Monday, 20 August 2012


The global economy is sitting on the verge of complete collapse. Many economists are predicting it - please inform yourself. This is one of the more comprehensive articles that shows the corrupt and convoluted financial-banking sector for what it is. 

The UBUNTU movement's message is simple. Let us NOT wait until it collapse and then get caught up in the inevitable panic. Let us embrace a new plan of action, think about it and start to implement it - so that once the collapse comes, we can make a smooth transition to the new system that functions very smoothly without money and those who have been controlling it until now.

The only way to escape the control of money - is to stop using it. There is no other alternative. Stop fooling yourself. The money system is a system of control and cannot be fixed or converted into a nicer more acceptable form of control. We urge you think about this simple principle - liberate yourself.

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