Wednesday, 18 March 2015

UBUNTU Party UK Launches Its First Candidate on BBC 3 TV

If you were watching BBC3’s Free Speech programme on Thursday (12 March) you would have seen Sutton Coldfield’s Mark Sleigh announced his intention to stand for Parliament against Andrew Mitchell in the forthcoming General Election.

Mark Sleigh has become the first UBUNTU Party UK candidate to make waves on the mainstream media and impresses people of the UK with UBUNTU's simple philosophy for a new social structure.
Full story here:

If you resonate with the UBUNTU message, join us and become a candidate for your constituency - be a seed of consciousness in your area now, when it really matters. Fill in the candidates form on our website so that you are on our database: and then email Paul Toussaint, UBUNTU Party UK Leader at to make contact with him and share your details. You will need to fill in the necessary Electoral Commission forms and pay 500 pounds to register. We may be able to help with the registration fees if we can raise some more funds.
We especially urge the people in smaller constituencies with smaller numbers of voters to take this opportunity. It is a lot easier to reach all the people in a small town than in a city or even a city suburb. You may just surprise everyone and end up in parliament.

Friday, 6 March 2015

UBUNTU Delivers Petition & Open Letter - Videos

Here are the video recordings of Michael Tellinger's delivery of the Petition and Open Letter to the SOUTH AFRICAN RESERVE BANK and Minister of Finance in Parliament, Cape Town, South Africa - on 26 February 2015.

Reading of the petition only:

Reading of the Open Letter in front of the South African Reserve Bank in Cape Town.

Please share this information with everyone in all countries - this unlawful takeover of our governments and our countries by the private central banksters applies to virtually all countries of the world. It is up to the people of every country to wake up and start re-claiming their land from these criminal organisations called banks, that have enslaves all of us and turned us into life-long debt slaves with their financial and economic tyranny.
Let us create a PEOPLE'S BANK that issues money for the people, by the people, tax-free and interest free - by a government of the people, that is serving the people and not enslaving the people.

This will be the first step towards complete eradication of money from our global system and the beginning of a whole new utopian era for humanity on this beautiful planet. 
Let us work in cooperation for the benefit of all - instead of competition that has been so deeply entrenched in our psyche - that has turned people against each other and destroys every ounce of human essence that flows through our veins as living breathing human beings.

We cannot solve the problems with the same kind of thinking that created the problems - and neither can we solve our economic crisis by using the same tools that created the crisis. We have to find a whole new system and a new way of thinking. It starts with realising that this planet belongs to its people - not to the governments and corporations that have laid claim to it and made humanity their slaves. 
In love & unity
Michael Tellinger

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Professor Franz Hormann Talks to Michael Tellinger in Vienna

Franz Hormann is a professor at the Vienna University of Economics. He is an outspoken Austrian activist against the financial slavery perpetuated by private central banks and the enslavement of humanity by this criminal exploitation of the people of the world. This is a really critical video discussion to watch - especially for newcomers to this information.

Friday, 27 February 2015

Michael Tellinger Delivers Petition & Open Letter to Parliament & SARB

Michael Tellinger delivers a petition regarding the unlawful activity of the SOUTH AFRICAN RESERVE BANK to representatives of SARB and two senior representatives of the Ministry of Finance, at Parliament in Cape Town, South Africa. We expect a written response in 30 days. 

This was in response to the annual budget speech in parliament on 25 Feb 2015, during which the rights of the people of South Africa were once again desecrated and our freedoms restricted dramatically through the draconian behaviour of the RESERVE BANK, slowly but surely reducing the people into pure slaves for this "criminal" private organisation that has imposed itself on the unwitting, ignorant and hard-working people. 

The RESERVE BANK is virtually TAXING our people to death. It has become impossible to lead a normal and prosperous life. And as long as the SARB remains in place and allows private commercial banks the right to create money out of thin air at compound interest, things will only get worse. This is a critical petition which we hope will awaken the people on South Africa and the rest of the world to take action. (Read Petition and Open Letter below.)


Parliament, Cape Town

Petition & Open Letter 
Dated: 26 Feb 2015
Mr L. KGANYAGO – Governor of the South African Reserve Bank
Minister NHLANHLA NENE – Minister of Finance
Dear Gentlemen
We wish to place on record that we are no longer prepared to tolerate the denial of our economic freedom, which has been caused primarily by you granting commercial banks the right to create our means of exchange (our money) out of thin air at interest.
Furthermore, we are fully aware that the SOUTH AFRICAN RESERVE BANK is not a government department serving the people, but a private corporation created by statute, which operates solely in the interests of the private banks, and is ultimately subject to the guidelines and policies determined by a foreign corporation known as the Bank for International Settlements.
You have deceived the people of South Africa, whom you are supposed to serve and turned every South African into a DEBT SLAVE to the banks for life.
We demand to have our own People’s Bank as prescribed in the Freedom Charter of 26 June 1955, which states unequivocally that “We, the people of South Africa, declare for all our country and the world to know…the Banks and monopoly industry shall be transferred to the ownership of the people as a whole”.  It is only by the institution of a sovereign state bank that a better life for all can be attained.
We demand that you to refrain from harassing and intimidating, with trumped up charges, South Africans who expose your devious activity, specifically one of our stalwarts of the economic struggle, Mr Stephen M Goodson, and to immediately terminate his unlawful investigation by the Hawks.
Accompanying this petition is an open letter to the media and all those who remain deceived by your actions, about the history of the SARB and its unlawful activity and malicious economic enslavement of our people. We request a response to this petition in writing from your office in 30 days from today.

Michael Tellinger – UBUNTU Party  and  Tebogo Malema – UDF 

(Tebogo Malema is the leader of the UDF United Democratic Front - a well established liberation movement in SA, in the process of creating a united front of smaller fragmented parties and movements of similar vision for South Africa)

Open letter
To the people of South Africa
All media representatives & economic journalists
President Jacob Zuma
Drafted by the UBUNTU Party and UDF - 26 February 2015

To all those who have been elected into positions to serve the people of South Africa.
South Africa belongs to its people - it does not belong to the government or any other corporation that has laid claim to it. You have deceived the people and cast every South African into a never-ending spiral of debt slavery.
The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) was established by statute on 30 June 1921 as a private corporation, partly in response to a loss of gold reserves as a result of the devaluation of British sterling, but primarily to set up a central bank which would place South Africa under the direct control of the international bankers, headed by the Rothschild empire.

At a conference held in Genoa from 10 April to 19 May 1922, it was decreed by Montagu Norman, governor of the Bank of England, that each nation would be obliged to set up a central bank, which would operate independently of their Ministries of Finance.  There are now 155 of these central banks, of which 60 are members of the Bank for International Settlements located in Basel, Switzerland, SARB being one of them.

The SARB states that its primary purpose “is to achieve and maintain price stability in the interest of balanced and sustainable economic growth”.  It has achieved neither of these objectives throughout its existence and never will under the prevailing paradigm.  Since 1921 the rand has lost 99.6% of its value and there have been 18 recessions and 2 depressions.
The flaw in this patently broken system lies in the fact that our means of exchange – the money supply – with the exception of bank notes, which account for only 6%, are created out of thin air as an interest-bearing debt.
YES – Banks, which are all private corporations with profit as their main objective, have been granted the exclusive right to create money out of THIN AIR, charging compound interest and enslaving all of our people in debt for life.

When anyone receives a home loan from a bank, the money is not transferred from someone else’s savings account, or from some magical vault full of money in a secret place, but it is credited to the borrower’s account with a simple bookkeeping entry, with the bank making a fictitious “deposit” to itself in order to balance its books.

The defects in this fraudulent transaction are:

  1. Interest is charged on this money created out of nothing.  
  2. The money required to pay the interest can come only from the existing money supply and this is the cause of money losing its value and causing inflation, as additional money has to be created, which is not used to exchange goods and services; and …
  3. When the money is repaid, the loan is cancelled and causes the money supply to shrink. Thus there is no stable and permanent supply of money.

Home loans constitute over 50% of these unlawful loans granted by commercial banks and are instrumental in the enslavement of everyone. Currently homeowners pay about half of their after tax incomes on interest (70%) and capital repayment (30%).
This system that was masterminded by the SARB ensures that people never have enough ready money to pay for their daily needs, have to work like slaves to pay the interest, and are therefore unable to advance their standard of living to an acceptable level.

When we evaluate this situation critically, it becomes evident that the SARB is nothing more than an organised crime syndicate, posing as a reputable corporation that has imposed itself onto the people of South Africa, using our government as the channel to enslave us all, and our Judiciary to protect itself with protection clauses in our legal system that prevent anyone from successfully suing it.

The SARB dictates the financial and economic policy to our government, controls the flow of all money in and out of our country, controls the foreign exchange and has caused unimaginable harm to millions of South Africans with their draconian exploitative and monopolistic control.

This is pure economic slavery and the SARB has blood on their hands by indirectly causing the deaths of thousands if not millions of people because of the financial and economic hardship it has brought onto the people. It has unlawfully caused the repossession of peoples’ property, evicted families from their homes and farms, and in essence has taken control of our country as a whole through their control of the money supply created by the commercial banks.

The people of South Africa will never be able to own their country as long as the privately owned SARB is in charge of our economic policies and supply of our money. Its directors must be held accountable and prosecuted under our Constitution, which clearly states that slavery of any kind is prohibited.

The solution for this unlawful exploitation of our people is simple. We demand an immediate establishment of a PEOPLE’S BANK, to create money for the people, by the people, tax-free and interest-free. To create the money supply out of nothing, just like the private banks do, and then use this newly created money to pay for everything the country needs, government salaries and pensions and to issue zero interest bonds, which can be lent for capital expenditure purposes to state entities such as Eskom and Spoornet.

A PEOPLE’S BANK will allow every province, municipality and community to initiate public works of all kinds to improve and upgrade all facilities imaginable; give full support to all farming and food growing activity to turn South Africa into a leading exporter of food; initiate and support research in all fields; upgrading and providing world class healthcare facilities with the latest technology; the ability to provide the highest standard of sporting and recreation facilities, and so much more.

No government of the PEOPLE should ever grant private corporations like banks the right to create money for the people, out of thin air, with interest attached to it. Every government that has done so has simply sold their people into perpetual slavery to the banking corporations.
The only reason we pay interest, taxes, levies and fees of all kinds, is because our government has allowed the South African Reserve Bank to delegate the creation of money out of nothing to the commercial banks. In essence, the country of South Africa is borrowing money from a private corporation called the SOUTH AFRICAN RESERVE BANK, instead of creating our own money.

Most members of the media and the public are not aware of this situation and the SARB has been getting away with this crime against the people for a century, because of its deceptive actions, and the simple ignorance, naivety and trust of the hard-working and honest people of South Africa.

There have been many successful examples of State Banks in the past 200 years, that brought great prosperity to their countries and its people, but these have all been overthrown by the Rothschild controlled private bankers with their immense political influence who infiltrated the governments and ensured the institution of their own private banking empire in virtually all the countries of the world.

A PEOPLE’S BANK will stimulate the rural areas and allow people to move from the overpopulated cities to the country by creating virtually 100% employment, because the money to improve the lives of our people will always be available for all public works and community projects imaginable.

There will be no inflation, no taxes, no interest, and no fees or levies of any kind because we the people will issue our own money. The people and their appointed government will become the masters of their own economy, liberating us from the clutches of private banks with profit and control as their primary objective.

We cannot solve our problem by using the same kind of thinking that created the problems, neither can we solve our economic woes by using the same tools that caused the problem – private banks are the problem. Any politician or economist who claims that they will solve our economic problems by using the same tools that created them are either lying to us, or are simply ignorant of the facts – neither of these is suitable to rule or govern the people.

By instituting a PEOPLE’S BANK and returning the control of the money supply to the people, we can create prosperity and abundance beyond our wildest dreams and ensure that everyone is able to live a joyful and prosperous life.

South Africa belongs to its people. The government and our leaders have been appointed as the servants of the people – to serve the people – not to enslave us in debt to private banking corporations. The right to create money for the people, should always lie with the people and the people demand a PEOPLE’S BANK. 

In pure truth
Michael Tellinger – UBUNTU Party 


Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Petition and Open Letter to Parliament and South African Reserve Bank 26 February 2015

I will be delivering a petition and open letter to the Minister of Finance and the South African Reserve Bank in Cape Town tomorrow 26th February at 1pm lunch time.  The petition and open letter outlines the unlawful activities and secretive origins of the South African Reserve Bank and the demand of the establishment of a People's Bank that issues money for the people by the people tax free and interest free. 

If you are anywhere near Cape Town CBD tomorrow please join me to show some support.  We will meet at 12:45pm at 60 St Georges Mall, the address specified by SARB for the delivery of the petition after which we will move to Parliament to deliver the petition to the Minister of Finance.

Please bring your cellphones and video cameras to film the event so that we can share it with everyone on the internet.

In Love and Unity
Michael Tellinger

Sunday, 22 February 2015

All The Alternative NEWS on ONE Page

Alternative News Project (ANP) by Duncan Roads, of Nexus Magazine

I have had the pleasure of meeting Duncan Roads on a few occasions and spend good quality time with him, especially at the NEXUS Magazine conference at the Gold Coast in Australia in 2014. I resonate strongly with his integrity and journalistic honesty and warm open heart. 

I therefore want to bring to your attention a very exciting new initiative which is already creating a buzz amongst independent and alternative news circles. I refer to the Alternative News Project (ANP), created by Duncan Roads, of Nexus Magazine.
The ANP takes all the existing alternative and independent news off the net each day, plus more - and puts it into one huge, sorted news feed, which can be personalised for both Topics and countries/states.  
He has developed free apps for both Android and Apple, which means you can see your newsfeed on your phones and devices.
The ANP can be used for Free, or you can pay $4.95 Aussie dollars per month and get lots of cool extra features.  If you visit the site soon, you can take up the half-price offer.
Duncan has created a separate non-profit foundation to own and manage the ANP, so it is entirely separate from Nexus Magazine.
I urge you to visit their website and look around.  Duncan is donating $1 per month back to to us for everyone who signs up as a paying user, so if you are a friend of UBUNTU be sure to click on the link below when visiting the ANP site and you will be helping us without even knowing it:

In love & unity
Michael Tellinger

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Press Release: UBUNTU Party Candidate Threatened With Arrest

Former Director of SARB Stephen Goodson, faces possible criminal charge and arrest … for disclosing secret criminal dealings of the South African Reserve Bank

On Monday, 16 February 2015 Stephen Goodson, former independent non-executive director of the South African Reserve Bank (2003-2012) and UBUNTU Party Parliamentary candidate in the 2014 general election, was interviewed at Kleinmond police station by Colonel Adriaan Schilz of the Directorate Priority Crime Investigation unit (Hawks) in Bellville, Cape Town, South Africa. 

Mr Goodson, who was assisted by his legal adviser, is being investigated on suspicion of having committed a “crime”, by disclosing secret dealings of the SARB, and what Goodson has called “various criminal activities which have taken place at the Reserve Bank over a long period of time.”

Mr Goodson was able to express himself in a vigorous manner.  Unfortunately Colonel Schilz was ill-prepared and appeared to be out of his depth on the knowledge about the true nature, origins and ownership of the SARB, which is outlined in great detail in Stephen Goodson’s book, “ Inside the South African Reserve Bank - Its Origins and Secrets Exposed.”
More about the book HERE:

 Colonel Schilz clearly struggled to follow Mr Goodson’s explanations.  After an extended interview,  Schilz terminated the meeting out of sheer exasperation. 

This action simply highlights the secretive activity of SARB and the secrecy clause that protects this establishment from being exposed, and prevents ordinary people who have been harmed by its actions from attaining justice.

Furthermore, it clearly highlights the fact that the SARB operates above the law and masquerades as both a private corporation and a government institution protected by legislature.

Mr Goodson strenuously denies having committed any “crime” for the following reasons.

(i)    In his letter of appointment dated 27 August 2003 there is no mention of him having to comply with a secrecy clause.

(ii)    The secrecy clause, section 33 of the SA Reserve Bank Act, which the bank is relying on, specifically states that directors and bank officials may not disclose any information relating to the bank’s activities without permission.  It does not include ex-independent non-executive directors in it its ambit.

(iii)    Section 33 was not present in the Banking and Currency Act of 1920 and the SA Reserve Bank Act of 1944, and was introduced in to the 1989 Act by then governor, Chris Stals, in order to prevent any leaks regarding Operation Hammer, which involved the heist of 3,000 tons of South Africa’s strategic gold reserve, which was stored at Kloten Airport, Zurich.  This gold was subsequently used to bail out insolvent banks in New York.

(iv)    The Reserve Bank is not a government department, but a private corporation with private shareholders and is regulated by the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland.  The latter bank is also a private corporation with private shareholders and is ultimately controlled by various banking families such as the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers.

(v)    The Reserve Bank, in flagrant violation of all norms and legal procedures, has abused its powers and deceived the SA Police into investigating this alleged “crime”, which is strictly a CIVIL matter.  It should be noted that the SA Police is one of the most disreputable police services in the world.  Its previous Commissioner of Police, Bheki Cele, was fired after being involved in a property swindle valued at over R1.7 billion ($145 million), while his predecessor, Jackie Selebi, a former head of Interpol, was jailed for 15 years for countless acts of corruption.

Mr Goodson points out that internationally no action has been taken against recent whistleblowers who have contravened the strict secrecy clauses of their employers.

(i)    Karen Hudes, who was for over 20 years legal counsel at the World Bank, has disclosed improper accounting, corruption and criminal behaviour.

(ii)    Greg Smith, former vice president of Goldman Sachs, has written a book “Why I left Goldman Sachs”, detailing unethical behaviour, ripping off of clients, mortgage backed securities fraud etc.

This matter will now be referred to the public prosecutor.  In the event of Mr Goodson being found guilty and being convicted by an Admiralty court of law for the “crime” of having told the truth, he faces paying a fine of R4,000 ($340) or one year in prison or both.

We will be releasing an open letter to the media, government and the people of South Africa about the alleged criminal activity of the SARB, and the private banks that fall under the SARB’s control, which will aim to inform the ignorant politicians and people of our land of how our country has been stolen from us by a secretive group of international bankers who operate from Basel, Switzerland and control every aspect of our government and financial & economic policy.

Mr Goodson can be reached via email at:

Michael Tellinger - UBUNTU Party Leader.   

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

UBUNTU Party UK – Needs funding for UK elections 2015

UBUNTU Party UK looks to raise £30,000 to pay the candidates’ campaign fees to stand as UBUNTU representatives in their constituencies on the 7th May 2015

Please click this link to make a contribution:

UBUNTU Party UK will participate in the UK Elections on 7 May 2015.
The UBUNTU Party UK is a part of the rapidly growing global UBUNTU movement of higher consciousness. We have chosen to use the political platform to spread the message of unity, abundance for all, and the philosophy of Contributionism. We are not politicians – we are ordinary human beings that consist of mothers, fathers, scientists, plumbers, IT geeks and other people from all walks of life who have grown tired of the abuse dispensed by our appointed authorities. We assert that our government is elected as our servant – to serve the needs of the people.

UBUNTU Party UK Candidates
We have a growing number of candidates who want to represent the UBUNTU Party in their constituencies – but it will cost each one at least 500 pounds to register, and then pay all the other cost to campaign and spread the good news. We want to raise a minimum of 1000 pounds for each candidates to enable them to be as visible as possible and allow as many people as possible to hear the UBUNTU message throughout the UK.
We are aiming at placing 30 candidates throughout the UK for the elections – but we will most likely be surprised with many more.

Dealing with the root of all our misery.
Every one of us feels the dire economic hardship on every level, but most people do not know the true cause of our deepening misery. Unless we address the source of the economic war against the people, we will never solve the economic problems, and things will only get worse.
We cannot solve our economic and social problems by using the same tools that were used to create the problems in the first place. These tools are:
1)  Private banks;
2)  BANK OF ENGLAND; and the
3)  PRIVATE MONEY that they create out of thin air.

The fact that our government is aware of this, and has been keeping this hidden from the people, means that we have been betrayed by our leaders who can no longer be trusted. The fact that none of the existing political parties is exposing this, means that they are either ignorant, or attempting to deceive us once again with their political lies. Either one of these reasons is an indication why they are not fit to lead or govern anyone.

UBUNTU Party UK wants to remind the people that the country and everything in it, belongs to its people – and that the government is appointed as the servant of the people, by the people – to serve the needs of the people on every level of our human endeavour.
This is clearly not the case and our government has turned the people into its slaves. At the heart of this abuse are the private banks that have turned all of us into DEBT slaves for life.

Based on these simple facts we plan to do the following.
  1. Restructure the entire banking system to serve the people and not enslave the people.
  2. Create a PEOPLE’S BANK that creates money for the people by the people, tax-free and interest-free, with 100% employment, and stop the financial enslavement of our people by the privately owned CENTRAL BANK (BANK OF ENGLAND). This will immediately free the people of the UK from debt slavery – the same way that Abraham Lincoln did with his Greenback, and JFK did with his United States Note in 1963, which replaced the Federal Reserve Note.
  3. Let our scientists and inventors deliver a renewable source of Free Energy for everyone in the UK.
  4. Support our natural healers and research scientists in finding alternative cures for all disease and prevent the drug cartels from hiding such cures from the people.
  5. Support our farmers on every level to escape the grips of Monsanto to grow organic food and plant gardens across the nation to ensure that no one in the UK ever goes hungry again.
  6. Decentralise the government so that people can govern themselves in their own communities – taking care of their own needs immediately, supported by the new People’s Bank every step of the way.
  7. Restructure the judiciary and the legal system, to be written by the people for the people, unlike the unjust legal system we face in our courts today, which holds the rights of corporations above those of living breathing human beings.

The path to economic freedom is an exciting new era in human history, which is linked to the age of information, where corrupt corporations can no longer hide their crimes against humanity from the people. The solutions are simple and everyone knows in their hearts what needs to be done – all we have to do is to take the first brave step.

Paul Toussaint
UBUNTU Party UK Leader.


Sunday, 15 February 2015

Online UBUNTU Workshop - 21 March 2015

UBUNTU ON-LINE Workshop - With Michael Tellinger
Saturday 21 March 2015 - 12 noon to 2pm Pacific Standard Time. 
We will also cover the UK elections in detail - cover critical answers to pressing questions about the UBUNTU stance on various issues - proposing our simple solutions.

I plan to do regular on-line UBUNTU Contributionism workshops so that we can reach as many people as possible with our message. Since I cannot travel to every country, this is the most effective way to reach many more people than I can on my annual travels.

I will share all our latest practical knowledge and experiences from the community projects and answer as many questions as possible.

This is not only for representatives, coordinators and candidates, but for anyone interested in spreading the UBUNTU message or simply learning more about our simple solutions for the global problems.
Join us if you can and tell others who may be interested. Book at the link below.

In love & unity
Michael Tellinger

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

UK ELECTIONS - Electoral Commission Form for Candidates

This is for all UBUNTU Party UK candidates.
Firstly ensure that you have filled in the Candidate form - so that we have you on the database. Click this link to do that:

The guidance listing the relevant pdfs for candidates at the UK Parliamentary general election can be found here.

Information regarding completing and submitting nomination papers and appointing election agents, can be found at part 2b. Information in relation to candidate spending and donations can be found at part 3.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the party and election finance advice line on 020 7271 0616 or e-mail the party and election finance inbox at .