Sunday, 10 August 2014


I will be doing a short tour of the USA in 2014 – Short notice but hopefully highly impactful:
My 2014 USA tour started with 4 presentations at Contact In The Desert - Joshua Tree, CA. With sold out record attendances.

This is my 5th annual trip to the USA and I can hardly believe it. 2014 has been the most insanely busy year of my life, during which I presented the UBUNTU Contributionism philosophy in 10 countries and participated in the South African elections with the UBUNTU Party on the 7th May.
Louise and I are completely exhausted and I have personally been on the road since 17 Jan 2014 spreading the UBUNTU message. Therefore my tour of the USA is a very short and impromptu one but we look forward to connecting with many of our friends in the USA, mainly on the west coast.
While I still outline the discoveries and the science behind the stone circles and Adam’s Calendar, I will be sharing much more about the UBUNTU philosophy and what we have achieve so far with the global UBUNTU movement, which now has members in over 215 countries.
As I write this, there are UBUNTU political parties being planned and registered in over 8 countries, including Canada, USA, Australia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, England and others. It is therefore not far-fetched to imagine an UBUNTU Party in several parliaments of the world within the next 4 years – injecting the spirit of consciousness into the political beast at the parliamentary level. Ten years ago, this would have sounded totally unimaginable and more like a romantic drama theme.
I hope to see you at one of these events. Please share this widely. More details and online bookings are on this website:
Love & light - Michael of the family Tellinger.

Friday, 11 July 2014

UBUNTU Keeps Growing And Growing Around The World

It is with great excitement that we see this humble little movement growing into over 200 countries of the world. UBUNTU Parties are being established in around 6 countries other than South Africa right now and more are in planing. The main activity is in Canada, Germany, Austria, UK, USA and Australia. Our UBUNTU Planet online hub is almost ready for launch to connect everyone.

I would like to remind you that we are the ones we have been waiting for. Liberating ourselves from financial slavery and the criminal banking elite that control our governments is not going happen on its own - we have to activate it, and the universe will respond. Thank you Albert - for sharing your full wisdom with us - few truly understood you. Maybe they will listen now. Join the UBUNTU Movement wherever you are. Become a seed of consciousness in your area. 

I will be sharing the latest update with everyone on the many community projects we are activating and initiating in our home base of Waterval Boven - South Africa. We have a growing number of the community supporting us, the youth movement active and the seeds of the Council of Elders have been planted. We continue against regular interference by so-called authority and our main objective is to convert the vandalised abandoned town hall into the main UBUNTU Community Centre. More news and pictures in the next article. Love & Light - Michael Tellinger

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Support the UBUNTU Movement - Make a small monthly donation if you can afford it

Please Support the UBUNTU Movement to Stay Alive And Strong.
Make a small monthly donation of $10 or more to help us keep going. Our aim is to reach 1000 monthly donors of $10 each. Please click here and choose the monthly option that you can manage.
This will ensure that all our expenses are met and we can pay the salaries and commitments to those that are working full time at the UBUNTU Village HQ, and others who have devoted their lives to making UBUNTU grow around the world. At this time we have about 248 monthly donors. While this is a great start and we greatly appreciate those who have committed themselves - we have to keep increasing this support to guarantee our survival in this brutal system which we are changing.
If the UBUNTU message resonates with your heart and you can afford a small donation every month - please do so. It will help us a great deal and remove a lot of stress from myself and Louise to keep the UBUNTU movement going from month to month - It has been a tough journey for six years, which is easing as the global support grows. 

In love, light and unity - Michael Tellinger

Michael Tellinger on Tour in AUSTRALIA

I will be on a mini tour of Australia 19 July to 2 August 2014. Please see details below and spread the word.
I will share my research about the vanished civilisations of South Africa, stone circles, Adams' Calendar; the advanced technology, Sacred Stones, and the science behind it. We will explore the road that led us to UBUNTU Contributionism during which I will cover the global growth of UBUNTU which is now represented in over 200 countries.
We will talk about our experience in the South African elections which has resulted in the launching of UBUNTU Parties in about 125 countries of the world, creating a trans-border global movement of consciousness infiltrating the political platforms of the world, providing a true light of hope for all of humanity.
The details of cities and venue are below. More to follow soon also on my website - Hope to see you in Oz.
In love & light Michael.

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Perth: Saturday 19th July;  6.30—9.30pm
Mount Hawthorn Main Hall, 197 Scarborough Beach Rd., Mount Hawthorn

Sydney: Wednesday 23rd July;  7—10pm
Wesley Conference Centre, 220 Pitt Street, Sydney

NE NSW: Saturday 26th July;  7—10pm
Mullum Civic Hall, 55 Dalley Street, Mullumbimby

Brisbane: Wednesday 30th July;  6.30—9.30pm
The Albion Peace Centre, 102 McDonald Road, Windsor (opp Albion Railway Stn)
Enquiries:  Glennys Mackay,  07 3849 6450  or email:

TICKETS: $30 each at the door ($45 for couples), or pre-paid via NEXUS Magazine

SE Qld: Saturday August 2nd; 2.30—4pm
NEXUS Conference,  Novotel Twin Waters Resort.

SE Qld: Saturday August 2nd; 2.30—4pm

Saturday, 31 May 2014

UBUNTU Message Spreads Throughout Canada

 I am on a tour of Canada, spreading the UBUNTU message and showing people that there is hope for humanity - that we can get out of the financial misery that most of us are entangled in - and that there is a simple solution to all our problems. It is called UBUNTU Contributionism.

I will be doing my presentation in Montreal this Saturday 31 MAY at the Palais des congrès de Montréal 159 St Antoine St W. This is a full day event that starts at 9am and also features Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot fame, and Richard Dolan, one of the world's leading researchers into the mystery of UFOs.

Please see the tour website for all the details on the rest of the tour and the 8 more venues all the way to Vancouver.

Friday, 16 May 2014

March Against Monsanto 24 May 2014

The UBUNTU Liberation Movement wholeheartedly supports the complete eradication of genetically modified organisms from all our food supplies and the expulsion of Monsanto and other GMO organisations from South Africa.

Please see this link and join the activation toward this end.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

UBUNTU Faces $60K Loss in South African Elections

Please help the UBUNTU movement recover from the devastating financial loss in the South African elections. 

We went into these elections with a support base of close to 1 million people. These were 160,000 members of NewERA; my personal database of about 20,000, and an additional 20,000 subscribers to UBUNTU. We had a further 800,000 sms – message responses from people who said that they liked UBUNTU and our philosophy.
We therefore expected at least 45,000 votes for one seat in parliament. It is now clear from various reports, that there was gross manipulation of the votes to prevent us from reaching parliament, as this would have been very damaging for the crooked Reserve Bank. 
Our exclusion from reaching parliament means that we lose all the money spent on our election campaign, while parties that make it, get all the marketing money refunded. During the last two weeks I threw everything we had at the campaign in the absolute belief that we had crossed the entry threshold.  This has left us with a huge financial hole and loss of around $60,000 or R600,000.
This could be devastating for our young movement. So please share this with those that followed our road to the elections and resonate with our message. It is ironic that the thing that we are trying to eradicate from society is the thing that is harming us in the process - money.
Please make a donation if you can to help us recover, or become a monthly donor towards the UBUNTU movement, which will help us cover the debt over the next few months.  Click the link to make a contribution.
In the mean time we have gained strong support from the community and we continue with plans to turn Waterval Boven into the first UBUNTU village that functions on the principles of Contributionism.
In pure truth – Michael of the family Tellinger.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

After Elections Message

And so, the South African elections 2014 are over and I need to thank so many people in South Africa and around the world. I feel deeply honoured and humbled by the number of people that have written to us urging us on, and for the words of encouragement, and the moral, physical, financial and spiritual support that you gave the UBUNTU team during this strange time.
We now know that we are a part of a rapidly growing family of united and conscious beings on a path to true freedom for all of humanity and I see this event as the trigger for other UBUNTU movements in all countries of the world.

 My special thanks and gratitude goes to more than 1,500 volunteers and people that offered us their help physically on the ground in the last 2 weeks before the elections. For distributing pamphlets, putting up posters, doing house calls, radio interviews and addressing people in small gatherings around South Africa. The seeds you planted will grow and your efforts will be rewarded in the months to come as we begin a more visible effort to spread the UBUNTU Contributionism philosophy and start implementing many community projects.
Unfortunately, the results were a far cry from what we truly envisioned. UBUNTU received 8234 votes, where we needed about 45,000 for one seat in parliament. We were hoping for at least 50,000 votes from a support base of around 200,000 NewEra and UBUNTU subscribers and a further 800,000 sms supporters. So I would be lying if I said that I was not disappointed.
Not because UBUNTU did not get a seat - but because of the realisation that humanity is so mentally enslaved, so traumatized and so battered by the slave masters, that we keep giving them back the whip to be beaten some more. The fear factor in humanity seems to be much stronger than I imagined. Instead of voting for saving ourselves and for true change in our lives, we vote for safety in numbers where we believe the others will vote.
As I write this, I feel completely drained and exhausted from the events of the past three weeks and I will need to take some time to recharge. BUT - this will last for a day or two, and our journey will continue. We have much work to do to inform and enlighten and allow those that are still sleeping to wake up and join us on this path to true freedom and enlightenment.
We will form new partnerships and alliances with some of the other smaller political parties that we met at the elections who resonate with our message and with this new united front, and stronger in numbers, we will begin initiating the many community projects at the UBUNTU Village in Waterval Boven and other towns as soon as we can.
A special word of thanks, honour and gratitude to my beloved Louise Clarke, Sid Organe, Stephen Goodson, Scott Cundill, Shirree Leone, and the three volunteers Mkhanyeli Khumalo, Tshepo Mosielele, and Candice Murray who were with us side by side at the IEC election centre.
Our journey has just begun – let us keep our eyes and intention on the road and the goal of UBUNTU for all.
In love & light - Michael of the family Tellinger.

PS: Please get a copy of the UBUNTU Contributionism book and share it with those that need guidance. I will be on tour of Canada from 24 May - please see my website for details.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Ubuntu Party Leaders cast their vote!

Louise Clarke and Michael Tellinger cast their vote for the Ubuntu Party at around 9am this morning in this historic election day during which the truth of our economic and financial enslavement has been blown wide open.  Finally the people understand that the division, the separation, the hardship and all our human misery has been imposed on us by the banking system.  The Ubuntu Party will correct this by liberating people out of debt slavery and replacing the private banking sector which includes the Reserve Bank with a People's Bank that issues money for the people by the people tax free and interest free allowing people to live in unity, prosperity and abundance.


Louise and I have successfully cast our votes in our home town of Waterval Boven this morning, in what is turning out to be true historic election in South Africa.
Confirmed reports from all over South Africa have been reaching us, indicating that many people are turning their back on other parties and voting for UBUNTU in search of real progress - real change and no more hot air an empty promises. It seems that people are really resonating with the truth about how the banking industry has enslaved us all for life - UBUNTU seems to be the only party with a real plan to rescue our people from this economic enslavement.
VOTE UBUNTU - Vote for a People's Bank - Money for the people, by the people.
Let's get to parliament and get on the road to freedom from financial slavery.
In love and unity - Michael Tellinger