Sunday, 26 March 2017

UBUNTU In Bali - 5-9 April 2017

I will be doing a presentation at the NewEarth Festival in Bali between 5-9 April 2017 - with my good friend Sacha Stone.
The presentation will cover Ancient Knowledge & UBUNTU Contributionism and a simple plan to free us all from the economic slavery we find ourselves in. I will outline our "One Small Town Can Change The World" strategy - and how simple it is to create a New Reality or New Social Structure, without any violence, opposition or conflict - and making the existing slavery system simply fade away. Hope to see you there if you can make it. See
In unity & resonance - Michael Tellinger

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Sacred Sites of South Africa Tour

Exploring UBUNTU Origins

The fourth annual Sacred Sites Tour With Michael Tellinger and Dean Liprini is on the road with 27 amazing people from 12 different countries. I will be sharing images from our journey with those that could not make it. Finishing off at Adam's Calendar today - with a day of horse riding and Kruger museum visit. So far we have been blessed with torrential summer rains in the Kruger Park and a host of wild animal sightings. More to come as we journey to the stone circles, giant foot print, through the Karoo, Driekopseiland rock carvings, Bushman rock art, and on our way to Cape Town, the Ascension Cave and Table Mountain. To book a tour of the stone circles, museum, and Adam's Calendar - please contact Andrea Adelbert at
In unity & resonance.
Michael Tellinger

Saturday, 18 February 2017


I am delighted introduce Petra Baumgartner to everyone as the new National Coordinator for UBUNTU Austria. Please join the new Facebook group crated and support the growth of the Austrian movement as you can. UBUNTU Planet Austria

Petra has been active in the UBUNTU Movement in Austria for several years now and has developed a good personal connection with me from her visit to South Africa in March 2016.

I hereby invite all those in Austria who are already active and those who are interested to join the UBUNTU Core Management team in Austria, to contact Petra Baumgartner. We need administrators, IT, Graphic design, Webmaster, Legal, Political, Environmental, Educational and other expertise - to start creating a team of like-minded people with diverse skills and abilities that will create a strong platform for UBUNTU Austria to grow in unity.

In unity & resonance
Michael Tellinger

Friday, 17 February 2017

Inspirational Message For a New World of Abundance

Here are some inspirational artistic messages created by Matthew Luscombe in the UK. Please share them as you need, and spread the UBUNTU message. Thank you again Matthew for your wonderful contribution to the UBUNTU movement. 
In unity
Michael Tellinger.



Friday, 10 February 2017

Michael Tellinger - Hidden Origins - European Tour April-May 2017

HIDDEN ORIGINS and Vanished Civilisations of Southern Africa - Advanced technology of the ancients.

I will be touring several countries in the EU during April and May 2017 - I plan to visit Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Norway, France, Ireland, England and Scotland. If you can help suggest any affordable venues in your city and help spread the word, please email Emma-Jane  at
I look forward to seeing you in Europe soon.
In unity & resonance - Michael Tellinger

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Calling All Conscious Farmers.

Join up with the UBUNTU movement representatives in your countries and initiate a new phase of growing organic food and seeds for the world. Let the UBUNTU members be the distributors of the food and seeds for future food security and prosperity.
This initiative can provide a rescue plan or a means for survival for farmers that are feeling the economic pinch all over the world. There are many farmers on the verge of losing their land and have lost all hope for the future. Let us find these farmers and create a simple workable way to use their skills and their land to save their farms and create prosperity for themselves and the people of their area/country. Email me on if you are a farmer and want to participate. 

The UBUNTU movement has representatives in the following countries: SOUTH AFRICA; USA; CANADA; UK, IRELAND; GERMANY; INDIA; AUSTRALIA, NORWAY.
By the end of this year we will have representative teams in about 57 countries and our small initiative can become a global initiative that will overcome the devastation caused by Monsanto and alike. Let our food become our medicine.
Look out for our new website coming soon where you will be able to communicate in your own language with your own UBUNTU team in your own country. Join the UBUNTU Movement today - become a seed of consciousness in your area.
In unity & resonance
Michael Tellinger

Wednesday, 8 February 2017


But what kind of WORLD will they inherit?

Most young people today know that there is something dramatically wrong with our world - our socio-economic system, and especially our justice system. There is no justice for the people.
Most young people can sense that there is no place for them in this insane world - they know instinctively that there is no future for them - but they do not always know why and how this situation has developed.
The UBUNTU teachings will explain in simple terms why our world is so messed up... BUT more importantly, you will learn how simple it is to get out of this mess if we all stand united and implement our simple plan of action.
Our plan requires no violence, no opposition and no resistance to anyone - we simply start creating a new alternative that resonates with the people of this world - by using the tools of enslavement as tools of liberation for all of humanity. No one is ever excluded because of their race, religion or beliefs. The UBUNTU movement embraces and welcomes everyone who wants to get out of this slavery system that we are all trapped in.
I urge you to learn as much as you can about our plan - Read the UBUNTU book - See the One Small Town video - And tell everyone that there is a simple plan to get out of this economic mess. Teach others that the current system cannot be fixed by using the same tools that created this system.

Join the UBUNTU YOUTH Movement today - Click the link and join us NOW:
Invite just one person every month to join us and we will grow to 160 million by this time next year.
The collective consciousness of a large group as that will shift the consciousness and our reality daily.

In unity & resonance - Michael Tellinger

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Everything We've Been Told is a Lie

That we are all born equal
That I was born FREE
That my education will give me knowledge and wisdom
That my university degree would bring me life-long security
That our history books are accurate and true
That we evolved out of apes

I was told that … Fluoride would stop my teeth from rotting
That vaccines would keep me healthy
That flowing electrons create electricity
That the pyramids were tombs for Pharaohs
That the ancient civilisations were primitive

I was told that … Our tap water was safe to drink
The food on the supermarket shelves is healthy
That scientists have it all figured out
That mathematical formulas can explain everything
That atoms are made of subatomic particles
That Gravity was well defined and understood 

I believed that … We landed on the moon
That we travelled though the Van Allen Belts
That we returned to the moon several times
That we landed a probe on Mars
That the sun is giant nuclear reactor
That we have a picture of Earth from space

I was told that … Our junk DNA is just useless matter
That nothing moves faster than the speed of light
That cancer cannot be cured
That drug companies develop cures for diseases
That pills will make me better

I was told that … Mythology was just the imagination of people in ancient times
That Alexander was Great because he conquered the world;
That Adolf Hitler was evil because he wanted to conquer the world
That Hitler started the war and Churchill was a saint

I used to believe … that we are the most scientifically advanced civilisation
That we are at the pinnacle of knowledge
That humans are the most advanced species
That Stonehenge was built by men in loin cloths
That there was an exodus from Egypt by 600,000 Jews
That a man called Jesus was born 2000 years ago

I used to believe that … Our calendar is accurate and we live in a year called 2017
That our governments are our servants
Our governments are doing the best they can for us
That armies are necessary for our protection
That JFK was shot by a guy called Lee
That William Shakespeare wrote all those great stories

I was told that … Money makes the world go round
That our banks are controlled by our governments
That economics is very complicated and only a few truly understand it
That our money was connected to our gold reserves

I was told that … Two jumbo jets flew into the twin towers
That Saddam Hussein was hiding weapons of mass destructions
That Hendrik Verwoerd was killed because of Apartheid
That Gaddafi was a dangerous dictator
That royalty has some divine right to conquer and rule the world

I used to believe that … Nelson Mandela and the ANC freed the people of South Africa
That the Bible was the word of God
That millions of people were killed in gas chambers
That gold was necessary for human survival
That mining the planet was part of an advancing civilisation
That industrial development was the driving force behind our human progress

I was told that … Rockets can navigate in space
That chemtrails were just stubborn vapour trails
That there is molten iron at the core of the Earth
That this molten iron gives our Earth its magnetic properties
That magnetism is well understood

I was told that … Banks are respectable institutions
That people need jobs to survive
That human nature is to be greedy – to be violent – to wage war
That the human misery is a consequence of our dark human nature
That it is impossible to get out of this mess we find ourselves in

I was told that … Columbus and others like him were explorers
The Earth moves through space
That the Earth spins at 1000 miles per hour at the equator
That every picture shown by NASA was real
That dinosaurs roamed this Earth millions of years ago
That Father Christmas was real...

But today, I am not so certain about any of this, any more. What I do know, is that we have been manipulated and lied to for so long that it has become almost impossible to separate the lies from the truth. I realise that the deeper I scratch, the bigger the lies become. 

I know that our governments are not our friends or servants, and they serve an invisible master unknown to most of the people alive – covering up some kind of secret and knowledge, that if exposed, would cause them to lose control over the people of the world.

I suspect that it is this secret, which remains viciously guarded by our draconian dictators, that holds the key to our infinite potential as humanity to create anything we choose to.  That we are the creators of our own reality. That this potential and ability has been hidden from us through the lies and manipulations for thousands of years. 

So let us not wait another day longer, and let us start creating the kind of world and the kind of reality we want to live in, today.


Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Calling UBUNTU Supporters in IRELAND

Please join UBUNTU Ireland today and get involved in creating prosperity and abundance for everyone in this beautiful country. Contact the UBUNTU IRELAND Coordinators here:
Gary Nicholl in the North Side and Sarah Machon in the South Side - email for both is:   And sign up on the website to get on the member database