Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Laws And Words That Enslave Us – Part 2

The government is itself a legal person or juristic person which means that it is a corporation. Please see the evidence on our website that the SA Government is registered as a Corporation on the US/New York Securities Exchange – allowing it to sell the labour of its people into slavery to invisible shareholders around the world.

The only asset this corporation really has is its people (a collection of persons). This property (the people) must be given a value so it can be used as collateral to make loans, so they need to calculate how and what they can repay.
The word repay does NOT mean to pay something back. It simply means to pay something over and over and over again. Be careful of this word "repay" for it is very tricky.

A census gives the government the data it needs to calculate how much its property is worth. This is how countries are able borrow money. They borrow, and use the people as surety to pay it back. In actual fact they do not borrow money because money is created by central banks out of thin air.

Remember, the word loan in the legal sense does not mean loan as you and I know it. This word lies at the root of an incredible deception. Banks to not make loans, they extend credit. The difference is vital to the future of the world at a very pivotal time in history. 

Natural resources belong to the real human people of the land. However, real human people are not recognised in commercial law, only their legal person / corporation is recognised. The real human being was tricked into giving up all their rights when the berth of their vessel (corporation) was registered with a birth certificate.

Therefore, the land and natural resources have been gifted (presented) to a corporation who acts on their behalf. Yes, the government of a country is a corporation and yes, it is registered as such.To be part to the government corporation, one must first pledge ones allegiance to it. 

Nobody in their right mind would ever pledge their allegiance to the government, at least not knowingly. Of course it should be the other way around. When you pledge your allegiance to something, you admit that it is more powerful than you and therefore you grant it authority over you. In other words, you are a submissive slave.

Here is the key: look up the definition of a “citizen” in Black’s Law Dictionary. It is defined as one who pledges their allegiance to the state in return for benefits and privileges. If you are in the army, you were given the privilege of going home for a weekend. However, that privilege could be revoked at any time.

It is the same with citizenship. You were tricked into giving up your natural rights in favour of benefits and privileges granted by a superior authority. You are now a corporate entity subordinate to another corporation, the state / government. The state is, of course, subordinate to whomever it owes money to: ie. the central banks. In the end, it all comes down to the banks.

So then, are you a citizen of your country? Of course you are. Too bad.  
In case you are still confused, a citizen of a country is property of that country, by way of: 1) a birth certificate; and 2) voluntary citizenship registration. If you join the military, you are no longer an ordinary citizen and are now part of a new legion. In essence they have been re-legioned

Churches used to have a completely separate legal standing called piae causa. Fascinating.
If you cannot pay a debt, you will need to appear before a Judge in a court. In the old days, priests and ship captains could marry people. Commercial judges can therefore be associated to priests and ships’ captains which is why they can preside over commercial affairs and why black robes are worn.

Judges in the high court are called “my Lord” and everyone is expected to bow down to them. Take a look at any court document and you will see parties literally praying for judgment from the lord on the podium. This entire system is a cleverly disguised ritualistic sequence designed by those who created this legal control for us. But we are waking up to its lies and deceptions.
What is the similarity between a church prayer and legal prayer? In both cases, you are voluntarily submitting to a higher authority. Everything that goes on in commercial law is about submission. Every court document you submit and sign is purely about getting you to submit to a higher authority.

When you appear in court, you are required to stand in a dock (another shipping term). But first, you need to enter through a small fence called a bar. This fence, often with a little gate, represents coming aboard a ship. You are now in maritime admiralty law and are no longer bound by the natural or common law of the land.

When lawyers pass the bar exam, they are able operate above board (another shipping term) as a registered officer. This is opposed to being below board which is where the cargo, slaves and criminals are kept. The holding cells in the courts are often below the floor level and the accused are brought up above board into the doc.

When you place your signature on a piece of paper, the line below your signature represents the horizon line and below that line is your name (usually in capital letters). You have just been tricked into relegating yourself from a flesh and blood human being living on the Earth endowed with Creator-given natural rights (represented by your signature), to that of mere cargo / property / chattel / slave / criminal, and you are now bound by the terms and conditions of that agreement.

In the law of the sea (maritime or commercial law), all cargo must be labelled with a name and a title. Do you have a name and a title? (eg. Mr, Mrs, Miss, etc.) Yes. You are property.
Try this: try signing all agreements with the words "all rights reserved" below your signature. This tiny little act will create absolute havoc. Why? Because you are stating that YOU HAVE RIGHTS. Heaven forbid you should have rights.

(In memory of Dr. Johan Joubert, who dedicated his life to bring us this volume of research and knowledge.)