Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Farmer Exposes Bank Fraud - End of The Banking Empire is Near

Ostrich farmer from Eastern Cape shows court his mortgage loan is now in Taiwan

This new case by a South African ostrich farmer against Standard Bank could open the floodgates for people to seek retribution from past unlawful judgement like mine and millions of others. If I was a banking executive - this would be a good time to resign and go into hiding. The people are waking up.
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Posted 21 June 2015 Written by Ciaran Ryan
Category Securitisation

An ostrich farmer from Grahamstown (South Africa) has thrown the local court into a spin by apparently proving that his mortgage loan with Standard Bank has been on-sold to an investor in Taiwan. This is the first time a securitisation audit has been presented in a SA court. On the basis of the evidence presented, the farmer says Standard Bank has no right to be in court.

Ash Davenport, a 63 year-old ostrich farmer from outside Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape, may be about to make history in his effort to stave off attempts by Standard Bank to take possession of his 3,260ha farm over a R3 million loan he took out seven years ago.

Last week he threw the Grahamstown High Court into a spin when his attorney, Bev Carruthers of Port Elizabeth, plonked a securitisation audit in front of the judge. The securitisation audit suggests that his bank loan has been on-sold to a Taiwanese bank and is no longer owned by Standard Bank. That being the case, Standard Bank has no right to be in court. More than that, the audit suggests the bank has securitised (or on-sold) his bond for R5 million, not the R3 million he supposedly signed for.

The court reserved judgment as to whether to allow the audit to be presented as new evidence in a case that has been dragging on for close to seven years.

“I intend to fight this all the way,” says Davenport. “These banks have been getting away with this nonsense for too long. I had to pay R17,000 for the audit but it was worth it, since it provides proof that the bank has in fact been securitising mortgage loans and then coming after property owners when they have no right to.”

Securitisation audits are a new development in South Africa, but are common in the US. They effectively carry the same weight as a financial opinion by a company’s auditor, though the banks are trying to dismiss them as hearsay.

Standard Bank attempted to discredit the audit by Michael Carrigan, a certified mortgage securitisation auditor in the US, who managed to track the chain of title for Davenport’s mortgage bond all the way to Taiwan. The bank referred to Carrigan's evidence as “speculative at best” and claimed he did not have a grasp of South African law. It then reiterated that his loan had not been securitised.

Carrigan also provided a second audit for another Grahamstown resident, Jay Brown (not his real name), apparently proving that his Standard Bank mortgage loan had ended up with a bank in Thailand. Brown is also defending his property against repossession by the bank.

Bear in mind that the bank in both cases has denied – as all the major banks have done in thousands of other similar cases – that it had securitised these mortgage bonds. Brown went one step further, by settling his debt to the bank by way of a promissory note of his own – similar to a cheque or bank note – which he claimed is legally permissible in terms of the Bills of Exchange Act.

This is a rather interesting defence first developed in SA by the late Johan Joubert, who insisted that individuals should issue their own promissory notes in settlement of debts, just as the banks concoct money out of thin air on their computer terminals. Standard Bank has refused to accept Brown’s promissory note.

Davenport has taken a more traditional route, arguing his case based on whatever evidence he can get his hands on. He asked Standard Bank to produce a “wet ink” copy of his mortgage bond and what was produced looked a little strange. The lines, the type face and the signatures did not line up with another copy he had. To all intents and purposes, it looked as if the documents were manufactured after the event, according to Davenport. Like someone had literally cut and pasted sections from one document, pasted them onto another, and then made a photocopy. This made him even more suspicious, even more certain that his mortgage bond had been securitised and the bank was hiding something.

So how did Davenport end up in this position?

The first thing to understand is that he is an eastern Cape farmer with a sharp tongue who doesn’t take kindly to bankers in suits coming to take away a farm that he and his family have been working since 1956. At one time he was the Eastern Cape’s most prominent ostrich farmer. He was exporting his ostrich meat to Europe and making a decent living. In 2004, the Avian flu scare hit SA. A government vet (Davenport calls him a “prick”) was sent down from Pretoria to inspect his birds, and with a wave of his pencil decided they should all be slaughtered.

On a personal note:
In 2013, Standard Bank bribed a Supreme Court Judge, by providing him with a pre-written judgement against me, Michael Tellinger, after a 3-hour argument at the South Gauteng High Court. During this hearing advocate Shem Symon, representing STD Bank, admitted to all the points raised by me which included: (This can all be verified from the court records.)
STD Bank did not lend me anything.
They did not have any money to lend me in the first place
They created the money on their system with clever book keeping entries - creating the money out of THIN AIR
The Bank securitises their home loans - selling them on to third party securitisation agencies like Blue Granit, losing all rights to the contract
STD Bank was in possession of my Bill of Exchange for around R900,000 that they refused to monetise or return to me.
STD Bank accepts payment in Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes

Let the banking games begin...
In love and unity
Michael Tellinger

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Michael Tellinger USA UBUNTU Tour 2015

UBUNTU Contributionism – A World of  Abundance

From vanished ancient civilizations – the origins of money – global banking fraud, to a world of UBUNTU – free of corporate greed and financial slavery.  A world united in higher consciousness – bringing abundance and prosperity to our communities.
Join us for a consciousness expanding workshop with Michael Tellinger Founder of the global UBUNTU Liberation Movement. Let us plant the seeds of future prosperity in our communities and the entire world. For those interested in the UBUNTU philosophy, those who simply want to spread the word or those who want to get more active and become representatives, or even future candidates for the UBUNTU Party.

FOR FULL DETAILS AND BOOKINGS CLICK HERE: http://www.michaeltellingerusa.blogspot.com/ 
  1. JOSHUA TREE, CA:  29 May – 1 June 2015:  Contact in the Desert: http://contactinthedesert.com/
  2. IRVINE, CA:   4 June
  3. SAN FRANCISCO:   6 June
  4. BRENTWOOD, CA:  7 June
  5. SEATTLE, WA:  10 June
  6. ECETI:  Trout Lake WA:   12/13/14 June - http://privateinvitationeceti.com/eceti-2015-calendar/2015-weekend-workshops/tellinger/
  7. BOULDER, CO:  17 June
  9. CINCINNATI, OH:  24 June 
  10. MONTCLAIR, NJ: 27 JUNE 2015   6:30 - 10pm Venue: First Congregational Church 40 South Fullerton Ave, Montclair, NJ. Ancient civilisations of southern Africa & advanced technology & UBUNTU
UBUNTU Workshop Outline:
  • Convergence of Science, Spirituality and Consciousness
  • Exposing The Banking & Corporate Fraud
  • Origins of Money
  • Origins of UBUNTU
  • Adaptation to the modern world - Contributionism
  • What do we do when the global economy collapses
  • Alternative Currencies
  • Progress report till today
  • Community projects and more
  • Volunteer Programmes
  • Free Electricity
  • Farmers’ Collaboration
  • Tribal Chiefs, Kings and their tribal land
  • UBUNTU Party – SA, USA, Canada, UK, Australia.
  • Way forward to a united world of UBUNTU
  • A world without money – full of abundance on every level

Connecting the dots from our origins to the confusing world we live in today?
Only by understanding our mysterious past, the origins of money and the rise of the royal bloodlines, can we make sense of where we are heading today. Why life is so hard and why we have to struggle so much to stay alive. Michael Tellinger presents a model for a new social structure called CONTRIBUTIONISM – A World Without Money – based on the African philosophy of UBUNTU and proposes how we should move from a money-driven society to a society driven by people, their talents and their passion for life. Where everyone contributes their natural talents or acquired skills to the greatest benefit of all in their community – and money has no meaning. Tellinger has been one of the leading activists against the banking cartels in South Africa since 2010 and his personal experiences in the High Court has helped him to expose the unlawful and corrupt banking sector. UBUNTU Contributionism – A Blueprint For Human Prosperity, was released in Feb 2014 and contains detailed information and guidelines how humanity can achieve UTOPIA on this beautiful planet of abundance, by simply cooperating and not competing.

Michael Tellinger - USA UBUNTU Tour – June 2015 - Booking and full schedule at: 

Saturday, 16 May 2015


Public Meeting


Municipal Elections 2016

Saturday 16 May 2015 – 2PM

Waterval Boven Town Hall

(Opposite the library)

  • Find out about the UBUNTU plan of action
  • UBUNTU Community projects
  • Free Electricity
  • Help us to spread the UBUNTU message
  • Become an UBUNTU representative
  • UBUNTU Party in 2016 Municipal Elections
  • Building a strong UBUNTU team of the people
  • Come find out how together we will turn our town into a paradise for all its people. 
  • It is up to the people to save our towns and our country from a corrupt and rogue government that sold our country to the "banksters" and turned its people into slaves. 
During the month of July we will hold 3-6 public meetings to appoint representatives for UBUNTU Party across many towns in South Africa. The proposed areas are Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, and others. Information will follow in a separate post on this website. 

In unity - Michael Tellinger

Friday, 15 May 2015

Overwhelming Support From Community For UBUNTU Projects

Successful Petitions & Launch of the 2016  Municipal Election Campaign

Six months ago we started going door-to-door in Waterval Boven, gathering support for the many community projects we have planned under the UBUNTU plan of action. The 24 projects on our list range from recycling to fish farming. The signature gathering was managed mainly by Michael Maseko (Zwane), my young partner since the launch of the UBUNTU Party in 2010, and various other young volunteers. 

I was convinced that we would touch many people - but I did not expect such an outburst of support.
Today, we have around 3500 signed petitions, in a community with around 3500 registered voters. This gives us a tremendous tool for leverage with the mayor and his municipality. We will keep the petitions until they become necessary to use.

Michael Maseko and Michael Tellinger holding some of the 3500 petitions regarding UBUNTU community development projects in Waterval Boven, South Africa.

For now, we are preparing for the long campaign to win the majority in our municipal area of 4 towns during the 2016 municipal elections. All of the UBUNTU candidates are ex members of either the ANC ruling party or the opposition DA party, who have realised that their parties have been lying to them and using them as instruments to deceive the people.

There is a very strong upbeat mood among our new team in the belief that UBUNTU is going to win the majority votes.  I will be announcing the team members and candidates in the near future.  This has now become my main focus in the political arena - to win our area and become the first domino to fall, first in South Africa, and then the rest of the world.

All we need is one small town to show the way and implement the principles of Contributionism. It will become impossible for capitalism to continue functioning in the proximity of our contributionist activities. In any case, capitalism is already showing vital signs of collapsing.
UBUNTU Contributionism in one small town can bring the rapid end to capitalism and corporate control of our people and our countries and replace it with abundance for all and complete freedom and a return of human sovereignty everywhere. If this sounds like a dream to some, I suggest they learn to become dreamers - because I am not the only one. 

In love & unity
Michael Tellinger

Sunday, 10 May 2015

UBUNTU Book in Swedish

A great big thanks to Hans Carlsson for doing the superb translation and layout of the UBUNTU book into Swedish. I than you from the bottom of my heart Hans.
Please share this with all your Swedish friends. Every $10 download helps to fund the UBUNTU movement - the book sales remain our main source of funding.
Click on the link below to open the download page. 


Friday, 8 May 2015

Online UBUNTU Workshop - Sat 16 May

UBUNTU ONLINE WORKSHOP - With Michael Tellinger
Sat 16 May 2015 - 12 noon - 2pm Pacific Standard Time.

I will be doing the second online workshop - to help spread the simple philosophy of Contributionism and answer questions regarding the UBUNTU Party and much more. Please join us if you can and let us keep growing the deeper understanding of this simple way of life and the creation of abundance for all.
Click the link below to register for the workshop.

UBUNTU Workshop in Saarbrucken, Germany 2 May 2015

Thursday, 7 May 2015

A message to the amazing UBUNTU Party UK team from Michael Tellinger

UK Elections 7 May 2015

Dear Paul, Mark, Rob, Alan and Mohamed, and all others involved in the UBUNTU Party UK.
I need to congratulate you on all the effort and passion you put into this campaign and the amazing energy you created in the UK with so few resources and virtually no funding. I wish you all the success you deserve today.
As small as it may feel to you - it is NOT insignificant.
This is the beginning of the journey of a thousand miles - you have not only taken the first few critical steps, but what you have accomplished will be remembered forever.
You have planted the seeds for a New Age of Higher Consciousness in the UK and inspired many others with your actions.
You are true pioneers of unity consciousness and you will be remembered as such. Allow yourselves to be proud of your efforts and resonate this spirit to everyone.
It is not about winning the elections or getting a seat in parliament - it is about merely your presence in the elections that will create the ripple-effect and cause many to wake up and follow your lead.
This journey is not for the fain-hearted. I know this from the past 10 years of walking this path myself.
Stay strong and committed to this resonance in your hearts - and remember that while some may call you dreamers - you are not the only ones.
Millions of people in more than 215 countries are already following their hearts resonating with this love for all of humanity as you did.
I honour you and respect you all.

In love & unity
Michael Tellinger

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Let us make UK history with UBUNTU in 2 constituencies

Tell everyone you know about Paul Toussaint and Mark Sleigh - the two UBUNTU Party UK Candidates standing in Stoke-on-Trent Central and Sutton Coldfield. Only two days to go, in the most diverse elections in UK history - let's make it a really memorable one by firmly planting the UBUNTU spirit into the UK parliament.

Thursday, 30 April 2015

UBUNTU Party CANADA Plants The Seeds For 2016 Elections

While the UK elections are only a week away on  the 7th of May 2015, across the Atlantic, UBUNTU Party Canada delivered their first batch of signatures to Election Canada offices in Gatineau, Quebec on the 24th April, 2015. In the picture are Hérol Rony, Kevin Arcand, René Spike Patrick and Martin Cantin.

UBUNTU Canada is developing a strong relationship with the First Nations People in the process of spreading critical information about the abuse of all the people of Canada by the banking elite and the restoration of all human rights and sovereignty to the people of this amazing part of the world.
For more info and to join UBUNTU Canada see their website - http://www.ubuntupartycanada.org/
In love & unity
Michael Tellinger

Thursday, 9 April 2015

UBUNTU Candidates Begin to Flex Their Muscle For 2016 Local Elections

Bongani Matsengwane and Joseph Zulu, the two first candidates for the UBUNTU party Local Municipal Election 2016. They will be contesting Waterval Boven and Machadodorp respectively. Joseph won the majority vote for the DA Party in Machadodorp in the 2015 National Election against the ANC. He is more than confident that he will win this time for UBUNTU.

UBUNTU is experiencing a rapid and unexpected influx of disgruntled ANC and DA candidates and members who are all unhappy with the corruption and lies of the regime. UBUNTU seems to be attracting the hearts and minds of the people without much effort - as the truth resonates throughout our land with a real promise of an abundant future. We are in the final phase of appointing the extra 2 candidates for Belfast and Dullstroom - which are the other 2 towns of the EMAKHAZENI Local Municipality. 

We are more than confident that we will win this election for UBUNTU and start the domino effect from these towns - the original home of the UBUNTU Party in South Africa.

I hope to do a whirlwind tour of at least 12 South African Cities in May to plant the UBUNTU seeds amongh the prospective candidates as widely as possible. All it will take is for UBUNTU to win one municipality - this will be the begining of the domino effect across South Africa as all small towns will want to emulate the unity and abundance UBUNTU will bring into the community. 
In Love and UnityMichael Tellinger.
Bongani, Michael and Joseph