Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Communication And Broadcasting

Telecommunication and broadcasting is a crucial aspect of our lives and our society. It should be freely available to the people.


Until recently, TELKOM was the only fixed line telecommunications company in South Africa. All the technology and installation that allows TELKOM to bring telephone wires to our homes was paid for by the tax payers many times over. Once the lines are installed, there is very little expense to keep them working. If the people paid for all of this, why are we paying to make telephone calls? It is our system that we paid for and we should have the benefit to use it for free or almost free at least.

NEOTEL is a privately owned company, that was recently given the right to operate as a newcomer to the fixed line telecommunication monopoly. The problem with this is that NEOTEL now has the rights to use the fixed line infrastructure that was paid for by the people and belongs to the people.

It is insane to imagine that the people would pay for something and then allow a private company to take ownership of our installations so that they can charge us for making phone calls. This is just another indication how we are being deceived and financially abused by our leaders who are supposed to serve us.

Remember that the country belongs to the people; the land belongs to the people and the AIR WAVES and FREQUENCIES belong to the people. They do not belong to the government or any other corporations that has laid claim to it. We the people need to take it back.

Cellular Communication – Vodacom, Cell C; MTN and others.
Cell phone companies use microwave frequencies, or ‘air waves’ to carry the signal without any wires. These signals and frequencies are transmitted by transmitters scattered all over our country and sometimes they are supported by satellite links.

Cell phone companies are multination corporations that are amongst the most profitable companies in the world. This can be seen by the number of sporting activities they sponsor. They have virtually no cost of delivery once the towers are up and able to transmit. And yet they are raking in billions of Rands off the back of the hard working and poor people of our country.

All these corporations are literally making money, out of THIN AIR. They are extorting money from the people. The airwaves and frequencies are part of the electromagnetic spectrum that makes up the entire universe. It is unthinkable that someone can lay claim to it – something that was created by the divine creator of all. 

But somehow our servants, the government has laid claim to these frequencies and they have given exclusive rights to Vodacom, MTN, and Cell C to use these air waves to extort unimaginable amounts of money from the people of South Africa.

The Airwaves and frequencies above South Africa belong to the people and nobody has the right to lay claim to these. They do not belong to the government or any other corporation that has unlawfully laid claim to these.

The ordinary person will not be given permission to start a cell phone company in competition to the three main giants in South Africa. All this activity by the government and the cell phone companies is unlawful and unconstitutional and is direct conflict with the will of the people.

Research has shown that the microwave frequencies used in cellular phones are extremely harmful to human beings. We will appoint the most knowledgeable scientist and researchers to provide the people with our own information and act accordingly.

It is possible that these frequencies are used as carriers to transmit a variety of frequencies to manipulate our thoughts and more. As farfetched as this sounds at first, there has been much evidence presented by researchers all over the world claiming that this is very real and extremely harmful to humans everywhere.
Broadcasting – Radio & Television

The broadcasting sector is equally monopolised and controlled in South Africa by SABC and Multichoice. The government has stolen these rights from the people and granted them to these two corporations. The government continues to dictate who may start a broadcasting business and who may not.

It is commonly known by those who have done the research into this industry, that the global mainstream media is controlled by the same small number of powerful people with an unlimited supply of money. They use the news as a medium of indoctrination and selling the agenda of the banking political elite. This is why the issuing of broadcasting permits is highly restricted and controlled.

Global news has become the most powerful tool to make people believe what they want us to believe – in most cases it is completely opposite to the truth. Please be objective about this and think about this very important issue. In the entire world of great minds in science, technology, discovery, archaeology, space exploration, new inventions and an infinite spectrum of activity – how is it possible that when you turn on the news, all the major networks are covering exactly the same events and have no real news to share, other than to promote fear amongst the people?

While there may be a number of new private radio and TV stations in South Africa that seem to represent some of the people, the government has made it very difficult to enter this market and will not issue national TV and Radio broadcasting rights to just anyone. It is virtually impossible to start up a broadcasting business by a normal person on the street.

If the airwaves and the radio waves belong to the people, why are the people denied the right to start their own radio and TV stations? We should have hundreds of private stations allowing people of every town or culture to express their views and interact with the rest of the people in South Africa and beyond.
As in every other sector of our society, our servants, the government, have stolen all our rights and granted them to a small number of huge multinational corporations at the expense and great detriment of the people who are continually financially abused by these corporations.  All this activity is unconstitutional, unlawful and needs to be redressed with immediate effect.

Satellite Installations
There are several advanced satellite installations scattered around South Africa that have become highly secretive places and deny access to the public. Like the radio telescopes at Hartebeeshoek. Why is it that the people who pay for these installations and technology do not really know what these are being used for and are denied access? We the people should have access to information about every government and military installation and be informed as to what such sites are being used for.

UBUNTU Plan of action – Communication & Broadcasting
  1. All old legislation and laws that govern this sector will be abolished and will be replaced by new laws that benefit the people and not giant corporations or the government.
  2. All communication done via Telkom or Neotel lines and their infrastructure will be made freely available to all the people. 
  3. The employees of the communications companies will be paid directly by the newly established People’s Bank.
  4. A small monthly fee of a few Rands may be charged for maintenance and upgrades if it is found at all necessary.
  5. All foreign shareholding in all telecommunication companies, including cellular phone companies, will be cancelled with immediate effect. Telecommunication in South Africa must be a benefit to the people and not be a financial gain for foreign shareholders at the expense of the people.
  6. All cell phone companies will be given the opportunity to change their operating models to start providing virtually free cell phone communication to the people.
  7.   This will free up many of the people who work for these companies – in the accounts departments, for example - to follow their passion to do what they choose to do as their contribution to the community and move to a town or city of their choice – not restrained by financial considerations. This is after all the model of UBUNTU – people following their passions, creating abundance by doing so.
  8. Anyone anywhere will be allowed to launch new cellular communication technology as long as they comply with the new laws written by the people.
  9.  A new cellular phone provider of the people will be launched using existing infrastructure.  This will incorporate the latest and most advanced technology possible.
  10.  This new service will be free to the people everywhere, in essence making it impossible for any of the existing cell phone operators to continue exploiting our people.
  11.   We will promote and support ongoing research to constantly improve the technology in these areas and make it available and safe to use by the people immediately.
  12.  The internet will be made stable in South Africa so that it cannot be sabotaged by international internet providers who do not agree with our new approach.
  13.  All internet communication will be provided freely to everyone – in public places and private homes.
  14.   Every school and every student will have access to the internet freely.
  15.   The internet will become a prominent medium to broadcast information to the people freely.
  16.  Everyone will be allowed to start a radio or TV station anywhere in South Africa as long as it complies with the new laws written by the people.
  17. Existing TV and radio monopolies in South Africa will have to adapt to the new way to remain competitive in their service to the people.
  18. All sponsorships of TV and radio programmes, which include sport, will no longer be necessary.
  19.  Sporting activities will be broadcast on a much wider basis – covering as many sporting activities as the people want to see -  not restricted by financial constraints or sponsorships.
  20.  All the new radio and TV stations will require new programmes and live broadcasting of events, news channels and community interest. This will provide a large number of new working opportunities to many thousands of people who want to be involved in radio and TV broadcasting and TV production with all its aspects.
  21.   Independent news channels will be encouraged to cover real news, discoveries, activities, inventions and more of what people should know about – not the propaganda of the global news giants who control the flow of information to keep us ignorant.
  22. All satellite installations and sites including telescopes in South Africa will be accessible to the people and the people will be informed what such installations are being used for all of the time.
  23.  Any devious activity that may be potentially harmful to the people; or any activity that is not for the benefit of the people conducted at these sites will be stopped immediately.
  24. All the satellite installations will be constantly upgraded so that they can keep providing a better service to the people.
  25. The communication and broadcast sector will truly become a medium of sharing knowledge and information by the people – for the people – helping them to achieve abundance on all levels of our society everywhere.