Sunday, 26 August 2012

Health – Hospitals – Pharmaceutics

It is obvious for all to see that the health sector in South Africa is in a deep crisis. Our public hospitals are a disgrace and an insult to the people they are supposed to serve. This is not what the people want nor what we deserve and not what we pay tax for.

Our hospitals are under staffed, badly equipped and a sad reflection of the commitment to delivery by our servants, the government. Ordinary people cannot get any real professional treatment or care at most of our hospitals. This situation is completely unacceptable.

The health of our society and our people starts with a new understanding about what disease really is and how all disease can be treated. Those in the know and those who have done research into this critical aspect of society, are aware that the cure for all disease has been discovered many times over by great minds of the past and present. One of the most famous cases in recent times was Royal Raymond Rife, who in 1931 was credited by the USA medical society as “the man who found the cure for all disease”. Please read more about this on our website and other websites to inform yourselves.

But just like in the petroleum industry, those who make such discoveries are silenced, bribed or even killed to prevent their discoveries reaching the people on a mass scale. The major drug companies have become the distributors of death –NOT cures.

Once you start to discover the incredible deceit and cover-ups of the pharmaceutical industry, it is almost too shocking to believe. We urge you to stay strong and focused because the revelations in this sector are some of the most evil deeds that anyone could have imagined.  It amounts to nothing less than a total onslaught on humanity by the drug companies who are supported by our leaders. These actions are in fact crimes against humanity and need to be exposed to everyone as quickly as possible.

It is very simple – drug companies have no interest in curing people, because if they did, they would go out of business. And the drug business is probably the most lucrative business on this planet. The drug companies profiteer and rake in trillions of dollars from keeping people sick and re-selling them drugs over and over again. It is a simple formula that works better every year and most of us ordinary people believe that they are doing the best they can to find cures for our diseases.

The treatment of cancer alone is a billion dollar industry for these corporations and they will not allow a cure to get in their way. There are thousands of doctors, traditional healers and alternative healers who work on the fringes of the medical industry, successfully treating and curing people every day.

These heroes of our society are treating cancer, aids, tuberculosis, diabetes, and many other so-called incurable diseases, while our servant, the government, is doing everything in their power to stop them from continuing. The mainstream media hardly ever reports on these success stories accurately but rather reduces these brilliant healers to backroom quacks who are playing with people’s lives. This is just a lack of education on the part of our journalists.

Traditional healers have been marginalised and prevented from healing people by new laws and regulations that restrict their access to certain herbs and natural treatments. Every self-respecting doctor will tell you about the health benefits of Marijuana (THC). It is a natural herb that is one of the most effective cures for many diseases, but is constantly turned into an evil drug by the so-called authorities while, legal drugs kill millions of people every year without ever being questioned.

The incredible success that has been demonstrated with vibrational and frequency healing, as well as stem cell treatments, have been covered up and kept out of reach of the people.  This is all done as part of a large agenda to keep people sick and our minds poisoned. Many natural plants and herbs that have been used by healers for thousands of years are systematically made illegal by our governments – why?  

Over the past 100 years, drug companies did the following: They began to identify the active ingredient in plants and herbs that have been used as natural cures for thousands of years. Then they extracted these active ingredients and began to create them synthetically in their laboratories, while at the same time making sure that the original plants were made unavailable or even banned. Then they patented the active ingredient under a new name, giving them virtually complete control of that sector of treatment.

Furthermore, it is a fact that we are being poisoned on a daily basis by virtually everything we consume from the mass food and drug companies that fill the shelves in the supermarkets. The preservatives, flavourants, colourants, sweeteners, and many other secret ingredients that are given strange names like E211 and so on, are mostly toxic to our bodies. The hormones in our beef and chicken have a long list of lasting negative effects on humans.

A study at Harvard University has shown that Fluoride is a neurotoxin that causes severe I.Q. depression. It does NOT help prevent cavities. This was one of the greatest deceptions unleashed on humanity.

Aspartame, that is used as a sweetener in most restaurants, is a powerful neurotoxin with much research and evidence to support this, and yet it has become one of the most widely used poisons in all the sugar-free soft drinks slowly poisoning our minds and killing our ability to think clearly. The government bodies like the FDA in the USA and MCC in South Africa are well aware of this and yet they do nothing about it.

Overwhelming evidence shows that vaccines are not really cures for flu and chicken pox, but rather voluntary injections of a cocktail of genetically engineered drugs that trigger a variety of diseases at various points in our lives. We have become the lambs that walk to our own slaughter by accepting vaccines in our naive ignorance. This is why our governments have made it compulsory to vaccinate our children and why children will not be admitted to school unless they have been vaccinated.

Monsanto’s genetically modified foods and the fertilisers and chemicals they force our farmers to use have been causing a growing number of related health problems. It is now very clear that humanity is under attack by unscrupulous giant corporations involved in keeping us sick.

As unthinkable as this may be to most of us, it is a simple plan by those that implement it, and it has worked very well for a long time, while many people still defend these actions in their ignorance. Please see the various links to documents and research to inform yourself – ignorance will get you nowhere and keep you thinking that you are free.

UBUNTU Plan of Action.
  1.  Every community, town or village will have the most sophisticated hospital, trauma unit, emergency facility, treatment and healing centre imaginable. We call these ‘healing centres’ because we do actually expect to heal and cure people instead of just sustaining them and curing the symptoms.
  2.  Every existing hospital or clinic will be upgraded to meet these requirements and the needs of the people immediately.
  3.  These Healing Centres will be large enough to service their community with ease and never run the risk of being unable to meet the demand of their community.
  4.  Healing Centres will be designed and adapted differently from our current hospitals to create the necessary environments that promote healing in every way.
  5.   The Healing Centres will be well staffed with healers from diverse backgrounds to promote the growth of new and alternative healing and not just the currently accepted methods.
  6.   The Healing Centres will also be used as training centres, where those interested in the healing will learn hands on by the healers in every field.
  7. Birthing Centres will be established in every community and treated as separate from Healing Centres. Because giving birth is not a disease.
  8. The UBUNTU Party will declare all questionable activities by the drug companies  unlawful with immediate effect.
  9. We will appoint a new independent  group of medical scientists and researchers, supported with the most advanced equipment and technology, to investigate all existing drugs whether legal or illegal, and give the people a new scientific perspective on the positive or negative effects of these substances.
  10.  All traditional healers, and alternative healers, Sangomas and Shaman,  will be given all the respect they deserve in their service to the people they treat.
  11. We will promote the work of traditional healers and alternative healers who have been marginalised and belittled by the medical and drug industry for their own financial benefit.
  12.  Give all the support necessary for the cultivation and production of plants and herbs to support the traditional healers, homeopaths and others.
  13.  Every Healing Centre will have a research laboratory attached to it where our brilliant scientists can do ongoing research into a diverse areas of healing.
  14.   Any new discovery will be shared with the people of South Africa and the world immediately and not kept as a secret to benefit only a few.
  15.   We will vigorously support extensive research into vibrational and frequency healing made famous by Raymond Rife and others.
  16. We will vigorously support the development and use of Stem Cell treatment – because our research has shown that stem cell treatment has already been successfully used in curing virtually all disease, including the growing of organs and even severed limbs. This has been one of the best kept secrets of the drug cartels.
  17.  Communities will have the freedom to determine what they need in this area, based on their own experience and agreed to by the Council of Elders in each community. These decisions will be activated immediately giving the people of the community all the tools necessary to deliver, build or grow whatever the community has decided.