Thursday, 16 August 2012

Energy - Electricity

The continued supply of electricity has become one of the key areas of concern to every single South African. The solutions for all our so-called problems are simple. Most of us know what the solutions are deep in our hearts and we wonder why our leaders cannot see these simple solutions the way we do.

Electricity is not the only form of energy. It is the ‘type’ of energy that was chosen around the year 1900, by those with money and power over the people, who created an absolute monopoly for themselves. (More on this in detail later in the document). Once this was in place they could control the supply of electricity and they could meter it so that they could charge the people for its usage and control the price.

Scientists know that the universe is an infinite source of energy – there is free energy everywhere around us - so why are we paying for it?

There are many scientists and experts with all the solutions, ready for us to embrace these new forms of energy but it is the will of the people that is necessary to start the process of change. The old regime and old energy will not change without our action.

Our aim is to find sustainable free energy solutions as soon as possible and start the implementation without any delay.  Once these new energy solutions gave been implemented, they will provide free or almost free energy for all. The universe of the Divine Creator responds to action – so let us act and bring in the change that we want.

Below is a list of the immediate action the UBUNTU Party intends to take to establish a sustainable energy supply to the people.


1.     Scientific Search For Free Energy

Start an active and immediate search for alternative and FREE energy by giving all the scientists -  whether private, or part of existing institutions, all the help and support they need to deliver free energy to the people.

Explore the many existing leads into free and alternative energy; solar; hydro; tidal; wind; geothermal; gas; other.   Many such devices and technology already exists and our scientist and inventors will very quickly develop real and lasting energy solutions.

2.    Decentralise the supply of energy 

The energy grid that was created is simply a tool of control over the people. The grid cannot fail where there is no grid and where communities control their own energy supply. All energy supply must immediately be decentralised. Every town and community are to take collective action to provide new solutions for themselves, with the help and advice of scientists – not politicians. Use every possible option to provide immediate to long-term solutions. These will be largely dictated by the location of the community. For example, rivers and oceans are great energy generators.

3.    Install free energy solutions

·         Every river will be utilised to generate hydro power for nearby towns and villages. These are simple concepts that can be applied immediately. Hydro turbines have become very advanced and a few turbine placed in rivers at strategic points will not be visible, nor create any kind of environmental pollution, while providing uninterrupted power to the towns.  The cost of such energy, once installed, is so low that it can be called free.

·         All coastal towns and cities can be powered by using the inexhaustible energy in the waves of the ocean, without creating any waste or pollution. Turbines and other devices that generate energy by water moving in both/all directions can be installed very quickly and stop the burning of coal and polluting our planet. Once these systems are in place, the cost of electricity will be virtually free.

·         Sustainable gas can provide a major solution to the energy crisis. All sewerage plants to be converted into methane gas producing centres – providing almost free methane gas to the people of the area. Chemical engineers know how to enhance the methane generating process without great cost to the community. Let us use our own waste for our own benefit. Gas can provide heat, light, cooking, baking, hot water, refrigeration – almost all of our energy needs.

·         Pig farms and dairies should also be used for generating methane from pig and cow dung that generates huge amounts of methane gas. There are simple adaptations of this kind of gas generation that can be used on rural farms that are far away from other centres.

·         Many inventors have demonstrated perpetual motion generators, magnetic and other devices that create large amounts of energy. Some have been silenced and some have even been killed to prevent their inventions from reaching the people. We will actively seek out these inventors and allow them to share their inventions with the people of South Africa and the rest of the world.

·         This includes the use of sound and frequency as a source of energy. Only the truly informed scientists will be aware of this technology that has been demonstrated and has existed since 1888 and the inventions of John Keely, and later around 1903, by Nikola Tesla.

·         There is a frequency of sound that boils water – this is possibly the most important discovery of the past 100 years demonstrated by New Zealand inventor Peter Davy as far back as 1940. This is well known by the authorities but continues to be a well kept secret simply because of the greed and financial loss to the coal corporations and electricity suppliers of today. We encourage all researchers to find the frequency that boils water. This frequency can boil the water in the ESCOM power plants instead of burning coal.

*(Some guidance to discover the frequency to boil water - Please measure the harmonic resonant frequency of boiling water, and then create a vibrating device that acts or behaves like a tuning fork, and creates a standing wave of such a frequency. This should boil water instantly).

·         Radio frequencies between 20 – 30 mega-hertz make salt water burn at around 1500 deg Celsius. This will be utilised as a major solution for the so-called energy crisis and can also be an immediate solution for ESCOM and even fuel in cars – free fuel. These same frequencies make neon lights light up without any wires at all – just frequency activation, because of the resonance principles of coherence.

4.    All nuclear reactors  will be shut down with immediate effect.

This is technology that many leading scientists have warned us about – we do not understand it and we cannot control it at this stage. It has the potential to destroy all of humanity and has caused unimaginable damage in the past and will do so again in future unless it is deactivated.

NOTE:  There will be many more incredible inventions and discoveries once we give our scientists and freedom to find the solutions and we look forward with great anticipation to these breakthroughs.

We urge the media to ask the current leadership why these simple solutions        have not been implemented?

The Current State of Affairs In Electricity Supply.
ESCOM/ESKOM is the energy provider to the people of South Africa. It is seen by most the people as a government owned enterprise with its primary objective being to provide affordable electricity to the people.

Eskom generates approximately 95% of the electricity used in South Africa and approximately 45% of the electricity used in greater Africa. For this electricity supply ESCOM uses mostly coal, which it gets from various coal mines in South Africa.

The problem is that these coal mines are mostly owned by international corporations that are raping the land, destroying our beautiful country and selling the coal to ESCOM at international market related prices, making unimaginable profits for their international owners.

South Africa is the fourth largest exporter of coal in the world – coal that belongs to the people. But the people see no benefit at all, either from the coal or the energy it generates. Instead, the coal is sold to ESCOM and other countries generating huge profits the international shareholders.

The Government of the Republic of South Africa is the sole shareholder of Eskom. The shareholder representative is the Minister of Public Enterprises. At first glance it seems as if the government is taking responsibility for the people and looking after the people’s needs. But unfortunately this is NOT the case.

The word ‘public’ suggests that all such enterprises should benefit the public. This is not the case. Most of these government enterprises are all tied in with private multinational corporations, that are dependent upon the South African public to work in the these corporations and become trapped and dependent on the bad salaries they receive for their sweat and blood.

Furthermore, there are strange activities going on with regard The Republic Of South Africa, AND The Government of The Republic of South Africa, both being registered as a company on the US Securities Exchange. Please see the evidence for yourself – click on the following link to take you to the US Securities website listing:
If this is the case, it means that the government could be selling and profiteering off the hard work of the people in South Africa. Secretly selling shares in the corporations like ESCOM, that they are sole owners of. This means that the labour and efforts of the people is possibly being traded on the international stock markets and is owned by invisible shareholders all over the planet. This means that we have basically been sold into slavery by our leaders making billions of rands of profit for secret shareholders of ESCOM and other government companies.

In 2011 ESCOM posted a profit of 13.2 Billion Rand according to their website. The directors and CEO are paid many millions of Rands for keeping the scam alive and successfully pulling the wool over the eyes of the trusting people. WHAT A SCAM!

This level of deceit is almost unthinkable to any normal person on the street. It is a complete betrayal of all our rights and the highest form of deception that can be perpetrated by the leaders against their own people.

Since its inception in the early 1900s, all of the installations and infrastructure of ESCOM have been paid for many times over by the tax revenue of the people and the profits made from the rich mineral mining industries.

These minerals that have been mined and sold while making unimaginable profit for their international owners, belong to the people of South Africa, and therefore by rights, everything that forms part of ESCOM belongs to the people.

So why are we still paying so much for electricity if we have already paid for everything that is owned by ESCOM many times over?

Below are some facts that each of us needs to know and share with others:
  1.  All of ESCOM’s installations; infrastructure and technology belongs to the people because it has been paid for many times over by the government of the people, on behalf of the people. Either with tax-payers money, or revenue earned from selling the minerals in the ground that also belong to the people.
  2.  Any business deals that have been made by ESCOM with international investors, funders, partners or shareholders of any kind or any nature, are unlawful and should not be legally binding because they were done deceitfully, behind the backs of the people, without full disclosure of the grossly negative implications to the people.
  3. All the deals and agreements made by ESCOM have not been for the benefit of the people but rather for the benefit of shareholders and investors around the world. Most of these investors are the same powerful bankers that have taken control of all other aspect of society.
  4. In all such deals the hardworking, trusting and ignorant people of South Africa were basically sold into slavery, to pay exorbitant prices for electricity and making huge profits for the invisible shareholders.
  5.  If ESCOM belongs to the people, it should provide extremely cheap, if not free electricity to the people, because that is what the people need and want. The government should comply with its role as the servant of the people.
  6. If the coal in the ground belongs to the people, why are we paying for it to make electricity?
  7. There has been no real effort made by ESCOM to find alternative and reusable sources of energy to provide cheap or FREE energy to South Africans.
  8.  In 2010 ESCOM allocated 368 Billion Rand to the upgrading of their own facilities instead of providing cheaper electricity and finding alternative solutions to benefit the people. 
  9.  This huge amount of funding, using the people as collateral, was generated to allow ESCOM to build new facilities and install appropriate control measures to be able to charge the people for electricity in the future.
  10. By using these funds, ESCOM could have provided every single household in South Africa with the most advanced solar energy system worth around R30,000 (thirty thousand). This would have catered for all the needs of a substantial household. The only thing needed would be continued maintenance for which the people could be responsible and could be covered  by a very small and proportional monthly fee.
  11.  In essence this could have meant the decentralisation of energy supply and allowing communities to take control of their own needs in electricity.
  12.  Every true scientist and researcher knows that there has always been, and that there is a growing number of new, green, renewable, reusable and even FREE perpetual-motion energy solutions available.
  13.  Those in the know are aware that since 1903 FREE energy was demonstrated and provided to the world by Nikola Tesla at Wydencliffe, New York, where Tesla built the famous TESLA TOWER. This tower beamed his ‘radiant’ energy, without wires or any danger to the people, to provide free energy to several thousand homes in the area.
  14.  This free energy was quickly demolished by J.P. Morgan who was the funder of the project, when he realised that this form of energy could not be metered and that he could not charge people for this kind of electricity. The Tesla Tower was demolished a few years after his funding was pulled by J.P. Morgan and the FBI confiscated all of Tesla’s documentation and instruments from his laboratory.
  15.  It is important to note that in 1913, JP Morgan was also one of the founders of the unlawful privately owned Federal Reserve Bank in the USA and the owner of JP Morgan Bank. The Morgan family remain one of the three most powerful banking families in the world today, together with the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers.
  16.  Since then, these powerful bankers have used all their power to destroy or control any form of new or free energy that has been invented. The scientists who discover any such new technology are either silenced, threatened or even killed to prevent their discoveries from reaching the people.
  17.  Now, ask yourself – who is funding ESCOM? The same powerful bankers that destroyed Tesla’s free energy and kept his knowledge under lock and key ever since.
  18. And so, since 1923 and the official establishment of ESCOM, it has been doing everything possible to cover up any development in free energy, to ensure that they continue creating huge profits for their shareholders or those invisible individuals who profiteer of the sweat and blood of the South African people, instead of finding free energy solutions for the people they are answerable to.

 I urge each and everyone to do your own research after reading this section to ensure that you know we are not lying to you. Please share your information with others. We need to be as truthful and honourable as we can be from the very start. After all, people know when they are being lied to, once they start to think for themselves.

We cannot stress this enough. The provision of electricity is one of the biggest scams in South Africa, just like the rest of the world and has entrapped the people in a spiral of increasing dependency because of the monopoly and legislation that prevents alternative sources and independent energy providers from entering the market.