Monday, 1 February 2016

UBUNTU Austria Meeting A Great Success - Wien 31 Jan 2016

A great big and warm thank you to Gernot Gauper and his team in Vienna, for the very successful UBUNTU tour of the major cities in Austria and the well attended UBUNTU meeting in WIEN on the 31st January 2016.
Austria is now leading the way and inspiring others to do something. I am planing a tour of the EU in March - April 2016 - to do several UBUNTU workshops and training sessions with those interested in becoming actively involved with the UBUNTU movement and UBUNTU Party in Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Holland, UK, Ireland and Italy. If you want to become part of the core group that starts up the UBUNTU movement and Party in any of these countries, please make sure to fill in the form below so that you get onto the database and I can communicate with you directly.
Keep spreading the UBUNTU message of unity, higher consciousness and abundance for all. Till later
Michael Tellinger

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Invitation to UBUNTU Day In Austria - 31 Jan 2016

I will be doing a live Skype presentation to the UBUNTU Austria meeting on Sunday 31 Jan 2016. A great big thanks to Gernot Gauper and his team for growing the UBUNTU movement and the UBUNTU Party so rapidly in Austria. See you in Wien on Sunday.  In Unity - Michael Tellinger
 Invitation UBUNTU day Austria 
                                             ( + Charity for UBUNTU South Africa )

                Sunday, 31st of january 2016 at Schutzhaus “Zukunft”
                auf der Schmelz, Stutterheimstraße, Ecke Guntherstraße, 1150 Wien

Schedule:    9.00 - 9.45 am     Check In
                                10.00 am                            Status Quo - The Vision of UBUNTU
                                                                              UBUNTU fields: (free energy, free food,...)
 Live conference with Michael Tellinger
                                                                              Open Source and UBUNTU with Peter Mayer
                                                                              introduction of running UBUNTU Projects
                                                                              + Place of gifts/Ort des Schenkens in Saalfelden, Salzburg
                                                                              + Project Styria/Projekt Steiermark
                                                                              + Institut für Lebensarchitektur (ILA), Wien
                                                                              + Sphären- und Naturharmonie-Stationen in Österreich

                               Whoever allready has it's own project or has plans or ressources for a Ubuntu-Project is invited to introduce it. Please get in contact with us at the check-in. We will
 present it at the event.                
                               01:00 pm                             Lunchbreak and local networking

                               02:30 pm                          
   Joe Kreissl: Freeman meets UBUNTU
Franz Hörmann: We are the Bank
Peter Salocher and Christoph Zöchling: free energy for all


                                05:00 pm Theme- and projecttables: specialized and functional networking
contribution for appreciation: 10,- Euro
& free donation for the UBUNTU-Liberation Movement South Africa

The number of participants is restricted. A registration is absolutly required. Please register solely under this mailadress:

A forwarding of this invitation to your distributionlist is explicit desired.
We are looking forward to a inspiring gathering.

UBUNTU Freiheitsbewegung Österreich


Michael Tellinger Welcomes Mpho Ralengole to UBUNTU Party South Africa

UBUNTU Party South Africa welcomes Mpho Ralengole into our family of activators, a new shining light and a messenger of unity and consciousness. Mpho brings a dynamic element of community activation through projects in the areas of arts, culture and technology. Her projects are scattered across South Africa but her 2016 municipal election campaign will be focused on the Gauteng region, especially areas like Diepsloot - a well know informal settlement bursting with life and energy - ready to embrace a new alternative for South Africa. I am extremely excited that Mpho reached out to us to unite her political aspirations with ours - since our vision for a NEW South Africa, united in diversity and bursting with abundance on all levels of human activity, is virtually identical. Please see Mphos progress and activity on the UBUNTU websites and other social networks that she is already driving. To great things in the present and the future. Weave your magic Mpho. I love your unstoppable positive energy. In unity - Michael Tellinger 

Thursday, 21 January 2016

UBUNTU Party - IEC Official Registration for South Africa 2016

I am happy to announce that we received our official confirmation that UBUNTU Party is registered and ready to participate in the 2016 Local Municipal Elections. See email from IEC below received 20 Jan 2016.
If you live in any of these municipalities in South Africa and want to represent UBUNTU Party as a candidate, please ensure to fill in this form:
And also email me on
Our work will begin in full swing next week.

Ikwezi Local Municipality

Kwasani Local Municipality

Emakhazeni Local Municipality

Mier Local Municipality - Population:
Kamiesberg Local Municipality - Population: 10,187 - District: Namakwa

Laingsburg Local Municipality
Prince Albert Local Municipality

In unity and resonance - Michael Tellinger


Good Morning

This serves to acknowledge receipt of your letter of renewal.

Kind regards,

Kgopedi Willy Molefe
Electoral Commission of SA: Electoral Matters
Tel: (012) 622 5200
Fax: (012) 622 5253

“Whatever you are, be a good one”  Abraham Lincoln


Monday, 18 January 2016

Thank You To Those Who Contributed - Please continue your support

Our official crowd funding campaign has ended.
This is a great big thank you to everyone that has contributed to our UBUNTU Party Election campaign. I will start distributing the various items offered within 24 hours. Some will take longer to send as we have to print and package.
I apologise for the delay - As I returned home after my not-so-vacation of 10 days, I arrived to a town on full strike and rioting on the streets by the people; a child that was shot and killed by local police; a deepening crisis in our town and whole municipality. The municipal offices were burnt to the ground and the Mayor was too scared to get out of the car when arriving to speak to the people while under police escort. We have had ongoing power failures, and a part of our town is still in darkness after 3 days while some parts are without water.
As the crisis deepens and people get more disgruntled with the mayor and municipality, it presents UBUNTU Party with a perfect opportunity to show its face and start sharing our plan of action with the people. I am holding the first meeting with community leaders today where we hope to start planting the seeds.
Some of the funds raised will go towards establishing a mobile community soup kitchen where we will feed the homeless and hungry children one meal daily - since many are now completely destitute because of the strikes and many people have no income at all. So - our work begins today. I will also be travelling to all the 7 municipalities that we are targeting to start mobilising the local support and launching the ongoing awareness until the elections take place.

We fell well short of our target in this fund raising effort - but please do not stop supporting us financially as we approach the elections. Ongoing contributions can be made on our website where people can sign up for a monthly contribution of your choice. This will ensure that we can continue from month to month doing what we can in the run-up to the elections.  Click here for the donation page:

Please share this once again with all those who will resonate with our activity and philosophy.
Till later - spread the UBUNTU word and become a seed of consciousness in your area.
In unity - Michael Tellinger

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Last 3 Days of Fund Raising For UBUNTU Elections 2016 South Africa

Our crowd funding campaign ends in 3 days. So - If you resonate with our message of unity consciousness and injecting this seed of consciousness into the political beast, please do what you can to spread this contribution link as widely as you can so that we can raise as much as we can to make our campaign as effective and visible as we can. Click here to make a donation please:

My efforts will be restricted to the amount of funds we have raised. At this stage we have reduced our campaign to the 6 smallest municipalities in South Africa plus Emakhazeni - where the UBUNTU office is located. These are:

Ikwezi Local Municipality - Population: 10,537 - District: Cacadu

Kwasani Local Municipality - Population: 12,898 - District: Sisonke

Emakhazeni Local Municipality - Population: 47,216 - District: Nkangala

Mier Local Municipality - Population: 7,003 - District: Siyande
Kamiesberg Local Municipality - Population: 10,187 - District: Namakwa

Laingsburg Local Municipality - Population: 8,289 - District: Central Karoo
Prince Albert Local Municipality Western Cape Central Karoo 13,136

Keep spreading the word- even after the fund raising campaign ends - because that is when the election campaigning will begin. 

In unity & resonance
Michael Tellinger

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

South African Elections 2016 - Last Few Days of Fundraising

Our fund raising campaign ends on the 15th January 2016.
After this I will enter a period of relentless activity in doing as much as I can with the support form various people on the ground to reach as many as we can with our message and plan of action for the small municipalities.

At this stage we will have to reduce our target of the 12 smallest municipalities, to the 6 smallest municipalities simply because of the lower levels of funding. I will do what I can to stretch the funds a far as I can. SO - please do what you can in these last few days of fund raising to spread the message and help us raise as much as we can to help us be as effective as possible.

I will also do a tour of the South African Universities to reach out to the YOUTH of SA. It is encouraging that the students have started showing their dissatisfaction with the ruling party. This is the time for the youth to wake up and realise that the government is not our friend and is not performing its role as our servant. The harsh reality is that the government has stolen our country from its people and turned all of us into their slaves. Unless the youth wakes up and takes action now, there will be no future for them at all. Everything will be taken away from them and they will find themselves in an irreversible state of slavery to the political elite, controlled by the global banking Mafia. A conscious youth movement is critical to the liberation of our country from economic slavery.

Click on the link below to go to our Crowd Funding Page.

In love, unity & resonance
Michael Tellinger

Friday, 1 January 2016

2016 - Moving Rapidly Towards Prosperity & Abundance for UBUNTU and The Human Family

As the new year dawns, I would like to wish all our supporters all over the world in more than 200 countries a blessed year filled with abundance and new adventures, and continued growth in all spheres of our individual and collective journeys. Thank you for your continued support and eternal encouragement. 2015 has been a tough year on me personally and I must admit that feel somewhat battered and bruised from the hectic schedule of travel, presentations and attempting the keep the home base stable and operating smoothly.

But 2016 is the year of true activation on many levels and the indicators are that the UBUNTU movement will grow as a political front of unity consciousness into the USA, Canada, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Australia, and probably several others. Our participation in the South African elections holds great promise to finally plant a seed of consciousness into the political beast at a municipal level and start the domino effect all over the world.

I urge you to stay focused on the positive outcomes and a beautiful future for our planet and all of humanity, and not get sucked into the negative dark vortex created by the media and our governments. I know that it is often hard not to get depressed by all this violence and conflict, separation and misery on our planet - but we must use this as the motivation to keep seeking the beautiful positive outcome for all of us and the resonance of unity and abundance that we are all capable of - because we are co-creators of our own reality - so let us start creating the kind of reality we want for ourselves.

We are the ones we have been waiting for - so let us act accordingly and make 2016 the year of real activation and seed planting that will rapidly sprout into an unstoppable wave of higher consciousness around the world. Do not be afraid of your knowledge - tell everyone about UBUNTU and our simple plan of action with Contributionism. Learn as much as you can from this website about our plan and the simple steps we need to take to reclaim our planet - so that you can share the knowledge clearly with confidence.

I look forward to a great journey of  amazing adventures in 2016 with all of our supporters, co-creators, and the growing global UBUNTU family - but first I need to take some time off to recharge my batteries to ensure that I am of clear mind and spirit - rested and prepared for what awaits us. I will be out of contact until 15 January 2016.

In love, unity and resonance
Michael Tellinger

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Crowd Funding SA Elections 2016 - Real Commitment Required

If we get $10 or R100 from each one of our supporters around the world, we WILL WIN the election in one of the 12 small municipalities and start the global domino effect. But I cannot do it on my own. I need your support. Please spread the message and do what you can if you resonate with our plans and vision. This is the time to take action and let's make this an historic event.
Click the link to go to our Crowd Funding Page.

OR make a direct deposit to our non-profit account.
UBUNTU PLANET NPC ( Non Profit Company)
Registration number: 2014/158534/08 
First National Bank- Hyde Park Johannesburg
Account Number 62545939003
Branch code: 254005

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Online UBUNTU Seminar with Michael Tellinger - Wednesday 9th Dec 2015

Free for all to join.
Wednesday 9th Dec 2015 
10 am Pacific time  -  8 pm South African time..

Subject: Minority Rule Principle.
We discuss how and why a Minority- Rule structure in community is infinitely more effective, supportive and productive than the majority-rule driven system we have been herded into. Join me if you can as we explore the way forward for humanity, liberating ourselves from the economic slavery we have been trapped in. Moving towards absolute freedom and abundance for all - without ever needing money for anything. A whole new way of life in which everyone can express themselves and use the talents we have been born with for the benefit of the whole community. 
Remember - money does nothing...PEOPLE DO EVERYTHING.
Click on the registration link.