Saturday, 21 October 2017

Conscious Music Festival T-Shirts Are Here
If you cannot make it to our first UBUNTU music event in Kansas City on 3-4 December 2017, please order the awesome UBUNTU Conscious Music Festival t-shirt online now - support the event and spread the message by wearing it everywhere. Order your t-shirt HERE:
BUT please do what you can to make it to our first event and let's make it a huge success. Let's  spread the consciousness and plant a critical seed in the music industry - which is not always as conscious as it should be. 
We have a lineup of over 30 diverse artists. I am sending a mountain of gratitude to Wookiefoot, Dustin Thomas, and all the other amazing conscious musicians that signed up to perform. 
In unity
Michael Tellinger

Thursday, 19 October 2017

ONE SMALL TOWN Interest Speeding Up.

I had a very successful quick trip to the USA - did presentations in Santa Fe, Austin and Dallas. The result has been astounding. We now have activity in 3 new SMALL TOWNS with access to conscious mayors who are already doing almost UBUNTU activity without realising it.
We have two UBUNTU USA members that will run for mayor in Austin TX and Santa Fe - and we have a possible Governor to implement the ONE SMALL TOWN strategy at the STATE level. All of this in just one week.
Thanks to Travis Duncan for all the support and Holliraja Vibration for her artistic contributions. NOW - let's make the UBUNTU Conscious Music Festival a great success. Please share the website link with everyone who knows that we have to find a new way out of this slavery system.


Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Michael Tellinger Presentations in Austin & Dallas

A reminder for those close to Austin and Dallas, Texas, USA - that I will be doing back to back in depth presentations and workshops on Saturday and Sunday 14 & 15 October 2017.
Please join me if you can to share in some mind blowing new research and grow the UBUNTU message for a world free from economic slavery. Please book online - or simply come to the door - there is limited space.


Remember to share the UBUNTU message with everyone you meet. It is up to us to co-create a new world of abundance and prosperity. All you have to do is tell others and see how quickly we can manifest this new reality.

In Unity & Resonance
Michael Tellinger

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

UBUNTU Conscious Music - Time To Get Involved

If you are a supporter of the UBUNTU Contributionism philosophy and plan of action to co-create a new world - and if you live in North America, this is a time to act and do something. Get a ticket to the first UBUNTU Conscious Music Festival in Kansas City 3 & 4 December 2017 - Let us make this an unforgettable event and seed the UBUNTU consciousness into the fabric of creation with our music and song.
This is an opportunity for all UBUNTU supporters in the USA to come together in one place and amplify our intention and share our knowledge with others who are new to the simple UBUNTU plan of action. Please share this with everyone.
Unity and Higher Consciousness for a New World
UBUNTU Conscious Music Festival - 2 days - 24 Artists - Shifting Consciousness.
Manifesting a new world of prosperity & abundance for all
Let every song, every word, and every note, liberate humanity from financial and corporate slavery
Honoring human sovereignty and the rights of indigenous and native people everywhere
Igniting a new kind of thinking – birthing new solutions for a world in desperate need of healing

Michael Tellinger

Update From Mayor Ron Higgins - UBUNTU Canada

ONE SMALL TOWN Can Change The World initiative in North Frontenac, Ontario, Canada.
Update - "Presented my vision at the American Society for Quality - Canada Division's first ever Canadian conference this week. Standards Council of Canada was in the audience and they would like to work with me to make it happen. Meeting them on Oct 13 to get the details."
Join the UBUNTU Movement and become a seed of consciousness in your area.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Please Support The UBUNTU Office

Funding of the UBUNTU office remains our main ongoing challenge. 
Please support the UBUNTU office with a donation to keep us going. Please make a once-off donation here

OR or sign up for a monthly subscription on our website -

Monday, 18 September 2017

Volunteers Needed - At the Conscious Music Festival

Kansas City - USA - 3&4 December 2017
Please see the poster below and sign up on the website.

Calling All Conscious Musicians, Bands, Poets and Performers


This is a final call for conscious musicians and performers to come share their talents in Kansas City - USA. We will be closing the signups at the end of September.
If you are a musician or know of any conscious musicians - sign up and share this with other musicians.
Upload your video here:
Come share your talents with the world on one of the most beautiful theater stages in the USA - The Uptown Theater in Kansas City. Upload your video on our website - the 20 most popular artists will be chosen to perform at the first CONSCIOUS MUSIC FESTIVAL USA 3-4 Dec 2017.

Uptown Theatre Kansas City Night exterior.jpg

Unity and Higher Consciousness for a New World
Manifesting a new world of prosperity & abundance for all
Let every song, every word, and every note, liberate humanity from financial and corporate slavery
Honouring human sovereignty and the rights of indigenous and native people everywhere
Igniting a new kind of thinking – birthing new solutions for a world in desperate need of healing
In unity & resonance - Michael Tellinger

Undelivered Items From Our Website

It has come to my attention that there are several people who have not received the books and t-shirts that they ordered from the UBUNTU website, several months or weeks ago. If you are one of those people, please email me on ASAP so that we can follow up and get to the bottom of this.
I am doing my best to improve our shipping and posting situation - exploring new ideas and options for being able to hold stock in several countries to make postage easier and quicker.
As you can imagine, this takes a lot of juggling and support from people in various locations and is not as simple as most imagine. I will send updates as soon as we have news in this area - in the meantime most people are receiving their goods in good time - so please keep supporting our online shop

In unity & resonance
Michael Tellinger

Thursday, 14 September 2017

First South African Mayor Embraces One Small Town

I had a very positive and energetic meeting with the first Mayor of a medium size South African municipality on the 5th of September 2017, after several meetings with South African mayors have been cancelled and postponed.
The mayor was very impressed with the ONE SMALL TOWN strategy and immediately saw the benefits for his community. We had a long discussion about the failing corrupt banking system and the stranglehold that the electricity company ESKOM has on the people and the Mayor could clearly see the simplicity of our strategy as we discussed a plan to move forward.
I was asked to compile a detailed plan of action, with a business plan that shows the many proposed community projects, based on the industrial potential of this municipality, the people skills and natural resources.

This plan will include the investment opportunities for conscious millionaires and the installation of our own electricity supply. I expect to have this ready by the end of October 2017 as a first draft. The Mayor will then present this to the council for approval and upon acceptance, the rapid implementation. I need the support of an experienced financial planner in South Africa to help me put this presentation together. If you have this kind of experience, please email me at and make the subject heading ONE SMALL TOWN SOUTH AFRICA.

I will keep the name of the mayor and municipality confidential until the council has approved the plan, just in case there are any infiltrators trying to undermine our efforts at this early stage. As soon as the council has approved the plan we I will share all the details.
Please support the UBUNTU office with a donation to help us function smoothly here is a quick link to make a donation:
In resonance and unity
Michael Tellinger.