Monday, 21 April 2014

EXPOSING THE BANKSTERS - Banks Are Not Your Friends

TV Commercials aimed at exposing the brutality and inhumanity of the banksters are starting to appear - Do not fool yourself... your bank is not your friend. They will take everything from you, as they have done to billions of hardworking, honest but ignorant people. Banks make money out of THIN air and "loan" it to us at inhumane rates. All supported by our central bank the SOUTH AFRICAN RESERVE BANK - which is a private company controlled from Basel, Switzerland. This PRIVATE money has been knowingly forced upon us by our government - most people are not aware of this. The only tool of defense that we the people have, is to stop using their private money and to create our own PEOPLE'S BANK that issues money for the people by the people - tax-free and interest-free, for everything the people need to do in our communities - creating prosperity for all, beyond our wildest imagination. The UBUNTU Party is the first movement of consciousness that has proposed such a radical move. The rest is up to the people to realise that these South African elections can either bring relief to us all OR it will simply allow the banksters to completely ruin us all and steal our country, our roads, our minerals and even our water from us, over the next five years. DO the right thing - VOTE UBUNTU Party - for PEOPLE'S BANK - Money for the people, by the people. Everything else will follow from there - easily and naturally, as it is supposed to do.
In love and light - Michael Tellinger - Commercial banned in Switzerland
Outsmart the banksters

ELECTIONS 2014 - National Ballot Placing of UBUNTU Party

UBUNTU Party will ONLY be on the NATIONAL ballot - not on the provincial ballots. UBUNTU will be 4th from the bottom. Please see attached sample of the ballot paper. 

Put your X next to UBUNTU if you want liberation from economic slavery that has trapped us all.
Even if you voted for another party on the Provincial Ballot VOTE UBUNTU on the NATIONAL ballot. All we need is 45,000 votes for one seat in Parliament - then we can begin to affect the changes and reforms we all want - especially on the financial and economic front. 

Vote UBUNTU for a People's Bank - Money for the people, By the people - not created out of thin air by private banks to enslave us for life. 
Michael Tellinger 

Friday, 18 April 2014

New Earth Nation Talks to UBUNTU's Michael Tellinger

Great interview about the basic plan of action and vision of consciousness from UBUNTU Party.
Sacha Stone from NEW EARTH NATION chats to Michael Tellinger in the run-up to the South African Elections about the Ubuntu Party and their philosophy of completely changing the financial system - replacing the Reserve Bank with a People's Bank - that issues money for the people, by the people - bringing immediate relief from financial and economic slavery - creating 100% employment; introducing an alternative electricity supply that is virtually free; supporting the farmers against Monsanto; taking the roads back from private corporations; and much more. 

Click the link to watch the video:

UBUNTU IN SIX LANGUAGES - Radio spots to share with everyone

SIX UBUNTU Radio commercials - In 6 Languages - SA ELECTIONS 2014
Eng, Afr, Zulu, Xhosa, Sotho, Tswana - Share them with everyone. 

(Click on the link after the name to listen and download - or just copy the link and paste it everywhere)

ENGLISH Radio Spot - 60 sec - UBUNTU Party Elections 2014
AFRIKAANS Radio Spot - 60 sec - UBUNTU Party Elections 2014
ZULU Radio Spot - 60 sec - UBUNTU Party Elections 2014
XHOSA Radio Spot - 60 sec - UBUNTU Party Elections 2014
SOTHO Radio Spot - 60 sec - UBUNTU Party Elections 2014
TSWANA Radio Spot - 60 sec - UBUNTU Party Elections 2014

Thursday, 17 April 2014

CNBC Africa Interviews Michael Tellinger

It is ironic that Michael Tellinger appeared on CNBC AFRICA on 7 May 2012, the same date as the SA elections in 2014 - exposing his Constitutional Court action against the banks and RESERVE BANK in South Africa. 
"For those that are not aware of the path that I have walked on this road to UBUNTU - this is just one of the moments when mainstream economic TV media exposed our actions against the banks and the privately owned SOUTH AFRICAN RESERVE BANK that is controlled by the BIS from Basel, Switzerland. The UBUNTU Party will create a PEOPLE'S BANK that creates money for the people, by the people - tax free and interest free. Creating huge public works and 100% employment. But first the people have to realise that the cause of all our economic problems are these private banks that create money out of THIN AIR, control our government, and dictate our financial policy. Only then can we take the necessary steps to remedy this injustice against our people and crimes against all of humanity by the banksters."

SA Banks Are Being Sued - Again

Scott Cundill reports that NewERA’s Advocate Douglas Shaw is suing the South African banks again. Scott writes:

We interviewed Advocate Shaw late last year about a lawsuit he was preparing to file. We interviewed him again last week. He and his legal team have filed seven lawsuits on behalf of people who have lost their cars and houses to banks. Dozens more are following.
It is an absolute fact that when a bank grants a loan it fabricates every cent of that money. In other words, money appears in your bank account so you think your bank gave you a loan, but actually the money was created out of nothing. Proof of this fact, as admitted by the Bank of England (and numerous other sources) can be found here.
Now, if a bank sells an asset (such as a home or a car) for a fraction of its value, this is downright disgusting, right? And what if there is a short-fall and they come after you for the balance? Even worse! Now you realise just how dark this banking beast really is – forcing people into debt slavery for money that the bank did not even possess.
Advocate Shaw does not believe this is right, so he and his legal team are suing the banks for the shortfall on the difference between what the bank sold a property for and its market value. He is calling on anyone who has lost a property (car or house) to sue. You can contact them via
Please send this to anyone you know who has lost a home or a car.
Listen to the interview with Douglas Shaw here.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Message of UBUNTU - On Video

The message of UBUNTU - the way ahead for ALL of humanity.
Share this with EVERYONE. Because if it's not good for everyone - it's no good at all.

The UBUNTU Message to The World.
I trust that our actions in South Africa will inspire people in every other country to start an UBUNTU Party on their land too. Thousand that will become millions - that soon will become the norm - and a wave of higher consciousness in every society. The foundation has been laid. This is the age of enlightenment and our time to shine a light of true hope - into the darkness of human misery that has been thrust upon the unsuspecting people of the world by the financial institutions and a small group of banksters that have taken our planet hostage. No more will we remain silent and oppressed through our ignorance. For we have ears to hear the lies; eyes to see the injustice; and mouths to speak our truth to the whole world. And our lips now speak of a new way ahead for all of humanity - a way of unity instead of division; abundance instead of poverty; and a planet filled with people in harmony with all of creation. So be it.
Michael of the family tellinger.
Born Free - as a living, breathing human being, of flesh and blood and infinite soul.

Friday, 11 April 2014

UBUNTU Radio Commercials - Spread Them Around

Here are the links for our two radio commercials - 30sec and 60sec spots.
Please download them and share them or send the links to as many people as you can. For those who do not need the visuals - audio is often more impactful.

UBUNTU Party Elections 2014 – Radio Spot - 30 sec 

UBUNTU Party Elections 2014 – Radio Spot - 60 sec 

Thursday, 10 April 2014

UBUNTU in Support of NewERA

Scott Cundill from New ERA (New Economic Rights Alliance) and UBUNTU have been side by side in our three and a half year expose of the criminal activity of the banksters in South Africa. Our journey has taken us ito the Supreme Court of Johannesburg and even to the Constitutional Court.

We learnt a great deal during this time while defending ourselves and each other against the unlawful actions of the banks that destroy all our lives, and our experiences helped many people to learn from the knowledge we gained. But now NewERA needs our help and your help - so that they can continue providing support and information to over 160,000 people in South Africa, regarding financial and banking issues. See the message from NewERA below.

NewERA is one of the largest watchdog organisations in the country. We expose corrupt bankers, lawyers, politicians and corporate systems who are milking this country for their own greed.

With 160,000 active subscribers, we are a force to be reckoned with.

NewERA is 60% volunteer driven. We only need an income of R12,000 per month to sustain and grow. Right now we have dropped to just one third of this amount.

Please make a donation of R50, or become a NewERA Member. With your help, we can keep the dark forces of corruption at bay.

  1. To make a donation, please click here or deposit into our bank account below.
  2. To become a paying Member, please click here.
Name of account: NEW ERA
Bank: Standard Bank
Type of Account: Business Cheque
Branch number (Rivonia): 001255
Account number: 420011544
Reference: Your first name and surname

Anything you can give us will greatly assist.

Kind regards,


Monday, 7 April 2014

UBUNTU Party Official TV Commercial - Elections 2014

PRESS Release: 8 April 2014

This is the official UBUNTU Party TV commercial for the South African Elections 2014.

Click on the link to view:

Only by addressing the cause of our economic and financial misery, can we solve the problems. We will not fix the financial chaos created by the Reserve Bank and private banks, by using the same tools they used to create these problem.

We urge the people of South Africa to realise that the RESERVE BANK does not belong to the government of the people - it is a highly secretive private corporation that is controlled by the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland.

Through a convoluted set of laws that protects it, the SARB allows private banks in South Africa to create money out of THIN AIR - enslaving each and everyone of us in DEBT for life.

The UBUNTU Party is the only party that is sharing this truth with the people to allow us all to finally free ourselves from the economic slavery imposed on us by the private banks.

Only a complete restructuring of the economic and financial systems will bring relief to the people. Anything else is merely blowing hot air and rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. 
In pure truth

Michael Tellinger

Founder UBUNTU Party

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