Monday, 13 August 2012

Inform Yourself

Part of our mission with the UBUNTU Contributions System (UBUNTU Party) is to provide information and research material to our supporters, members and everyone else, to allow people everywhere to get informed about what is really going on.
There are important developments in the field of science, technology, energy, astronomy, genetics, engineering, and many other areas, that should have a very large and positive impact on our lives. But many ordinary people who do not spend time on research in these areas are simply not aware of such exciting developments.
Unfortunately these breakthroughs are also accompanied by the constant cover-ups by governments and other multinational bodies who have an agenda to keep many of these discoveries from the eyes of the public. Free ENERGY is just one such example.
It is important to realise that the governments around the world are not friends of the people. They are infinitely loyal to the large corporations who keep them in power. This means they are constantly hiding knowledge and important information about research and scientific breakthrough from the people.  The standard protocol is to classify such information as “need to know information”.
Well if we are the people who voted the government into power to do the best for us – the people, then we surely have a need to know what they are doing with our research.
Their agenda is to keep the masses ignorant about what is really going on and they use the media very successfully to achieve this.
We, at The UBUNTU Contribution System, also have an AGENDA. Our agenda is to share as much information and knowledge with the people to allow each one of us to stay informed. So please refer to our RESEARCH section on this website on a regular basis and inform yourself of what is really going on in the world.
Knowledge is power. An informed public will know when their leaders are not truthful.