Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A Message To Our Politicians And Corporations

Message of Unity Consciousness.
The founding members of the UBUNTU movement have all subscribed to our declaration of integrity and Unity Consciousness. We love every human and every creature and every plant on this beautiful planet and in the rest of creation  – because we all come from the same divine source of the creator and Unity Consciousness. Everything in existence comes from this same source. This is why we can say that in essence we are all one.  For this reason we also honour and respect our planet Mother Earth as the highest form of consciousness that allows us to exist on her and provides us with everything we need to survive and exist.
Unfortunately humanity has been scattered, fragmented and confused into believing that there are those who want to harm us and those who are against us. This is not really true, but simply a manipulation of a small number of us who have embraced the ego as their highest form of reality and have used it to divide and control humanity. But this too will come to an end as we all grow towards wisdom, enlightenment and realise that we are actually moving back towards the divine Unity Consciousness from where we all come – where only Love is real – and everything else is a distortion of this divine Love and purely an illusion.
All the great teachers of the past, like the Christ and many others, have taught us these principles. So when we highlight the atrocities caused by the leadership against the people, this does not mean we hate or carry ill feelings towards any of the people involved in the government and corporations that are causing harm to the people. We simply disagree with what they are doing to the people – we do not hate anyone.
We want every politician and executive in a position of power to know that we love them and we forgive them for what they are doing to us, the people. These include their immediate families and relatives who often do not know how the actions of such people affect all of us. We hope that they see the light and change their ways to become true champions of the people rather than the oppressors they have become.
Love and universal light of the divine creator to you all.
Michael Tellinger.