Friday, 31 August 2012

How The Federal Reserve Spent $26 Trillion To Save Rich Banksters

John Hively exposes the $26 Trillion that was secretly paid to bail out the corrupt banksters.

People need to realise that all the reserve banks around the world operate on the same corrupt basis. They betray their own people, lie to them and create unimaginable financial misery with deceitful activities that nobody is aware of and they are all protected by corrupt courts and Judges. And we, the people, all have to pay for it. These are all crimes against humanity and it should be up to the people in a free society to decide how to deal with the criminal BANKSTERS and the courts that support them. There is a new calling in the world - Occupy The Corrupt Corporate Courts

"There’s something significantly more to this scandal and it goes something like this. But first, we need a definition.

A credit default swap is an insurance policy, usually provided on bonds backed by home mortgages. According to some sources, there were $60+ trillion worth of these insurance policies at the beginning of the housing collapse in the summer of 2006.
You didn’t need to own any of these bonds to insure them. It’s the same as being able to insure your neighbor’s house, without their knowledge, even if you don’t know the owner. Needless to say, you’d have a fair degree of incentive to burn your neighbor’s house down.

Institutions such as Goldman Sachs and a ton of unregulated investment firms called hedge funds took out insurance policies on mortgage backed bonds. These people were betting the market would collapse. They were right, even though some of them were selling the bonds up to the housing collapse and even a little after it began, even while telling hapless and really stupid (but wealthy) investors what wonderful investments the bonds were."

Swiss Bankers Under Siege

Attacks from European governments, investigations against Swiss banks in the United States and international arrest warrants against bankers - in the space of just a few years, banking secrecy has turned into a costly burden.

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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Laws And Words That Enslave Us – Part 2

The government is itself a legal person or juristic person which means that it is a corporation. Please see the evidence on our website that the SA Government is registered as a Corporation on the US/New York Securities Exchange – allowing it to sell the labour of its people into slavery to invisible shareholders around the world.

The only asset this corporation really has is its people (a collection of persons). This property (the people) must be given a value so it can be used as collateral to make loans, so they need to calculate how and what they can repay.
The word repay does NOT mean to pay something back. It simply means to pay something over and over and over again. Be careful of this word "repay" for it is very tricky.

A census gives the government the data it needs to calculate how much its property is worth. This is how countries are able borrow money. They borrow, and use the people as surety to pay it back. In actual fact they do not borrow money because money is created by central banks out of thin air.

Remember, the word loan in the legal sense does not mean loan as you and I know it. This word lies at the root of an incredible deception. Banks to not make loans, they extend credit. The difference is vital to the future of the world at a very pivotal time in history. 

Natural resources belong to the real human people of the land. However, real human people are not recognised in commercial law, only their legal person / corporation is recognised. The real human being was tricked into giving up all their rights when the berth of their vessel (corporation) was registered with a birth certificate.

Therefore, the land and natural resources have been gifted (presented) to a corporation who acts on their behalf. Yes, the government of a country is a corporation and yes, it is registered as such.To be part to the government corporation, one must first pledge ones allegiance to it. 

Nobody in their right mind would ever pledge their allegiance to the government, at least not knowingly. Of course it should be the other way around. When you pledge your allegiance to something, you admit that it is more powerful than you and therefore you grant it authority over you. In other words, you are a submissive slave.

Here is the key: look up the definition of a “citizen” in Black’s Law Dictionary. It is defined as one who pledges their allegiance to the state in return for benefits and privileges. If you are in the army, you were given the privilege of going home for a weekend. However, that privilege could be revoked at any time.

It is the same with citizenship. You were tricked into giving up your natural rights in favour of benefits and privileges granted by a superior authority. You are now a corporate entity subordinate to another corporation, the state / government. The state is, of course, subordinate to whomever it owes money to: ie. the central banks. In the end, it all comes down to the banks.

So then, are you a citizen of your country? Of course you are. Too bad.  
In case you are still confused, a citizen of a country is property of that country, by way of: 1) a birth certificate; and 2) voluntary citizenship registration. If you join the military, you are no longer an ordinary citizen and are now part of a new legion. In essence they have been re-legioned

Churches used to have a completely separate legal standing called piae causa. Fascinating.
If you cannot pay a debt, you will need to appear before a Judge in a court. In the old days, priests and ship captains could marry people. Commercial judges can therefore be associated to priests and ships’ captains which is why they can preside over commercial affairs and why black robes are worn.

Judges in the high court are called “my Lord” and everyone is expected to bow down to them. Take a look at any court document and you will see parties literally praying for judgment from the lord on the podium. This entire system is a cleverly disguised ritualistic sequence designed by those who created this legal control for us. But we are waking up to its lies and deceptions.
What is the similarity between a church prayer and legal prayer? In both cases, you are voluntarily submitting to a higher authority. Everything that goes on in commercial law is about submission. Every court document you submit and sign is purely about getting you to submit to a higher authority.

When you appear in court, you are required to stand in a dock (another shipping term). But first, you need to enter through a small fence called a bar. This fence, often with a little gate, represents coming aboard a ship. You are now in maritime admiralty law and are no longer bound by the natural or common law of the land.

When lawyers pass the bar exam, they are able operate above board (another shipping term) as a registered officer. This is opposed to being below board which is where the cargo, slaves and criminals are kept. The holding cells in the courts are often below the floor level and the accused are brought up above board into the doc.

When you place your signature on a piece of paper, the line below your signature represents the horizon line and below that line is your name (usually in capital letters). You have just been tricked into relegating yourself from a flesh and blood human being living on the Earth endowed with Creator-given natural rights (represented by your signature), to that of mere cargo / property / chattel / slave / criminal, and you are now bound by the terms and conditions of that agreement.

In the law of the sea (maritime or commercial law), all cargo must be labelled with a name and a title. Do you have a name and a title? (eg. Mr, Mrs, Miss, etc.) Yes. You are property.
Try this: try signing all agreements with the words "all rights reserved" below your signature. This tiny little act will create absolute havoc. Why? Because you are stating that YOU HAVE RIGHTS. Heaven forbid you should have rights.

(In memory of Dr. Johan Joubert, who dedicated his life to bring us this volume of research and knowledge.)

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Banksters Have Taken Control of The World - EXPOSED

George Noory from Coast to Coast Radio - Interviews John Truman Wolfe


is a feature-length documentary that investigates and reveals the root causes of the worldwide economic crash, past, present and where it's headed. An exposé on who's "pulling the strings," and "where the bodies are buried," it explores the gaps between the statements of public figures and their true motives.
Throughout Crisis by Design, complex economic concepts that baffle many will be explained in a simple, direct format. By the end of the film, viewers will be equipped to reach their own conclusions and both understand and survive the global economic collapse. The tone is both entertaining and educational, keeping the audience in suspense until the end, when all of the pieces of the puzzle are assembled for a final reveal.
High production value includes archive footage, dramatic re-enactments, and interviews with global experts. As events change daily, a last-minute production window will be kept open to address the impact of late-breaking news stories and how they align with the film's content, so that the final program will be as relevant as possible.

The Evils of Monsanto

It is no secret that Monsanto’s GMO crops are threatening to both public health and the environment as a whole, but the depth of Monsanto’s corruption is often a less covered topic. It was previously revealed by WikiLeaks that Monsanto has key figureheads in powerful government positions inside the United States, but what’s more interesting is that Monsanto has many — if not all — U.S. diplomats on their payroll. Host Mike Adams talks with GMO researcher Anthony Gucciardi, co-founder of the NaturalSociety website.
RELATED: Letter Shows Monsanto Planted GMOs Before USDA Approval

Watch the interview - Click the link below:
View Monsanto Video Clip

Laws And Words That Enslave Us – Part 1

The Unlawful Deception

 “No one is more enslaved than those who believe they are free.” Anonymous

Our entire legal system is underpinned by Maritime or Admiralty Law, that very few people are even aware of and is guarded by the highest levels of our legal system. It is a great trick of deception that has been played on most of humanity keeping us entangled in a web of confusion about who we really are and our rights as living breathing human beings, while we are treated like numbers by our so-called authorities.
This is a deeply convoluted system that has been evolving for thousands of years. It has nothing to do with justice for the people but everything to do with the control over human beings who are all sovereign and have inalienable rights that they do not know about. It’s about keeping us ignorant so that we can continue to be treated like cargo and possessions.
Most of us are filled with utter shock and disbelief when we first stumble upon this information and many people choose to discard this. We urge you to read this carefully and then do your own research to verify what you find. Share this with everyone you know, because we can only free ourselves from the unlawful control of our people by becoming informed.
Knowledge is power. Let us use this knowledge to lead us toward enlightenment and free ourselves from the unlawful oppression and financial tyranny imposed on the people by a small number of individuals. Now that we know this, it is up to us to liberate ourselves.
Part 1:
Words ending in SHIP include ownership, custodianship, partnership, receivership and of course citizenship (see all 218 words here: are all part of the great deception. The vast majority of these terms are used commercially because commerce originated from shipping merchants. Shipping merchants extended their rituals and practices from the sea onto the land.
This is why you must SHIP your furniture from Vegas to Texas, even though there is not a drop of water in sight. This is also why you need a passport to travel. There are even ports in the air, known as airports which are clear extensions of the laws and rituals of the sea. It is all about money and commerce. 
When driving on a road, one uses a left and right lane. These lanes are symbolic of shipping lanes. Strangely, common city streets have islands which need to be negotiated (like a ship negotiates difficult waters). The person sitting next to the driver is called a passenger. Passengers are paying people who are taken from one place to another on commercial vessels for money.
The assumption is made that you are always doing commerce when driving on a road. Commercial vessels need to insure their cargo. That is why passengers are insured because they are literally considered cargo. Who owns the cargo? Research this yourself to find out just how deep the rabbit hole goes. 
The word "person" means corporation and a person is therefore considered cargo. If a person cannot maintain their commercial integrity, the corporation sinks, the business cannot stay afloat and they are declared insolvent.
A solvent is a liquid in which something can be dissolved. If you have too many illiquid assets, you are insolvent. This is why the word liquidity is used in commercial affairs. Everything is about water and the sea because commercial laws of the sea is about commerce and cargo.
It’s about turning real solid things (on land) into liquid trading commodities (money, commercial paper and negotiable instruments). How the illiquid (the real assets) are linked to the liquid (money) is the most masterful of deceptions and why lawyers are paid huge amounts of money NOT to investigate this.
In summary, it works like this: unless you specify otherwise, YOU ARE THE STATE'S CARGO. However, if you specify to someone who has no idea what you are talking about (like a traffic officer) that you are not cargo, they will look at you very strangely.
See how clever this is: a ship berths in a canal, and its cargo is offloaded into a delivery room where it is accounted for by way of a certificate with a title. Certificates are evidence of commercial value (like a share certificate). 
Is it a coincidence that babies are also born from a birth canal in a delivery room? And a doctor then signs a manifest of live birth and issues a birth certificate in their name? The baby is then registered (the word register comes from Latin rex regus – “for the crown”) and it, the baby, now has a commercial value as property.
This property (cargo) has been gifted to the crown (ie. the government's estate). The state now has a vested commercial interest or share in the value of that property / cargo. That is why your human baby is stripped of all rights and given a commercial value to be traded as part of the national corporation.
Please see the evidence on our website that the SA Government is registered as a Corporation on the US/New York Securities Exchange – allowing it to sell the labour of its people into slavery to invisible shareholders around the world.
If you take a look at your birth certificate, you will see that it does not say what you are (ie. a human being). However, if an animal is born, it gets a certificate specifying “bovine” or “feline” or “equine” or whatever the case may be. Put simply, when a human baby is born, a shadow corporation is formed in the baby’s name. The baby's name then becomes it's title. This cute little corporation only has those rights which the state chooses to give it.
Ask yourself - is a baby born with any natural rights at all (like the right to food and water?) Or does it only have those rights which are granted to it by the state? Well, the state can intervene at any time in the life and education of that child can it not? It can if the child is their precious cargo. This is why the state has the right to remove children from their parents at will, making any excuse it chooses as its legal reason.
Remember, a flesh and blood human being has no natural “legal” standing, only it's shadow corporation (or juristic person) does. This is why the word “human being” is not in Black’s Law Dictionary.
Black's Law Dictionary contains just about every word imaginable. However, if you want a definition of a human being, go back to 1930 and read Ballentines Law dictionary. Next to Human Being it says: “see monster.” I am not kidding.
Ships require navigational instruments to negotiate through rough waters. Instruments used to negotiate the seas of commercial law are negotiable instruments and are used as money. Banks do not use ‘money’, they work with negotiable instruments like Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes – NOT Money. Money is a fancy word used to keep people happy on the other side of the counter.
Just like ships use negotiable instruments, so do merchants (bankers, lawyers and judges) use negotiable instruments between themselves. This is why they always threaten to take a “course of action.” This is very important because if you understand negotiable instruments, the banking and court system begins to unravel and make sense.
For example, a “draft” is not a pint of beer. A draft is a bill of exchange which is an order to pay money. An order to pay money, like a promise to pay money, in a world where money is not backed by any physical resource is, quite literally, the money itself.

(In memory of Dr. Johan Joubert, who dedicated his life to bring us this volume of research and knowledge.)

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Communication And Broadcasting

Telecommunication and broadcasting is a crucial aspect of our lives and our society. It should be freely available to the people.


Until recently, TELKOM was the only fixed line telecommunications company in South Africa. All the technology and installation that allows TELKOM to bring telephone wires to our homes was paid for by the tax payers many times over. Once the lines are installed, there is very little expense to keep them working. If the people paid for all of this, why are we paying to make telephone calls? It is our system that we paid for and we should have the benefit to use it for free or almost free at least.

NEOTEL is a privately owned company, that was recently given the right to operate as a newcomer to the fixed line telecommunication monopoly. The problem with this is that NEOTEL now has the rights to use the fixed line infrastructure that was paid for by the people and belongs to the people.

It is insane to imagine that the people would pay for something and then allow a private company to take ownership of our installations so that they can charge us for making phone calls. This is just another indication how we are being deceived and financially abused by our leaders who are supposed to serve us.

Remember that the country belongs to the people; the land belongs to the people and the AIR WAVES and FREQUENCIES belong to the people. They do not belong to the government or any other corporations that has laid claim to it. We the people need to take it back.

Cellular Communication – Vodacom, Cell C; MTN and others.
Cell phone companies use microwave frequencies, or ‘air waves’ to carry the signal without any wires. These signals and frequencies are transmitted by transmitters scattered all over our country and sometimes they are supported by satellite links.

Cell phone companies are multination corporations that are amongst the most profitable companies in the world. This can be seen by the number of sporting activities they sponsor. They have virtually no cost of delivery once the towers are up and able to transmit. And yet they are raking in billions of Rands off the back of the hard working and poor people of our country.

All these corporations are literally making money, out of THIN AIR. They are extorting money from the people. The airwaves and frequencies are part of the electromagnetic spectrum that makes up the entire universe. It is unthinkable that someone can lay claim to it – something that was created by the divine creator of all. 

But somehow our servants, the government has laid claim to these frequencies and they have given exclusive rights to Vodacom, MTN, and Cell C to use these air waves to extort unimaginable amounts of money from the people of South Africa.

The Airwaves and frequencies above South Africa belong to the people and nobody has the right to lay claim to these. They do not belong to the government or any other corporation that has unlawfully laid claim to these.

The ordinary person will not be given permission to start a cell phone company in competition to the three main giants in South Africa. All this activity by the government and the cell phone companies is unlawful and unconstitutional and is direct conflict with the will of the people.

Research has shown that the microwave frequencies used in cellular phones are extremely harmful to human beings. We will appoint the most knowledgeable scientist and researchers to provide the people with our own information and act accordingly.

It is possible that these frequencies are used as carriers to transmit a variety of frequencies to manipulate our thoughts and more. As farfetched as this sounds at first, there has been much evidence presented by researchers all over the world claiming that this is very real and extremely harmful to humans everywhere.
Broadcasting – Radio & Television

The broadcasting sector is equally monopolised and controlled in South Africa by SABC and Multichoice. The government has stolen these rights from the people and granted them to these two corporations. The government continues to dictate who may start a broadcasting business and who may not.

It is commonly known by those who have done the research into this industry, that the global mainstream media is controlled by the same small number of powerful people with an unlimited supply of money. They use the news as a medium of indoctrination and selling the agenda of the banking political elite. This is why the issuing of broadcasting permits is highly restricted and controlled.

Global news has become the most powerful tool to make people believe what they want us to believe – in most cases it is completely opposite to the truth. Please be objective about this and think about this very important issue. In the entire world of great minds in science, technology, discovery, archaeology, space exploration, new inventions and an infinite spectrum of activity – how is it possible that when you turn on the news, all the major networks are covering exactly the same events and have no real news to share, other than to promote fear amongst the people?

While there may be a number of new private radio and TV stations in South Africa that seem to represent some of the people, the government has made it very difficult to enter this market and will not issue national TV and Radio broadcasting rights to just anyone. It is virtually impossible to start up a broadcasting business by a normal person on the street.

If the airwaves and the radio waves belong to the people, why are the people denied the right to start their own radio and TV stations? We should have hundreds of private stations allowing people of every town or culture to express their views and interact with the rest of the people in South Africa and beyond.
As in every other sector of our society, our servants, the government, have stolen all our rights and granted them to a small number of huge multinational corporations at the expense and great detriment of the people who are continually financially abused by these corporations.  All this activity is unconstitutional, unlawful and needs to be redressed with immediate effect.

Satellite Installations
There are several advanced satellite installations scattered around South Africa that have become highly secretive places and deny access to the public. Like the radio telescopes at Hartebeeshoek. Why is it that the people who pay for these installations and technology do not really know what these are being used for and are denied access? We the people should have access to information about every government and military installation and be informed as to what such sites are being used for.

UBUNTU Plan of action – Communication & Broadcasting
  1. All old legislation and laws that govern this sector will be abolished and will be replaced by new laws that benefit the people and not giant corporations or the government.
  2. All communication done via Telkom or Neotel lines and their infrastructure will be made freely available to all the people. 
  3. The employees of the communications companies will be paid directly by the newly established People’s Bank.
  4. A small monthly fee of a few Rands may be charged for maintenance and upgrades if it is found at all necessary.
  5. All foreign shareholding in all telecommunication companies, including cellular phone companies, will be cancelled with immediate effect. Telecommunication in South Africa must be a benefit to the people and not be a financial gain for foreign shareholders at the expense of the people.
  6. All cell phone companies will be given the opportunity to change their operating models to start providing virtually free cell phone communication to the people.
  7.   This will free up many of the people who work for these companies – in the accounts departments, for example - to follow their passion to do what they choose to do as their contribution to the community and move to a town or city of their choice – not restrained by financial considerations. This is after all the model of UBUNTU – people following their passions, creating abundance by doing so.
  8. Anyone anywhere will be allowed to launch new cellular communication technology as long as they comply with the new laws written by the people.
  9.  A new cellular phone provider of the people will be launched using existing infrastructure.  This will incorporate the latest and most advanced technology possible.
  10.  This new service will be free to the people everywhere, in essence making it impossible for any of the existing cell phone operators to continue exploiting our people.
  11.   We will promote and support ongoing research to constantly improve the technology in these areas and make it available and safe to use by the people immediately.
  12.  The internet will be made stable in South Africa so that it cannot be sabotaged by international internet providers who do not agree with our new approach.
  13.  All internet communication will be provided freely to everyone – in public places and private homes.
  14.   Every school and every student will have access to the internet freely.
  15.   The internet will become a prominent medium to broadcast information to the people freely.
  16.  Everyone will be allowed to start a radio or TV station anywhere in South Africa as long as it complies with the new laws written by the people.
  17. Existing TV and radio monopolies in South Africa will have to adapt to the new way to remain competitive in their service to the people.
  18. All sponsorships of TV and radio programmes, which include sport, will no longer be necessary.
  19.  Sporting activities will be broadcast on a much wider basis – covering as many sporting activities as the people want to see -  not restricted by financial constraints or sponsorships.
  20.  All the new radio and TV stations will require new programmes and live broadcasting of events, news channels and community interest. This will provide a large number of new working opportunities to many thousands of people who want to be involved in radio and TV broadcasting and TV production with all its aspects.
  21.   Independent news channels will be encouraged to cover real news, discoveries, activities, inventions and more of what people should know about – not the propaganda of the global news giants who control the flow of information to keep us ignorant.
  22. All satellite installations and sites including telescopes in South Africa will be accessible to the people and the people will be informed what such installations are being used for all of the time.
  23.  Any devious activity that may be potentially harmful to the people; or any activity that is not for the benefit of the people conducted at these sites will be stopped immediately.
  24. All the satellite installations will be constantly upgraded so that they can keep providing a better service to the people.
  25. The communication and broadcast sector will truly become a medium of sharing knowledge and information by the people – for the people – helping them to achieve abundance on all levels of our society everywhere.


All the fishing towns, communities and villages, have been severely affected by government policies that have prevented thousands of fisherman from fishing and providing for their families. The current policies have destroyed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Fishermen all along our coastline are being fined and arrested for trying to make a living and keep their families alive.

These inhumane policies have opened the doors to international fishing corporations that deplete our coastlines of fish, destroying the ecosystem, and do not benefit the people of South Africa in any way. They export our fish while making billions of Rands profit for international shareholders, while our people go hungry or are put in jail for trying to survive from the sea.

These current policies protect the rights of the corporations and destroy the lives of honest, hard working human beings. Once again this indicates that the rights international corporations are protected vigorously while the rights of humans are being destroyed. Our Bill of Rights is not worth the paper it is written on.
This unlawful and unconstitutional activity will be reversed immediately by the UBUNTU Party and our fisherman and marine experts will play an equally important role alongside the farmers to provide food for the people in abundance and beyond our wildest imagination. This is very simple to achieve by those who know how – not politicians.

The fishermen will be seen as the heroes of the land because they provide a crucially important part of our diet while protecting and maintaining our beautiful coastline.

Plan of Action
  1.  Every coastal town, city and village will play a crucial role in the fisheries sector.
  2.   This will also include other fish farms and fish breeding areas, like trout farms, crocodile breeding and others, that are not necessarily on the coast.
  3.  This activity will include fishing, research, conservation, breeding, packaging, shipping and other activities that will become necessary as this sector becomes reactivated and new needs are identified by the fishing communities and the people they supply.
  4.   As with the farming sector, the Ubuntu Party will give the people involved all the technical support required and provide all the tools and expertise necessary to allow this sector to grow rapidly and deliver according to the needs of the people. Not the needs of international shareholders.
  5.  We will provide marine biologists, scientist, researchers, breeders, conservationists and more to maximise the success of the fisheries and related sectors on all levels.
  6. There will be an immediate ban on any foreign trawlers or fishing boats of any kind within the coastal waters of South Africa, while restoring our ecosystem and providing food for the people.
  7.  The coastal towns will be encouraged to diversify and start to produce all kinds of marine and fresh water produce that was previously not financially viable. Since money is not going to be hurdle to progress, everything will be possible.
  8.  We will support the upgrading of existing research facilities with the latest technology available and create new facilities where there is a need with immediate effect.
  9. This activity will also include the upgrading and expanding of aquariums and other marine aquatic centres, for the purposes of rehabilitation, healing, education, research and more.
  10.  Our fishing towns and villages will provide sea food for the people in abundance and beyond our wildest imagination.


Sunday, 26 August 2012

Health – Hospitals – Pharmaceutics

It is obvious for all to see that the health sector in South Africa is in a deep crisis. Our public hospitals are a disgrace and an insult to the people they are supposed to serve. This is not what the people want nor what we deserve and not what we pay tax for.

Our hospitals are under staffed, badly equipped and a sad reflection of the commitment to delivery by our servants, the government. Ordinary people cannot get any real professional treatment or care at most of our hospitals. This situation is completely unacceptable.

The health of our society and our people starts with a new understanding about what disease really is and how all disease can be treated. Those in the know and those who have done research into this critical aspect of society, are aware that the cure for all disease has been discovered many times over by great minds of the past and present. One of the most famous cases in recent times was Royal Raymond Rife, who in 1931 was credited by the USA medical society as “the man who found the cure for all disease”. Please read more about this on our website and other websites to inform yourselves.

But just like in the petroleum industry, those who make such discoveries are silenced, bribed or even killed to prevent their discoveries reaching the people on a mass scale. The major drug companies have become the distributors of death –NOT cures.

Once you start to discover the incredible deceit and cover-ups of the pharmaceutical industry, it is almost too shocking to believe. We urge you to stay strong and focused because the revelations in this sector are some of the most evil deeds that anyone could have imagined.  It amounts to nothing less than a total onslaught on humanity by the drug companies who are supported by our leaders. These actions are in fact crimes against humanity and need to be exposed to everyone as quickly as possible.

It is very simple – drug companies have no interest in curing people, because if they did, they would go out of business. And the drug business is probably the most lucrative business on this planet. The drug companies profiteer and rake in trillions of dollars from keeping people sick and re-selling them drugs over and over again. It is a simple formula that works better every year and most of us ordinary people believe that they are doing the best they can to find cures for our diseases.

The treatment of cancer alone is a billion dollar industry for these corporations and they will not allow a cure to get in their way. There are thousands of doctors, traditional healers and alternative healers who work on the fringes of the medical industry, successfully treating and curing people every day.

These heroes of our society are treating cancer, aids, tuberculosis, diabetes, and many other so-called incurable diseases, while our servant, the government, is doing everything in their power to stop them from continuing. The mainstream media hardly ever reports on these success stories accurately but rather reduces these brilliant healers to backroom quacks who are playing with people’s lives. This is just a lack of education on the part of our journalists.

Traditional healers have been marginalised and prevented from healing people by new laws and regulations that restrict their access to certain herbs and natural treatments. Every self-respecting doctor will tell you about the health benefits of Marijuana (THC). It is a natural herb that is one of the most effective cures for many diseases, but is constantly turned into an evil drug by the so-called authorities while, legal drugs kill millions of people every year without ever being questioned.

The incredible success that has been demonstrated with vibrational and frequency healing, as well as stem cell treatments, have been covered up and kept out of reach of the people.  This is all done as part of a large agenda to keep people sick and our minds poisoned. Many natural plants and herbs that have been used by healers for thousands of years are systematically made illegal by our governments – why?  

Over the past 100 years, drug companies did the following: They began to identify the active ingredient in plants and herbs that have been used as natural cures for thousands of years. Then they extracted these active ingredients and began to create them synthetically in their laboratories, while at the same time making sure that the original plants were made unavailable or even banned. Then they patented the active ingredient under a new name, giving them virtually complete control of that sector of treatment.

Furthermore, it is a fact that we are being poisoned on a daily basis by virtually everything we consume from the mass food and drug companies that fill the shelves in the supermarkets. The preservatives, flavourants, colourants, sweeteners, and many other secret ingredients that are given strange names like E211 and so on, are mostly toxic to our bodies. The hormones in our beef and chicken have a long list of lasting negative effects on humans.

A study at Harvard University has shown that Fluoride is a neurotoxin that causes severe I.Q. depression. It does NOT help prevent cavities. This was one of the greatest deceptions unleashed on humanity.

Aspartame, that is used as a sweetener in most restaurants, is a powerful neurotoxin with much research and evidence to support this, and yet it has become one of the most widely used poisons in all the sugar-free soft drinks slowly poisoning our minds and killing our ability to think clearly. The government bodies like the FDA in the USA and MCC in South Africa are well aware of this and yet they do nothing about it.

Overwhelming evidence shows that vaccines are not really cures for flu and chicken pox, but rather voluntary injections of a cocktail of genetically engineered drugs that trigger a variety of diseases at various points in our lives. We have become the lambs that walk to our own slaughter by accepting vaccines in our naive ignorance. This is why our governments have made it compulsory to vaccinate our children and why children will not be admitted to school unless they have been vaccinated.

Monsanto’s genetically modified foods and the fertilisers and chemicals they force our farmers to use have been causing a growing number of related health problems. It is now very clear that humanity is under attack by unscrupulous giant corporations involved in keeping us sick.

As unthinkable as this may be to most of us, it is a simple plan by those that implement it, and it has worked very well for a long time, while many people still defend these actions in their ignorance. Please see the various links to documents and research to inform yourself – ignorance will get you nowhere and keep you thinking that you are free.

UBUNTU Plan of Action.
  1.  Every community, town or village will have the most sophisticated hospital, trauma unit, emergency facility, treatment and healing centre imaginable. We call these ‘healing centres’ because we do actually expect to heal and cure people instead of just sustaining them and curing the symptoms.
  2.  Every existing hospital or clinic will be upgraded to meet these requirements and the needs of the people immediately.
  3.  These Healing Centres will be large enough to service their community with ease and never run the risk of being unable to meet the demand of their community.
  4.  Healing Centres will be designed and adapted differently from our current hospitals to create the necessary environments that promote healing in every way.
  5.   The Healing Centres will be well staffed with healers from diverse backgrounds to promote the growth of new and alternative healing and not just the currently accepted methods.
  6.   The Healing Centres will also be used as training centres, where those interested in the healing will learn hands on by the healers in every field.
  7. Birthing Centres will be established in every community and treated as separate from Healing Centres. Because giving birth is not a disease.
  8. The UBUNTU Party will declare all questionable activities by the drug companies  unlawful with immediate effect.
  9. We will appoint a new independent  group of medical scientists and researchers, supported with the most advanced equipment and technology, to investigate all existing drugs whether legal or illegal, and give the people a new scientific perspective on the positive or negative effects of these substances.
  10.  All traditional healers, and alternative healers, Sangomas and Shaman,  will be given all the respect they deserve in their service to the people they treat.
  11. We will promote the work of traditional healers and alternative healers who have been marginalised and belittled by the medical and drug industry for their own financial benefit.
  12.  Give all the support necessary for the cultivation and production of plants and herbs to support the traditional healers, homeopaths and others.
  13.  Every Healing Centre will have a research laboratory attached to it where our brilliant scientists can do ongoing research into a diverse areas of healing.
  14.   Any new discovery will be shared with the people of South Africa and the world immediately and not kept as a secret to benefit only a few.
  15.   We will vigorously support extensive research into vibrational and frequency healing made famous by Raymond Rife and others.
  16. We will vigorously support the development and use of Stem Cell treatment – because our research has shown that stem cell treatment has already been successfully used in curing virtually all disease, including the growing of organs and even severed limbs. This has been one of the best kept secrets of the drug cartels.
  17.  Communities will have the freedom to determine what they need in this area, based on their own experience and agreed to by the Council of Elders in each community. These decisions will be activated immediately giving the people of the community all the tools necessary to deliver, build or grow whatever the community has decided.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Russian Lawmakers Seek to Strip Central Bank of Independence

Interesting developments in Russia regarding banking and the supply of money. Not the solution according to us but a start in the right direction. It clearly shows that everyone has had enough of the global monopolies of the banksters. 

The Moscow Times
22 August 2012 ByHoward Amos

A group of Duma deputies is seeking to deprive the Central Bank of its interest rate setting powers, saying that it was set up as a tool of the U.S. government, in a move that has provoked hilarity and incredulity among experts.

Transferring the ability to determine interest rates to the government will "enliven the Russian economy and create new jobs," said United Russia Deputy Yevgeny Fyodorov, who is also a member of the Duma's Budget and Tax Committee.

Friday, 24 August 2012

UBUNTU Party Will Evict Monsanto From South Africa

Brazilian Court Demands Nestle Label GMO Ingredients

Another victory has been declared in the battle against the unscrupulous activities of Monsanto and GMO ingredients. According to a major Brazilian business publication and GMWatch, a Brazilian court has demanded that multi-billion dollar food giant Nestle label all of their products as genetically modified that have over 1% GMO content. The ruling reportedly coincides with Brazilian law which demands all food manufacturers alert consumers to the presence of GMOs within their products.
The UBUNTU Party intends to declare Monsanto's activity unlawful and stop all their operations in South Africa with immediate effect, while converting their advanced genetic laboratories to work towards restoring the damage they have caused the farmers and the entire agricultural sector with their poisons and fertilizers. We will claim damages that will run into billions of US dollars for the damage they have done and their exploitative activities in their efforts to monopolise the food production and supply in the world.

See original article below.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

HOPI Elders Speak - New Age Will Rise From South Africa

In the early 1980s, the Hopi Elders from Arizona came to meet with the African Elders, Shamans and knowledge keepers, to discuss the coming of the NEW AGE. Among the wise elders of Africa was Baba Credo Mutwa (Sanusi Shaman) who confirmed this in my last meeting with him in Sept 2011.

The Hopi people believe that the New Age for humanity will rise from South Africa. This is truly fascinating, because all ancient cultures talk about the great cycles of time - the rise and fall of civilisations - and every one of the elders is very clear that humanity originated here in southern Africa. But not necessarily in the way that conventional history teaches us. It therefore follows cause that if the "end days will be as the first days" as the ancients tell us, the New Age will have to rise from South Africa to continue the great flow of energetic cycles.

We are in the end days of the last great cycle and the dawn of a whole New Age for humanity. Let us embrace every day with this exciting prospect that the elders all know about. Let us honour our ancestors and the wisdom of the ancients. Let us heal the great separation from our ancestors that was imposed on us by the colonizers in the late1400s as they did to almost every native population around the planet. 

Read the words of the Hopi Elders and rejoice in their wisdom. Let the elders of South Africa rise up and be heard once again.
Love & Light
Michael Tellinger

Hopi Elders' Statement

"You have been telling people
that this is the eleventh hour.
Now you must go back and tell people
that this is the hour!

And there are things to be considered:
Where are you living?
What are you doing?
What are your relationships?
Are you in right relation?
Where is your water?
Know your Garden.

It is time to speak your truth.
Create your community.
Be good to yourself.
And not look outside of yourself
for a leader.
This could be a good time!

There is a river flowing very fast.
It is so great and fast
that there are those who will be afraid.
They will hold on to the shore.
They will feel that they are being torn apart, and they will suffer greatly.

Know that the river has its destination.
The elders say that
we must let go of the shore,
push off into the middle of the river,
keep our eyes open,
and our heads above the water.
See who is in there with you
and celebrate.

At this time we are to take nothing personally, least of all, ourselves.
For the moment that we do,
our spiritual growth comes to a halt.

The time of the lone wolf is over.
Gather yourselves!
Banish the word struggle
from your attitude and your vocabulary.

All that we do now must be done
in a sacred manner and in celebration.

We are the ones that we have been waiting for."

The Elders, Oraibi, Arizona Hopi Nation

ESKOM Deceives the People - Wastes 368 Billion Rand

This information was taken from the ESKOM website on the 22nd Dec 2010.

It clearly shows that ESKOM has spent 368 Billion Rand on upgrades in 2010. In a country of an estimated 50 million people, this means that ESKOM has spent an average R7360-00 per person, including babies. This is an average of R30,000 per 4 person household.

NOW – do you still think that ESKOM is trying to help the people of South Africa to get cheaper electricity? They are abusing the people, lying to the people and acting unlawfully against the people of South Africa.

 Capacity expansion programme by project (including interest capitalised) 

Total approved project cost
Total inception to date expenditure

6 061  
5 739  

7 803  
7 107  

12 965  
8 402  

1 973  
1 035  

1 496  
1 233  

Matla refurbishment  
3 564  

2 450  

Majuba rail  
4 235  

21 800  
6 131  

OCGT and Gas 1  
8 762  
7 861  

3 356  

141 500  
14 697  

125 500  
32 076  


Camden rail  

Transmission projects  
26 800  
13 623  

368 513  
98 940  

It is evident from ESCOM financials and website that it has taken a loan by floating a BOND or several BONDS through the government on the international stock markets. This is a form of securitisation where the promissory notes, or contracts containing the signatures of all ESCOM customers are sold to third-party investors as surety for future payments. This is unethical, unconstitutional and contrary to the greater public interest of the people, in essence selling the people of South Africa into slavery to outsiders.

The founders of the UBUNTU Party have extensive experience and knowledge of these deceptive activities from part of the legal action that we brought against all the major banks in South Africa, the South African Reserve Bank, and the Minister of Finance in the Supreme courts and even the Constitutional Court, in an attempt to declare the actions of the banks unconstitutional. So far we have not been successful, while millions of people lose everything due to the unlawful and fraudulent activities of the banks that are supported by the courts and judges. For more in this please see

This is a highly convoluted system of manipulating money so that very few people actually understand how it all works – but it exposes the deceptive and unethical behaviour of our government and ESCOM.

If this is the case, which we believe it to be, it also means that there should be no more outstanding debt by ESCOM, and that the bank is profiteering from each and every one of us. We the people should not be held liable for any such debt created on our behalf, without our knowledge, because the bank and ESCOM has lost all rights or ‘locus standi’ to the amount of the loan from the moment it was sold and securitised.  The loan is already paid off and we should have free electricity.

This is only a short introduction to the underhanded and deceptive actions of our leaders, together with the international bankers. We send them love and we hope that they recognise the harm they are causing us all and change their ways.