Thursday, 20 October 2016

Balance of Power & Control

As more and more police and military veterans and other security forces stand up against the tyranny of our governments to expose the truth - the control and power will slip from their fingers and their commands to shoot at their own kin will fall on deaf ears. I do believe that this will be the true shift in the balance of power from the elite back to the people - when the many "forces" that are supposed to protect the people, will realise how they have been used as tools of enslavement against their own mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters and they will turn on their employers - as they side with people and refuse to obey their orders to shoot.
We the people are the 99.99% - keep reminding yourselves of this and remind everyone around you. We are creating a new reality and a new way forward with the UBUNTU Movement - without the need for opposition, violence, conflict or resistance. As we create our new system and a paradise on Earth, the old system will simply fade away and very quickly it will be a distant memory - when people realise how easy it is to create abundance and prosperity through cooperation and collaboration. 
Join the UBUNTU Movement today and become a seed of consciousness in your area. 
In unity and resonance - Michael Tellinger

Monday, 17 October 2016

Message from Michael Tellinger - 16 October 2016

Plan of Action for UBUNTU 2017 

ONE SMALL TOWN Can change the world. 
Join the UBUNTU Movement today and invite your friends to join us. As we grow and spread the message our journey becomes easier every step of the way.
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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Please Watch This if You Are New to The UBUNTU Movement

Michael Tellinger's UBUNTU Presentation - LONDON - 9 April 2016

Part 1: Ancient advanced civilisations; Rise of the royal bloodlines;

Part 2: Please watch this if you are new to the UBUNTU movement.

Part 3: Plan of action and strategy for SA elections in August 2016

"ONE SMALL TOWN" Can change the world!

The new global UBUNTU plan of action for 2017  

"ONE SMALL TOWN" Can change the world! - is about to be released any day. While in the USA, during Sept 2016 we had a powerful strategic meeting with several of the UBUNTU USA team core members and agreed on our new strategy and plan of action that we all believe will be unstoppable.

The ONE SMALL TOWN plan is a solid model which will unite people and their political leaders while providing unimaginable opportunities for conscious millionaires to come to the rescue of the many stagnant or failing small towns in the USA and all over the world.

We are creating communities of abundance, where people live united in support of each other - instead of living divided in fear of each other - and where everything and anything is possible, because there are no hurdles or restrictions to progress. This plan will be implemented in all countries with minor modifications, through the core management teams in each country.

We are now truly starting to pave the highway of unity across all borders and cultural divides, out of the matrix of economic enslavement, and manifesting our own UTOPIAN reality that so many of us have wished for all our lives. A new society where the need for "money" is no longer relevant.

There are many movements that share great knowledge and information with people of the world, but at this stage it seems that the UBUNTU Movement is the only movement with a plan for the future, and a NEW SYSTEM. The plan is simple and easily achievable. All we have to do is unite and work in cooperation and collaboration. If anyone tells you otherwise, they are trying to mislead you or keep you trapped in the matrix.

Anonymous, is planing large gatherings to voice the people's unhappiness with global affairs and stating that we urgently need a new PLAN. I urge everyone to notify the Anonymous Group that UBUNTU has a plan - and to help spread the awareness of our plan to the world.

We are creating a new alternative and a new way ahead for all of humanity - without any violence, resistance, or opposition to anyone. As we create this new reality and a new system for ourselves in our united communities, the old system will simply wither and fade away.

In the days to come, I will be reaching out to all countries to establish the core UBUNTU management teams that will receive detailed training regarding the Plan of Action so that they can present it to their own towns accurately.

In unity and resonance
Michael Tellinger

Friday, 14 October 2016

Something Interesting Brewing in Spain.

Spain Hasn’t Had a Federal Government for the Last 9 Months and People Love It
This has created a possible climate for the UBUNTU Plan to take root in a small town and lead by example.
By Derrick Broze, The AntiMedia - Waking Times Media
Although Spain can hardly be called a stateless society as it is now, it is certainly providing an example of what people will do when the State cannot — or will not — help the people.

For more than nine months, Spain has existed without a traditional national government. In the face of this lack of central authority and planning, Spaniards have done the impossible: they have survived without a government.

The New York Times recently reported on this phenomenon:
“After two gruelling national elections in six months, and with a third vote possible in December, no party has won enough seats or forged the coalition needed to form a government. For the first time in Spain’s four decades as a modern democracy, this country of 47 million people has a caretaker government.”
Spanish politicians warned the people that allowing the national government to fade away could have disastrous effects. However, as the New York Times notes, “the crisis seems to have offered a glimpse of life if politicians simply stepped out of the way. For many here, it has not been all that bad.”

“No government, no thieves,” Félix Pastor, a language teacher, told the Times. Pastor said the people of Spain were better without a government because the politicians were unable to cause any more harm. Rafael Navarro, a 71-year old pharmacy owner in Madrid, told the Times that “Spain would be just fine if we got rid of most of the politicians and three-fourths of government employees.”

Despite the lack of government at the moment, life goes on without interruption. Welfare recipients in Spain are still receiving their benefits, and basic government employees are still paid. The streets are not littered with trash, and public trains and buses continue to operate.
However, there are some major differences from life with a national government. Spain has been unable to pass national legislation, handle foreign affairs, or fund new government projects. This means no new invasive, authoritarian laws can be passed by corrupt government officials.

Of course, local governments are still capable of creating projects that will benefit their local communities. Santiago Lago Peñas, an economics professor in the Galicia region of northwest Spain, told the Times that “[f]or a Spanish citizen, the most relevant government is the regional one.” While it is always possible for corruption to exist, even within a local “government” or council, communities are more able to combat dangerous behavior from smaller, local institutions.

The beauty of the situation in Spain is that most of the public seems perfectly content to continue on without a national government. “Only 2.3 percent of respondents in a July poll by Spain’s Center for Sociological Investigations considered the lack of government the country’s major problem,” Vox recently reported.
To read the original article in full click the link below.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Online Workshop With Michael Tellinger

29 Oct 2016 at 9 - 11am - Pacific Standard Time USA

Join me for an ONLINE WORKSHOP on 29 October from 9-11 am PST USA time. Click on the link below to register.

We will get into the exciting area of so-called FREE Energy - Breakthrough technology and advanced ancient civilisations that left behind scientific evidence of their own very advanced silicon-based technology. The torus stones; Klerksdorp Wonder Spheres; cone shaped tools and much more gripping information that keeps stretching our open minds. I will also touch upon the controversial subject of the Flat Earth, my personal experience with this, and things that we should look out for on that subject. In my experience of the past 12 months, this has become the Elephant in the room that no-one is comfortable talking about - but it has to be addressed in our quest for truth, higher knowledge and exposing the lies that enslave us. Hope to see you there on the 29th.
In unity and resonance - Michael Tellinger

Friday, 30 September 2016

NBC Channel 5 Vermont Features UBUNTU Workshop

Ubuntu founder to appear at workshop in Bolton - Searching for one small town, for U.S. utopia

Updated: 3:08 PM EDT Sep 30, 2016
Michael Tellinger is making his third trip to Vermont in the last decade to present what he called "the plan of action" to interested residents. It's a plan he hopes will take hold, somewhere in the U.S., before much longer. "We need one small town," he said this week. "One that's not too small, not too big."
That one town, he said, could become a global model for his idea of utopia, a community where residents and businesses all work together, rather than in competition with one another. In Tellinger's view, banks and money are the root of most evil.
"I was invited by the people of this town who believe there was a cohesive feeling in this community, so the people could start working together as a united group of people, who could start creating everything imaginable that can be done here," Tellinger told NBC 5.
"From the (Bolton Valley) ski resort that could become a huge global attraction, bring more and more people here, creating more business opportunities, but turning those into community driven projects, so that everyone benefits from it."

To read the full article click the link below:

Michael Tellinger - At the Lotus Lodge Inn - Bolton Valley VT USA. Venue for the UBUNTU Workshop

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Full Day UBUNTU Workshop & Live Stream

This Saturday 1st Oct 2016 - from the Lotus Lodge Inn - Bolton Valley, Vermont.
10am - 5pm EST
Click on the link below to join the Live Stream.

This is one of the most critical UBUNTU workshops since our launch in 2005. We will be sharing the full plan of action and implementation of our NEW strategy for the USA which will be replicated in all other countries with slight variations.
We expand on the strategy applied in the South African elections in August 2016 - ONE SMALL TOWN - Can change the world.
Please join me in the Live Stream if you cannot be there and share this as widely as possible and let us grow the UBUNTU spirit as widely as possible.
In unity and resonance -
Michael Tellinger

Monday, 12 September 2016

Largest Strike in Human History

150 Million Indians go on Strike

Humanity is rising up in unimaginable numbers against the economic exploitation of people everywhere. The banksters' game is up - it's just a matter of time for the critical mass to spill over in favour of human beings. As long as we have a plan of action to take us out of the mass mind-numbing hypnotic state of slave mentality, we will create a world of abundance and prosperity for all in no time. Read the UBUNTU Contributionism book and learn about the UBUNTU plan of action on our website and share it, if it resonates with you. All it takes is collaboration and cooperation. But this remains one of the most difficult things to achieve - to get people to work together for the benefit of all. Most of us have been so traumatized by the capitalist corporate abuse, that we struggle with this simple concept. And somehow the money slavery system keeps pulling us back in its grind - to survive another day. It is evident how the money slavery system was created to destroy anything that tries to overcome it. Join the UBUNTU movement here: - and become a seed of Consciousness in your area. 
In unity and resonance - Michael Tellinger

Exclusive Fund-raising Dinner with Michael Tellinger in New York.

For the past 7 years the UBUNTU Movement was mostly funded by the money I raised from my talks and presentations and book sales - and generous donations from supporters around the world. On my upcoming trip to the USA I will be doing fewer talks than normal. To make up for this - we have arranged an exclusive dinner to find the high nett-worth individuals who resonate with the UBUNTU spirit and possibly want to play a more active role in the expansion of the philosophy in the USA. Please join us if you are one of those beautiful beings on the 24th Sept 2016. Contact Brandon Shalton for details at:
See you soon in the USA. In Unity & Resonance - Michael Tellinger