Tuesday, 28 August 2012


All the fishing towns, communities and villages, have been severely affected by government policies that have prevented thousands of fisherman from fishing and providing for their families. The current policies have destroyed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Fishermen all along our coastline are being fined and arrested for trying to make a living and keep their families alive.

These inhumane policies have opened the doors to international fishing corporations that deplete our coastlines of fish, destroying the ecosystem, and do not benefit the people of South Africa in any way. They export our fish while making billions of Rands profit for international shareholders, while our people go hungry or are put in jail for trying to survive from the sea.

These current policies protect the rights of the corporations and destroy the lives of honest, hard working human beings. Once again this indicates that the rights international corporations are protected vigorously while the rights of humans are being destroyed. Our Bill of Rights is not worth the paper it is written on.
This unlawful and unconstitutional activity will be reversed immediately by the UBUNTU Party and our fisherman and marine experts will play an equally important role alongside the farmers to provide food for the people in abundance and beyond our wildest imagination. This is very simple to achieve by those who know how – not politicians.

The fishermen will be seen as the heroes of the land because they provide a crucially important part of our diet while protecting and maintaining our beautiful coastline.

Plan of Action
  1.  Every coastal town, city and village will play a crucial role in the fisheries sector.
  2.   This will also include other fish farms and fish breeding areas, like trout farms, crocodile breeding and others, that are not necessarily on the coast.
  3.  This activity will include fishing, research, conservation, breeding, packaging, shipping and other activities that will become necessary as this sector becomes reactivated and new needs are identified by the fishing communities and the people they supply.
  4.   As with the farming sector, the Ubuntu Party will give the people involved all the technical support required and provide all the tools and expertise necessary to allow this sector to grow rapidly and deliver according to the needs of the people. Not the needs of international shareholders.
  5.  We will provide marine biologists, scientist, researchers, breeders, conservationists and more to maximise the success of the fisheries and related sectors on all levels.
  6. There will be an immediate ban on any foreign trawlers or fishing boats of any kind within the coastal waters of South Africa, while restoring our ecosystem and providing food for the people.
  7.  The coastal towns will be encouraged to diversify and start to produce all kinds of marine and fresh water produce that was previously not financially viable. Since money is not going to be hurdle to progress, everything will be possible.
  8.  We will support the upgrading of existing research facilities with the latest technology available and create new facilities where there is a need with immediate effect.
  9. This activity will also include the upgrading and expanding of aquariums and other marine aquatic centres, for the purposes of rehabilitation, healing, education, research and more.
  10.  Our fishing towns and villages will provide sea food for the people in abundance and beyond our wildest imagination.