to gods and goddesses. They are wrong in their belief.

Put simply, if you sign a contract, you are relegating yourself to be subordinate to a higher authority. However, even the word contract is misleading. A contract used as a noun is merely an agreement. The verb, to contract, means to get smaller, like a balloon contracts when the air comes out.

Because our currency (current/sea) is no longer backed by gold or any other natural resource, the only reason it stays afloat (like a business is floated before it sinks), it is therefore backed only by the confidence of the people.

That means, the people have the full, unalienable right to contract (the verb) any agreement and bring the amount owing (pledged, or promised) back to zero. Yes, you heard correctly, you have the power, using your signature, to eliminate any debt that exists in the world today.
(In memory of Dr. Johan Joubert, who dedicated his life to bring us this volume of research and knowledge.)