Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Finance and Banking

The entire banking system and the industry that supports it is based on an unlawful, exploitative and corrupt foundation. It is the greatest act of deception launched against humanity. The banks break the law thousands of times every day with impunity or or any kind of legal backlash, and destroy the lives of millions of trusting South Africans without an end in sight.

This is the sector of society that has caused the greatest amount of damage to the honest and trusting citizens who believe that the government is their servant and is doing the best it can for our greatest benefit. This is a blatant lie and misperception. Please see the numerous video clips and articles on our research page to learn severe this situation is and how many legal actions there are against banks, governments and ministers around the world.

Together with the legal/justice sector, the financial sector needs a complete overhaul so that it truly serves the people and not the shareholders of the banks or the multinational corporations that are using it as a tool of control over its people.

The misery and hardship caused by the financial industry is almost unimaginable. So much so, that every year many people commit suicide as a result of the unlawful activity of banks. This makes their actions utterly unacceptable in a moral society that upholds human rights above all. Unfortunately the rights of corporations are valued above those of human rights in South Africa. Our personal experience in the Constitutional Court is the living proof of such a statement.

Many have tried to stop the action of the banks in the various courts of South Africa, including the Constitutional Court, only to find that the Justice System is not ‘just’, and not impartial in any way, because even in the face of irrefutable legal argument and evidence against the unlawful activity of the banks, all judgements regarding action against the banks, in the last several decades, have been in favour of the banks.
Please see the detailed articles regarding the Constitutional Court actions against the banks in South Africa by various people and the New Economic Rights Alliance on our website. 

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The founding members of the UBUNTU Party have a great deal of personal experience in launching legal action to stop the unlawful and corrupt activity of the banks and are amongst the leading activists in the world in this area.

Although our philosophy is that we do not need money to thrive as the human race and that we can reach much greater heights of success as a society without money, it will take some time and several key steps to move closer to such a final destination.

So what do we do about the financial industry? How do we begin to change things in the immediate, short term and long term? An immediate restructuring of the financial sector is paramount to stop the bleeding.
We have to look at successful examples in the world where similar activity has succeeded and provided immediate relief for the people. The events in Iceland, is a great example for us to follow. The people’s uprising against the banks and the central bank in Iceland in 2010, is a perfect model for us to follow. Please see the article on the “Miracle In Iceland”.

To keep it simple, the people caused the resignation of the government, appointed a new government who acted as the servant of the people, closed all the privately owned banks and created a “people’s bank” with a brand new set of objectives to help the people. They told the old bankers that the debt created by them and was not the responsibility of the people but rather the bankers themselves; they wrote off billions of unlawful mortgage loans and vehicle finance loans, and in so doing freed the people of the exploitative and fraudulent activity of the bankers. Today, Iceland has arguably the strongest economy close to the Euro-zone.

Do not be baffled by the complicated language of the bankers or financial industry. It is often used to confuse people into thinking that it is too complicated for the common people and that only very highly trained financial people can deal with such matters. This is a blatant lie and a clear manipulation to keep the majority quiet and not to question what the bankers are doing.

Nothing is complicated – everything is simple and if they cannot explain it to us, the people, it needs to change so that the people can understand it and be able to make sense of it.

But in fact, it is not actually complicated at all, once you realise what is going on, but the sheer propensity for fraud and manipulation of money by the banks is just very difficult to believe by the average person.

But to fully understand our unshakable opposition to the banks and the entire financial sector, people need to fully understand the reasons and fully grasp how money is created; who owns the banks; the supply of money and how the handful of banking families control this global empire that controls the entire planet.
To make this easier to get across we will list a number of facts about the banks and the global scam that they have pulled off while enslaving each and every one of us.

Here is a list of facts about the global banking cartel. Please do your own research and share this with everyone. For the sake our survival as a species – take action today. Join the UBUNTU Party. Let us spread Unity Consciousness to everyone – including the bankers. After all they too have children and families who will ask them at some stage what they are contributing to society.

  1. All the major banks in the world are owned and controlled by the banking elite families. They control the entire process of the creation and supply of money around the world.
  2. The three biggest names in this cartel are the Rothschilds; Rockefellers and Morgans, and they ultimately own or control ALL the banks, together with a small number of other powerful banking families. Some of those who have been aware of their fraudulent activity, call them the “banksters”.
  3. All the major central banks of the world, including the Reserve Bank of South Africa, just like the Federal Reserve Bank in the USA, are privately owned corporations with maximum profit for shareholders and control of the financial markets.
  4.  These banking families and central banks are a law unto themselves and do not have to answer to anyone. For example, section 33 of the Reserve Bank Act allows them to keep their actions secret.
  5.  The entire legal justice system is structured around the needs of these corporations to benefit them and uphold their rights above all others. For example, it is commonly known that the judge sits on the bench. The word bench originated from the word “banka” meaning “bank” because the original bankers were goldsmiths who, even to this day, practice their trade from a “bench.” It is clear that Judges operate as an extension of the banking cartel.
  6.  The courts are not courts of justice. They are courts of equity that operate according to military and admiralty principles. (Maritime law). That is why members of the legal profession only act and react to orders from a higher authority.
  7. The global financial system created around the supply of money is so convoluted and complex that only a few people truly understand it. This is always used as an excuse to exclude the involvement of ordinary people.
  8.  The deeply complex legal system is used in the same way to manipulate and support this structure, preventing the ordinary person access to lawful justice.
  9.  Lawful justice cannot exist anymore because the courts are now all about money. Even criminal law, is about money, as can be seen by the recent intervention of Goldman Sachs into the prison industry, through the use of prison bonds, which are tradable negotiable instruments. In our recent court case, the Judge said to Standard Bank “All I’m trying to do is see if this guy owes you money or not.”
  10.  Black’s Law dictionary defines a ‘citizen’ as someone who pledges their allegiance to the state in return for benefits and privileges. Once you admit to being a citizen, you become a voluntary member of the military-style regime and a contract exists that you will accept orders or suffer the consequences.
  11.   Banks officially do not work with money. They work with Bills of Exchange, Negotiable Instruments and Promissory Notes.
  12. The ‘money’ does not even have a definition in the Bank Act of South Africa, or anywhere else in South Africa. Neither is the word ‘payment’ defined.
  13.   All the major money of the world is ‘FIAT’ money – this basically means that it has no intrinsic value AND it is not supported by any precious metals like gold, as it was a long time ago. FIAT money is created by banks, out of thin air, when you take out a “loan.” There really is no real loan and it is the equivalent of counterfeiting.
  14.  This means that the paper/plastic money we use is completely worthless. They are just fancy pieces of paper with some fancy logos printed on them with no value at all. Their ‘value’ is derived purely from the masses who have confidence in their currency.
  15.  The only reason our money has any value, is because we give it value – our perception of value is the only value it has. If the people lose faith in their money, the money will collapse, because nothing supports it. In fact the word ‘credit’ comes from the Latin credere which means “to believe.”
  16.  Banks create money out of “THIN AIR” by simply creating debits and credit on the accounting computer system. A “loan” is not a loan in the ordinary sense of the word, it is an instruction that you, the customer signs a form, creating a promissory note, which you “submit” to the bank authority, give to the bank permission and requesting them to make money out of thin air.
  17.   They do not have money of their own to lend you as most people believe. No money existed in the system before the so called “loan” was granted to you.
  18.   Banks create money on the signatures of their clients in a process called securitisation. This is a highly secretive and well guarded technique in which they profiteer and create undue enrichment from selling the rights of your signature on the global stock markets.
  19.  By selling your signature or ‘promissory note’ they lose all rights to any property that they so-called financed. In legal terms this is called losing ‘locus standi’.
  20.  When the bank securitises a loan, they get the full capital amount of the loan back, plus interest, up front. This means that your loan has actually been pre-settled by a third party who is insured in case you default. You have no idea that this is going on.
  21.   The banks break contract law by claiming to lend what they do not possess – money. They only create money, in most cases cyber-money, after you signed all the documents and they sold your promissory note to the bank who then on-sells to a third party who then on-sells it, sometimes many times, to other parties. This is why securitisation is a ponzi / pyramid scheme that everyone must become aware of.
  22.   They do not disclose any of this to their customers, keeping them in the dark. You believed that they actually loaned real money. This is a lie. They never loaned you anything of any value. You created all the value with your own mind.
  23. The banks act as intermediaries, like estate agents, because they do not lend us THEIR money. Since they do not lend us anything, but only obtain it on the strength of our signatures(via a third party), any interest they charge is pure extortion and fraud. Disclosure must take place for a valid agreement to occur.
  24.  The money in South Africa is printed by the South African Mint – also a private company that simply profiteers on the hard work of our citizens. However, recently this has been outsourced to Sweden which was a disaster, causing huge embarrassment for the Reserve Bank after several billion Rands worth of notes were printed incorrectly with the wrong dimensions and had to be destroyed.
  25. The Reserve Bank is in charge of printed money, which it sells or loans it to the banks at a fraction of the face value of the bank notes.
  26.   When the banks return the used bank notes to the Reserve Bank, they enjoy almost the entire full face value of that money, creating enrichment out of thin air for themselves by creating money out of thin air on the back of these “reserves.”
  27.   Banks practice what is called “Fractional Reserve Banking”. This means that they only have to retain a small percentage of any deposit and can lend out the rest many times over to the public, creating a spiral of debt on money that does not exist.
  28.   For example: For every R100 you deposit, the bank lends out about R900 of imaginary fictitious money to their clients. The real fraud is that they charge compounded interest on this non-existent money. This is blatant fraud and anyone else would be jailed for a long time for doing this.
  29.  Interest is charged up front. Interest is considered “real money” by the bank so they can then make more loans, out of thin air, against that interest (that did not exist in the first place).
  30.   As it stands today, there is not enough money in the world to pay off all the debt in the world, because of interest. This is exactly the situation the banksters wanted to create. A situation that gives them complete control over property and other assets that can be repossessed by the banks only to re-sell it to another naive person who will most likely end up in the same debt situation.
  31.   All this activity is continually supported by the legal system and the ignorant judges just perpetuate the fraud.
  32.   In some countries, hard working people are jailed for not being able to repay their debt. This a blatant crime against humanity for which the bankers should be jailed and the judges should be answerable to the people they serve.
  33.  The printed notes we call money are really instruments of debt and should be illegal. Money can only be issued as debt. In fact, about 40% of the debt of the USA is fictitious / counterfeit debt, owed to the Federal Reserve Bank who initially created it out of nothing and then charged interest on that debt. All the income tax collected in the US is used to pay off just the interest portion of the debt to the Federal Reserve Bank.
  34. This is just a small taste of the convoluted web of deception that has been created to keep us ignorant and completely enslaved to the growing power of the banks.
  35.  There is no reason why we, the people cannot create our own new form of money as an alternative to the banks’ tools of enslavement and use this new money as an interim tool to stabilise the economic crisis.
The UBUNTU Party proposes the following action with immediate effect:
  1. We follow the example of Iceland and create a new PEOPLE’S EXCHANGE whose loyalty lies with the people and not international shareholders of private corporations called banks.
  2.  Link our new currency (could remain the Rand) to gold to give it real value – this will make the SA Rand the strongest currency in the world overnight.
  3. Close all commercial banks and the Reserve Bank and let their directors and shareholders be responsible for the debt they created on the backs of trusting South African citizens; the branches and the people can remain but as employees of the new People’s Exchange that is owned by the people and serves the people.
  4.  Write off all the fraudulent home mortgage loans , vehicle finance loans; credit card loans and any other bank loans of this nature.
  5. Remember that all the so called money they loaned to us, has already been paid to the banks through the process of securitisation by selling our signatures on the global stock markets.
  6. All property financed today is already paid for on the strength of our signatures and there should be NO debt. That is the magnificent deception that the bankers have created to keep driving us into more and more debt so that they eventually own everything after they repossess our property because we cannot afford the exorbitant compounded interest.
  7. So, as crazy as this may sound to some, nobody loses other than the greedy bankers who profiteer from the trusting people without our knowledge.
  8. We start using the mineral wealth of South Africa to benefit the people and our country and not a handful of multination owners who are stealing our minerals and using our people as cheap labour to do so. 

Our plan of action will continue to grow and solidify. But we are of the opinion that any system that is controlled by the people, with the intention to benefit all the people in true transparency is better than the fraudulent inhumane financial system today. It cannot be allowed to continue.

Please see the section on LAW – and how it connects to the control of money and manipulates each and every one of us into being slaves to the system by denying us every single human right we have. Those who believe that the Bill of Rights is in any way upholding our human rights are in for a huge surprise.

Our entire legal justice system needs to be rewritten from scratch, using Common Law as the fundamental principles of justice and not commercial law or statutory law which is entrenched in Maritime Law and forces us to submit to an out-of-place Roman-Dutch law that has no place in a modern African society.

We have to honour our ancestors and reintroduce strong elements of African Tribal structures that have been adapted for a modern technologically advanced society, where Councils of Elders decide what is best for their communities based on the will of the people in that community and not politicians or judges with hidden agendas.