Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Success in Brazil - UBUNTU Growth - Urgent Support Needed.

Please support the UBUNTU movement head office with a small monthly pledge.
The more we grow the more our expenses rise to keep doing our work. The recent expansion of UBUNTU management into 57 countries has been a dramatic growth phase and we really need more support from our members around the world to keep our office going. 
If only 10% of our members makes a small contribution every month we will have enough funding to manage the office successfully. The sales of the UBUNTU book is simply not enough income any more to keep paying all our operating costs. Please choose a small amount that you can pledge monthly to help us continue doing our work. Click the link:
My first visit to Brazil is turning out to be a very powerful energetic journey. We have securely planted very deep roots with some key activators and some powerful Native Brazilians and Shamans who fully resonate with the UBUNTU spirit and the plan for creating Contributionist communities on some tribal lands in the Amazon. I look forward to sharing more as it unfolds. 
Tomorrow we meat with at least one mayor who has already embraced the One Small Town plan of action, and a team of senior decision makers in the city of Salvador - which is the largest African descendant community in Brazil. 
It is very clear to me that Brazil pulsates with the UBUNTU spirit on every level.
In unity & resonance

My hosts in Brazil - Emilia (to my left) Denise and her husband Luis with their two sons Gabriel and Pedro. I have no words to express how grateful I am to them and all they have set up for us on this 12 day tour.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Music Arts & Culture

Master Performance by Kim Racceli

We were treated to a breathtaking performance by Kim Ricceli on his hang palm drum at the UBUNTU meeting last night in Sao Paulo. He is truly a master performer and transported me personally to very high energetic levels that I have not been to for a while on my crazy travelling schedule. Thank you Kim - I feel honoured that you took the time to bless us with your talent.
In unity Michael Tellinger


Monday, 5 December 2016

Sao Paulo UBUNTU Workshop With Michael Tellinger

UBUNTU in BRAZIL - Sao Paulo - 6 December 2016

Full workshop on UBUNTU & Contributionism with Michael Tellinger - Tuesday 6 December 2016 from 1pm - 5pm.  Join me if you can to plant the seeds of consciousness in the heart of Brazil and begin the manifestation of our own reality in South America.

We are the ones we have been waiting for - nobody will do it for us - we have to bring in the shift in consciousness and a new age of unity and abundance on every level of human activity. I hope to see you in Sao Paulo if you can make it. Come find out how easy it is to create a new reality and a new system free from financial slavery - that will make the current system obsolete.
In unity & resonance - Michael Tellinger

Sunday, 4 December 2016

The Effects of Standing Rock

 Trigger point for a NEW Paradigm

Our message and efforts need to continue in many areas. While Standing Rock is taking centre stage in human rights violation - corporate crimes and more, there are many equally and even more horrific crimes against humanity going on all over the world. Silent invisible crimes and aggression that is not receiving the public attention as is Standing Rock. We need to get our message to the people that resistance, opposition and fighting is not the solution any more - that belongs in the old paradigm. UBUNTU is creating a NEW reality - a new alternative - a new social structure, which will render the oil giants, pharma monsters, Monsanto, government agencies and international banksters obsolete - because their system will no longer apply and rapidly fade from our memory. The way forward is very simple and achievable very quickly - but it requires people to stand united and cooperate - in creating their own new reality - not only unite in opposition to events like Standing Rock. The sooner we can reach a critical mass of people with the UBUNTU strategy - the sooner events like Standing Rock will be resolved. I truly hope that people will start to wake up to this reality. Please read our manifesto for ONE SMALL TOWN and tell everyone. It is possible that we will have our first one small town in the USA or Brazil, or Germany or Portugal or India - during 2017 - this will be the end of capitalism as we know it and bring freedom from financial slavery to everyone everywhere. This will create a domino effect - as the small towns begin to follow the forst example and our wave of freedom will become unstoppable. Stand with the people of Standing Rock - but let us not take our eyes of the greater plan - the liberation of all of humanity - everywhere.
In unity and resonance - Michael Tellinger​

Friday, 2 December 2016

Become an UBUNTU Book Distributor in The USA?

Book distribution is always a problem no matter where you are in the world. I get emails from people every day who want to order UBUNTU books because they want to help spread the message. Some people want to sell them and others just want to hand them out to help spread the message. So, it seems that we found a solution right in our own UBUNTU family.

We are setting up a distribution network consisting of UBUNTU members and supporters in the USA - other countries will follow shortly. If you want to help distribute the UBUNTU book in the USA and earn some money on the side for yourself, please sign up now to start immediately. Click HERE

This is how it will work.
Anyone who resonates with the UBUNTU philosophy can become a book distributor. All you have to do is order a minimum of 5 books at a time to receive the distributor discount. To become a distributor of the UBUNTU Contributionism book in the USA - please fill in the form below. A book in the hand is the best way to spread the message.

You will receive the books at the cost price of  $12.50 + shipping costs. Your selling price is $25.

You can start right away - so join the team now and start spreading the UBUNTU message n your area. You can choose to sell them OR give them away, as some people choose to do. Final details will be arranged by Rebecca Gretz
Keep in mind the the income from the UBUNTU book still remains the largest funding channel for the whole movement and all our monthly office expenses. This will help us immensely to keep going.

To become an UBUNTU book distributor in the USA please fill in this form - click HERE
Contact for Rebecca is

In unity and resonance.
Michael Tellinger

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Township Times Features UBUNTU's People's Bank Solution

By Michael Tellinger
Most people have no idea what money is, where it comes from, how it comes into existence and who is actually responsible for the creation and control of money. Yet, we use it every day, obediently and without question. 
People argue the merits of sports teams, cars, food, art, clothing, politics, sex, and even religion, yet very few ever question the merits of money. We believe that; money is necessary, it makes the world go ’round and that humanity would go back to the dark ages without it.
Nothing can be further from the truth; money does nothing, people do everything. It is people that; plant, grow, build, develop, cure, and create breath-taking works. Only people have the capacity, money cannot.
It is money that stands between people and their dreams. It is money that prevents people from doing the things that they want to do. Money is the hurdle, there never seems to be enough of it. The supply of money is not in the hands of the people or the government of the people, it is in the hands of private, multinational corporations, known as banks... continue...
Read the full articel here:

UBUNTU Comes Alive in BRAZIL

I look forward to my first visit to South America and meeting the amazing UBUNTU team being created by Emilia Barros and the NIC Institute AND Gustavo Freire d Aguiar de Almeida who came to meet me all the way in Vermont earlier this year. Click on the Link below for details.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

UBUNTU Stands With Standing Rock

A Catalyst For Global Awakening And Transformation.

 Imagine a perfect world full of harmony and abundance. 
The kind of world most of us have dreamed of all our lives. 
This world is possible and we are creating it for ourselves
 Not somewhere in the distant future, but in our own lifetime. 

The Standing Rock pipeline stand-off has become a focal point for the unhappiness of millions of people not only in North America but around the world. It is a catalyst that has united people from diverse backgrounds and cultures who have reached a saturation point regarding the brutal behaviour of governments and their law enforcement agencies against their own people.
We are reaching a moment of critical mass of consciousness - it is tangible everywhere. Suddenly out of the blue, everything will shift and change, when we least expect it. This is the flow of energy through our lives, our world, our system and the nature of reality. It is the energy of manifestation of millions who imagine a beautiful new world, free from violence and conflict. A world filled with unity, love and abundance.
The UBUNTU Movement stands fully in support, not only with the people of Standing Rock - but with every community everywhere, that has been abused by its governments and forgotten by the rest of the world. The UBUNTU philosophy and our ONE SMALL TOWN plan of action provides a simple way out this mess for every community everywhere.
But it will require us to do something that seems impossible under the normal day-to-day conditions of our stress-filled lives. And that is, to unite and stand together in our own communities, the way that we stand united with the people of Standing Rock.
I urge people everywhere to observe and learn from these activities at Standing Rock. Then look at your own life and your own community and recognise the silent invisible abuse being committed against everyone - In every village, town, city and country. Slowly but surely eroding our liberties and our ability to provide for ourselves, removing our rights one by one until we become absolute slaves to the economic system imposed on us.
Then take these lessons from Standing Rock and unite the people against this silent abuse in your own town - look at the SIMPLE plan of action provided by UBUNTU, read the ONE SMALL TOWN manifesto and lay the foundation for a new system that will rapidly turn your community into a place of abundance and prosperity for everyone. A new way of life beyond our current levels of perception and a community in which any form of abuse can no longer occur.
As soon as we unite in this fashion we will become the makers of our own reality. And very soon we will birth a community where we can create, build, grow, invent and implement anything we desire because the obstacles to progress have been removed from our society.
It all begins with ONE SMALL TOWN that will become the first domino to fall and create an avalanche of small towns to follow. So which will be the first small town to bring the new age of abundance and prosperity?  

Please read the ONE SMALL TOWN manifesto below or click here:

In resonance & unity
Michael Tellinger

Friday, 18 November 2016

Calling All Musicians, Film Makers, Editors and Dreamers


Below are some words to introduce and inspire people to embrace the "ONE SMALL TOWN Can Change The World" plan of action. Please use these words - record them, make a video and create beautiful inspiring images with the right kind of music that suits your particular style. The intention is to see this blossom into a variety of different musical styles reaching the youth in all the forgotten places of the world - where the youth has been ignored and abandoned. Let us give the youth everywhere real hope and clear vision that there is a way out of this mess - that we can create a beautiful world - that there is a plan of action to actually achieve it for themselves. Let us remind the youth that this is their world and their future and that it is up to the young people to create their own reality and manifest the beautiful world they would like to live in.   In unity Michael Tellinger


Manifesting our reality with words and music

Are you happy with the way the world is going?
Do you think we need a new plan?
Are you happy working like a slave just to make ends meet?
OR do you believe there is a better way?

A new social structure?
In which we work together, instead of fighting each other?
To free us from the economic slavery imposed on every single one of us today?
Well…You are not alone.
There are billions like you – who know there must be a better way

There is hope.
There is a plan
For something completely new – that has never been done before
We are creating a new alternative, a new reality, a new social structure.
Without the need for any violence, resistance, opposition or conflict.

Every day millions of people wake up to realise that we have become 
enslaved by the monetary system imposed on us.
When we are born, we enter this world free of any agreements, contracts or obligations.
But in time we realise that there are endless rules and regulations imposed on us
Laws and rules that we did not agree to.

We can’t travel freely – we need passports and ID documents
And we have to work to earn this thing called money
And pay taxes to those we elect as our servants
This is not freedom – This is pure slavery.

From the first breath we take – to the last breath we breathe out
There is always some invisible authority keeping us under control
Telling us what we can and cannot do
This is not the life we imagined for ourselves 

This is not the kind of world we belong in
All of us know that there must be a better way
Every one of us wants to be free
But very few of us know what to do… and where to turn…

Welcome to the world of UBUNTU where we are laying the 
foundations for a new social structure.

More often than not, the solutions are right in front of our eyes.
And the simplest solutions are always the most effective

Our plan is so simple, we cannot screw it up.
We are turning our crazy world around.
Creating a world of abundance and prosperity
Severnity and absolute freedom that very few of us can imagine 
in the money matrix we are trapped in today.

By turning competition into collaboration and conflict into cooperation
Starting with our small towns and villages
Where people still live close to the land and to nature

Creating united communities of abundance, where people live in love and support of each other
Rather than divided in fear of each other.
Where everyone’s talents and skills are used to enhance their lives
and benefit the whole community.

A world where everything we imagine is possible, 
because we are doing it for ourselves and for each other.
A world where we can create, build, grow, invent and 
implement anything we desire because the obstacles to progress 
have been removed from our society.

A world in which every child that is born can grow to their full potential, not confined by the restrictions imposed on us today.
A world where the tools of control that restrict our lives have been removed.

A world where there are no hurdles to progress
A new social structure
A world in which the need for money will rapidly fade away.

Welcome to the world of UBUNTU and Contributionism 
where everything we ever imagined is possible.

And it all begins with
That will change the world

So – which small town will it be that starts the domino effect?
Why not yours!

Read our manifesto & tell everyone


Thursday, 17 November 2016

Join Our New Volunteer Program In South Africa

UBUNTU FARM – South Africa
Volunteer Programme

Caring for abandoned or injured wild animals - Rehabilitation of wild animals – Maintaining our Lodge - Growing seedlings – Growing organic food – Growing and preserving traditional medicinal plants – Preserving food - Building infrastructure – Teaching and learning Arts & Crafts – Pottery – Weaving – Sewing and more.
Join us for 1 – 3 months
  • Share your skills with people from the local community
  • Be a teacher and a learner
  • Build the foundations for successful and sustainable projects
  • Create a model for an intentional UBUNTU community 
The farm is run by Greg Mitchell and his wife Sarah – mainly operating as an animal rehabilitation centre for a wide variety of wild African animals – with some animals roaming freely and some in cages. It is a 110 acre farm located on the edge of the spectacular mountains surrounding the town of Badplaas (Bath Farm) in the province of Mpumalanga, South Africa. 
The farm consists of a lodge that operates as a weekend getaway for city folk, with log cabins to accommodate around 40 people, and a swimming pool.
The farm has crystal clear fresh mountain water and all the basic infrastructure to expand into many projects. 
 First Phase - Starting in January 2017
The first phase will focus on foundation building – supporting the existing animal rehabilitation activity while creating new projects to support it. This is normally the hardest part of starting any volunteer programme – but also the most exciting part, where life-long friendships are forged and miracles happen every day.

We need to be very selective in the first phase of volunteers for the creation of a solid platform for all the intended projects to come. While people will be chosen for their specialised skills everyone is expected to help and get involved in all areas of activity, where it may be needed.

  We invite volunteers with the following skills to join us:

  • Wild Animal care and rehabilitation (Training on the job )
  • Lodge and dining room management
  • Chef / Cook / Baker
  • Farm yard /cows / chickens / eggs /milk / butter /cheese / etc.
  • Organic food growers – Farming
  • Food processing & preservation/ Bottling / Packaging / Storing
  • Seedling cultivation – this is a large part of our new projects
  • Mushroom cultivation
  • Traditional medicinal herbs and plants – growing and packaging
  • Builders and Handymen – Carpenters, Plumbers, Electricians
  • Artists / Crafters / Potters / Weavers / Any other specialised skills
  • Web skills / IT / Graphic Designers

This is NOT a job offer as some have mistakenly seen it, and neither is it a place for people to come live for free, to escape their personal problems. This is an opportunity for those who want to take a few months off from the madness of the world, to come contribute towards building and creating something new and unique in the world – and in the process maybe find their true-self, as is often the case in these situations. We need real skills in people that will not be shy to get their hands dirty.

Contributions by VOLUNTEERS
Unfortunately we cannot afford to feed and house everyone at our own cost – so we have made it as affordable as possible for everyone, especially for those using currencies like the US$, EURO or GBP. By becoming a volunteer in this project, you will not only help build something unique, but also contribute towards laying the foundations of future sustainable community projects. 

Volunteer contribution is $30 per day – Which covers accommodation; three meals per day, coffees and teas – and other basic necessities. Cigarettes, alcohol and other personal habits will be for your own account.

Click this link to fill in our APPLICATION FORM:   

Please do not respond with long involved emails, just fill in the form on the link below and Sarah will get back to you with the next steps.



  • Hot water springs and baths in town, down in the valley at the Aventura Resort.
  • The Origins Centre with the Big Five Animals right on your doorstep.
  • Waterval Boven and the UBUNTU Global Head office is about an hour drive.
  • Visits to the stone circles, museum, and Adam's Calendar with Michael Tellinger, will be part of the volunteer experience.
  • Rock climbing – abseiling - Waterval Boven is one of the top 10 rock climbing destinations in the world with more than 700 climbing routes in the immediate area.
  • Great mountain biking and hiking routes.
  • Mpumalanga has much to offer the tourist – the Kruger National Park,
  • Sudwala and Echo Caves, God's Window and the Blyde River Canyon, and much more.
  • The KZN Indian Ocean Coastline is a 4 hour drive
  • The awesome coastline of Mozambique is a short 2 hours away.
TO JOIN US: Please fill in the form on this link:

In unity and resonance,
Michael Tellinger

More pictures to show the exciting path we have walked already