Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Message From Michael Tellinger - 2016 Municipal Elections South Africa

Our campaign for the 12 smallest municipalities has begun.

REMEMBER - that one appointed UBUNTU mayor will have a much bigger impact on his community than ten elected members of parliament. The UBUNTU mayor can implement the UBUNTU plan of action immediately, launch the community projects and initiate the transformation of our town within days - based on the party manifesto. That is why this strategy is so important - we are about to change the future of our planet for the greater good of every living breathing human being - and it starts with ONE SMALL TOWN.

Please choose from the following monthly amounts you can afford

 For those who prefer a direct bank deposit please use the following account. 

UBUNTU PLANET NPC ( Non Profit Company)
Registration number: 2014/158534/08 
First National Bank- Hyde Park Johannesburg
Account Number 62545939003
Branch code: 254005

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Re- Activation of UBUNTU's Funding Channel

After PayPal suddenly closed our account, some 2 weeks ago, we were left high and dry. They simply kept all the money without any explanation. I requested a detailed reason for their action but have had no response yet. I was able to activate a new funding channel today that will hopefully keep us going with your continued support.
If you were one of the generous monthly contributors towards UBUNTU, no need to worry, your payments were cancelled automatically.
BUT we urge you to please re-subscribe to a monthly donation and urge others to support us if you can - especially now in the run-up to the South African. I will be launching our official Crowd Funding Campaign for the 2016 Municipal elections within days.
Remember that we are aiming for R2,5 million or $200,000 to make a real impact in the 12 smallest municipalities and WIN at least one of them - to create the first domino effect.

Please subscribe to a small monthly contribution that you can afford below. 

Please choose from the following monthly amounts you can afford

For those who prefer a direct bank deposit please use the following account. 

UBUNTU PLANET NPC ( Non Profit Company)
Registration number: 2014/158534/08 
First National Bank- Hyde Park Johannesburg
Account Number 62545939003
Branch code: 254005

Saturday, 7 November 2015

UBUNTU PLANET Non Profit Company - Ready to receive future donations


UBUNTU PLANET NPC ( Non Profit Company)
Registration number: 2014/158534/08 
First National Bank- Hyde Park Johannesburg
Account Number 62545939003
Branch code: 254005

It has take me more than 2 years to successfully create a Non-profit company connected to UBUNTU that can receive funding and donations for reasons that are too strange and mysterious. The UBUNTU Party was denied opening a bank account 2 years ago by First National Bank, when I received a letter from the the CEO, Michael Jordaan himself refusing to open an account for UBUNTU Party.

FNB is the only bank that links to PayPal in South Africa and the only bank in our town of Waterval Boven. This made it very tough for us to continue raising funds and donations. But somehow we survived and made it work - not without constant harassment from PayPal, so much so, that they finally closed our account this week and froze all our funds. They will remain frozen for 180 days.

But we got the new UBUNTU PLANET NPC (Non profit company) registered and opened our bank account for receiving all future funds and donations in divine time it seems. Proof of registration from the Registrar's office is below. We will open a new PayPal account connected to this NPC to make it easier for international donations.
Please continue to support us financially - as this is the avenue chosen by the elite to always destroy any possible opposition. We need to raise $200,000 or R2,5 million to make ourselves heard and seen in the 2016 municipal elections and win just one local municipality.
In resonance & unity
Michael Tellinger

UBUNTU Austria Update

Thank you Gernot Gauper for organising the UBUNTU meetings in Austria - your efforts are amazing and have now planted the strong UBUNTU seed in the heart of Europe. 

We did a whirlwind tour of Vienna, Graz and Salzburg in 2 days November 4 & 5. Absolutely mind blowing response from the people in Austria.
UBUNTU Austria is alive and well - ready to start launching the UBUNTU Party with a very amazing group of people. Thank you to all those who attended our meetings and shared their energy and knowledge, especially Salwa, who travelled with us to do the translations and Hannes who drove us from Graz to Salzburg, Andreas and Bianca from Gaudi, AND Prof. Franz Hormann who shared his knowledge and support. Keep spreading the message. We are the ones we have been waiting for. Let Austria be the life-force of a new age in the EU.
PS: Even the Austrians are under attack from the skies by ongoing chemtrail poisoning. Here are some wonderful moments from this trip.
Join the UBUNTU movement by signing up on the website here: http://www.ubuntuparty.org.za/p/join-us.html


Tuesday, 20 October 2015


South African Municipal Elections 2016 

Proposed Municipalities for UBUNTU Election Campaign

If you live in any towns under these municipalities and you would like to become a candidate for the UBUNTU Party 2016 Local Municipal Elections – please fill in the form on this link:  http://journeys.ubuntuplanet.org/bf.php?fid=3493
You can also email us on ubuntucandidates@gmail.com

Below are the smallest municipalities in each of the nine provinces of South Africa. While our objective is to find suitable candidates in 12 of these small municipalities and support those as much as we can, we will do our best to also support all other candidates from larger towns around South Africa, with pamphlets, banners and social media to the best of our ability. It is critical that we have candidates in the large metropolitan areas like Soweto, Mamelodi, and others. We never know what will happen and we may be surprised by the rapid awakening of the people in such densely populated areas.

Please note that we are raising R2,6 million (US$200,000 ) to run this campaign. We need all the support we can get from our global members to make this an historic election that changes the future of our planet for all eternity and sparks the domino effect across our planet. Please make a donation if you can to help us make this one go all the way. Donate here: http://www.ubuntuparty.org.za/p/donate.html

1. Ikwezi Local Municipality - Population: 10,537 - District: Cacadu
2. Baviaans Local Municipality - Population: 17,761 - District: Cacadu
3. Inkwanca Local Municipality - Population: 21,971 - District: Chris Hani
4. Tsolwana Local Municipality - Population: 33,281 - District: Chris Hani

1. Tokologo Local Municipality - Population: 28,986 - District: lejweleputswa
2. Mohokare Local Municipality - Population: 34,146 - District: Xhariep
3. Letsemeng Local Municipality - Population: 38,628 - District: Xhariep

1. Midvaal Local Municipality - Population: 95,301 - District: Sedibeng
2. Lesedi Local Municipality - Population: 99,520 - District: Sedibeng

1. Kwasani Local Municipality - Population: 12,898 - District: Sisonke
2. Impendle Local Municipality - Population: 33,105 - District: uMgungundlovu
3. eMadlangeni Local Municipality - Population: 34,442 - District: Amajuba
4. The Big Five False Bay Local Municipality - Population: 35,258 - District: uMkhanyakude

1. Mookgophong Local Municipality - Population: 35,640 - District: Waterberg
2. Bela-Bela Local Municipality - Population: 66,500 - District: Waterberg
3. Musina Local Municipality - Population: 68,359 - District: Vhembe
4. Modimolle Local Municipality - Population: 68,513 - District: Waterberg

1. Dipaleseng Local Municipality - Population: 42,390 - District: Gert Sibande
2. Emakhazeni Local Municipality - Population: 47,216 - District: Nkangala

1. Naledi Local Municipality - Population: 24,314 - District: Mompati 
2. Kgetlengrivier Local Municipality - Population: 51,049
3. Lekwe-Teemane Local Municipality - Population: 53,248

1. Mier Local Municipality - Population: 7,003 - District: Siyande
2. Kamiesberg Local Municipality - Population: 10,187 - District: Namakwa
3. Renosterberg Local Municipality - Population: 10,978 - District: Pixley Ka Seme
4. Kareeberg Local Municipality - Population: 11,673 - District: Pixley Ka Seme
5. Richtersveld Local Municipality - Population: 11,982 - District: Namakwa
6. Khai-Ma Local Municipality - Population: 12,465 - District: Namakwa
7. Karoo Hoogland Local Municipality - Population: 12,588 - District: Namakwa
8. Thembelihle Local Municipality - Population: 15,701 - District: Pixley Ka Seme
9. Kheis Local Municipality Northern Cape Siyanda 16,637
10. Ubuntu Local Municipality Northern Cape Pixley ka Seme 18,601
11. Kgatelopele Local Municipality Northern Cape Siyanda 18,687

1. Laingsburg Local Municipality - Population: 8,289 - District: Central Karoo
2. Prince Albert Local Municipality Western Cape Central Karoo 13,136 
3. Kannaland Local Municipality - Population: 24,767 - District: Eden
4. Swellendam Local Municipality - Population: 35,916 - District: Overberg

Calling Prospective UBUNTU Party Candidates for South African Municipal Elections 2016

If you resonate with the UBUNTU Party manifesto and plan of action and you want to become a candidate for the UBUNTU Party in your town or area, please fill in the form below so that you get on our database. We will communicate with you shortly.


Monday, 19 October 2015

Michael Tellinger & UBUNTU on African News Channel

Michael Tellinger interview on Love World 
SAT, 15 October 2015

Thanks to Yvonne Katsande from Worldview - The first AFRICAN TV News Channel to dig deeper into the truth behind the plight of the African people, the crimes of the banking elite, how our governments are controlled by the private central banks, and the UBUNTU movement and UBUNTU Party - that provides a solid foundation for a new social structure and freedom from economic slavery.
Michael will be on air again with Yvonne this Thursday from 6:00 to 6:30pm South African time laying out the UBUNTU Party plan of action for the 2016 local Municipal Elections. Please tune in and spread the word. Watch Live herehttps://www.loveworldsat.org/watchlisten/live-tv/

Thursday, 15 October 2015

UBUNTU Party political debate on global 
financial affairs

Michael Tellinger will be on TV tonight debating financial global affairs with 3 other political parties in South Africa (ANC, DA and EFF) on Love World TV, Channel 24 on the DSTV public bouquet. Fun, no doubt! Tune in at 6:00 this evening, for the Ubuntu Party stance on economic slavery and financial emancipation for all!

Watch Live here - https://www.loveworldsat.org/watchlisten/live-tv/

Sunday, 4 October 2015

UBUNTU Party Launches Street Pole Posters For 2016 Municipal Elections.

Join us today and let's turn our towns into places of abundance and prosperity. It all starts with ONE SMALL TOWN. One UBUNTU Mayor will have a huge influence on his/her community for all others to follow. 
Once we win one small town and start to implement our plan of action, it will put a lot of pressure on other mayors everywhere to follow our lead - or they will simply be voted out or removed by the people of their towns. 

Friday, 2 October 2015

Technology Behind Our FREE ELECTRICITY Promise

I get many individual emails from people wanting to know what kind of technology will deliver the FREE ELECTRICITY we talk about. Keep in mind that our aim is for every town and community to have its own electricity supply that becomes FREE to the people once the installation has been paid, and free to those who participate in any of the community projects initiated by the UBUNTU plan of action in that community.
It is impossible to respond to individual emails one by one so I urge everyone interested in this subject to read all the documents that I put out on our website and spread the message to others. Our disappointment in the non-delivery of the generator from Germany is not the end of the world. It was merely one of many options we have and it appeared to be the simplest option at the time. 
We are focusing on tried and tested technology for the delivery of FREE ELECTRICITY in our campaign for 2016 municipal elections in South Africa. These are water turbines for rivers and lazy water, or slow moving water that can deliver the power we need. This is why we need to choose towns with water nearby.
In addition to this, we have access to dozens of inventors and scientist with a wide variety of other technologies that are just waiting for us to win on a political front at which point they will make their technology available to us. Many of them are too scared to go public before they can be supported on a political level by a party that has been elected into office as a municipal authority.

Have no fears - our campaign rests on tried and tested water turbine technology that can generate 22 times as much energy as current hydro-turbine installations. This is a unique advantage for the UBUNTU Party. But once we have the first free electricity system installed, this will open the flood gates and bring many inventors out of hiding to share their brilliant work. This is the moment that the world has been waiting for. The platform has to be set and provided with a political victory in one small town that will cause the domino effect in countless others. 

I trust that you will see the simplicity in our plan of action and support us every step of the way. We are not perfect and we do not have all the answers, and there will be hurdles and disappointments along the way. All we have to do is deal with them as they arise and not be afraid to take this journey to liberate ourselves from the stranglehold of our governments and their energy supply grid that holds us all hostage to the system. We are the ones we have been waiting for - so let's do what we came here to do and manifest our own reality and the beautiful future of abundance,unity and higher consciousness for the world. 
In Unity
Michael Tellinger

Please make a donation towards our 2016 Election Campaign here: http://www.ubuntuparty.org.za/p/donate.html