Friday, 31 August 2012

How The Federal Reserve Spent $26 Trillion To Save Rich Banksters

John Hively exposes the $26 Trillion that was secretly paid to bail out the corrupt banksters.

People need to realise that all the reserve banks around the world operate on the same corrupt basis. They betray their own people, lie to them and create unimaginable financial misery with deceitful activities that nobody is aware of and they are all protected by corrupt courts and Judges. And we, the people, all have to pay for it. These are all crimes against humanity and it should be up to the people in a free society to decide how to deal with the criminal BANKSTERS and the courts that support them. There is a new calling in the world - Occupy The Corrupt Corporate Courts

"There’s something significantly more to this scandal and it goes something like this. But first, we need a definition.

A credit default swap is an insurance policy, usually provided on bonds backed by home mortgages. According to some sources, there were $60+ trillion worth of these insurance policies at the beginning of the housing collapse in the summer of 2006.
You didn’t need to own any of these bonds to insure them. It’s the same as being able to insure your neighbor’s house, without their knowledge, even if you don’t know the owner. Needless to say, you’d have a fair degree of incentive to burn your neighbor’s house down.

Institutions such as Goldman Sachs and a ton of unregulated investment firms called hedge funds took out insurance policies on mortgage backed bonds. These people were betting the market would collapse. They were right, even though some of them were selling the bonds up to the housing collapse and even a little after it began, even while telling hapless and really stupid (but wealthy) investors what wonderful investments the bonds were."