Thursday, 23 June 2016


We are creating the first UBUNTU VILLAGE in the USA. Support us in this project if you are able to.We need to raise $500,000 to acquire 1000 acres of land in Bolton Valley, Vermont which includes a Ski resort, hotel and many other facilities. This will become the HOME of UBUNTU in the USA and the first Contributionism town with all its amenities. Please get behind this if you resonate with this initiative. 


Update on Media Activity - UBUNTU Election Campaign - 21 June 2016

Michael Tellinger gives an update on the media activity and necessary funding required to achieve a visible media presence in the 2016 Municipal Elections in South Africa. The elections are on 3 August 2016. We have to give it all we have to win just ONE SMALL TOWN and start the domino effect.

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I would like to thank all those people who have been generously supporting our efforts over the years and especially in the past 2 months leading up to the elections. It has taken a toll on me personally on many levels - physically, emotionally and spiritually. Whatever happens, we are in the river of life, creating our own reality as we go along, by the thoughts we think and the actions we take. It is amazing that this was already shown to be the case with the dicovery of quantum physics over 100 years ago, and yet we teach our children none of this knowledge in the so-called education system of today. 
In unity & resonance
Michael Tellinger

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

UBUNTU Planet Launches NEW online STORE

I am very happy to announce the launch of our NEW UBUNTU online STORE - Please keep supporting the UBUNTU movement by getting one of our items to help spread the message and awareness around the world.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Elections 2016 UBUNTU Party Update - 20 June 2016

Update from Michael Tellinger on the campaign by the UBUNTU Party South Africa in the Municipal Elections to be held on 3 August 2016. Watch our progress and pictures on our website. Please do not stop supporting us as we enter these critical final 6 weeks before the elections - we need to spread the word as widely as possible to all the people in the 13 municipalities that we are standing in and create that surprise that so many have been waiting for - to win just ONE SMALL TOWN - and start the domino effect of prosperity and abundance for everyone. We are making a huge impact wherever we take our message of UBUNTU and people are joining at an ever increasing rate. BUT we need continued support on all levels - which includes funding. Please continue to support us with a small donation where you can - go to our funding page at:

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Delivery of UBUNTU Large Banners To Rural Areas

There was great excitement on the weekend when I delivered the LARGE UBUNTU banners and T-shirts to the candidates in the outlying rural areas of one of the 13 municipalities we are contesting. The young representatives are very excited and filled with absolute confidence that UBUNTU will win the majority in their area because of the response and feedback they get when they share the UBUNTU message. I will be delivering the rest of the banners by the end of this week to the other municipalities - but I still need to pay for the printing.
Please continue supporting us financially to make this happen - I am operating on pure trust that funding will continue to trickle in and make all this possible and deliver a victory for UBUNTU in one of the municipalities.
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Rolling up the precious new banners

Boykie - is the local UBUNTU team leader in the area - very excited and positive about a their success

Just a small sample of the large number of excited youth - receiving their t-shirts so that they can join the campaign

Boykie shows Michael Tellinger his long list of names of people who have already signed up for the UBUNTU Party

Michael Tellinger hands out flyers and banners below

UBUNTU youth movement in the rural areas - growing rapidly and unstoppably at this point

Mr. Mkhutuzi Mkhondo is the senior candidate of the UBUNTU Party in the Albert Luthuli municipality. He carries 75 years of respect among the members of the community

Saturday, 11 June 2016

First UBUNTU Print Ads - ELECTIONS 2016

UBUNTU Party reaches over 40,000 people with our first print ad in the local Emakhazeni Municipality paper - The Highlands Gazette which covers Waterval Boven and 6 other towns. More print ads have been booked in other local papers and more need to be placed.
Please continue supporting us financially to allow us to spread the message.
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Friday, 10 June 2016

More Funding Needed Urgently For Elections 2016

Calling all the conscious millionaires - This is your time to get involved and make a difference 

The excitement among the candidates is so alive you can feel it in the air and in their voices when you speak to them. Our message is waking thousands of people up every day and they now believe that we can get out of this enslavement struggle.

BUT - As of today we have run out of all funds to print and produce the last set of campaign materials for the 13 groups of candidates around South Africa and for other campaigning expenses.
This is an urgent request for help from all those who want to see us succeed in at least ONE SMALL TOWN.

I am on my way to meet the group of 8 candidates in the Albert Luthuli Municipality this morning to deliver their set of election materials but I still need to raise around R180,000 to complete the printing and funding requirements for all our costs and expenses. At this stage I am using all my personal money which includes my retirement funds.We have just over six weeks till the 3rd August 2016 to make this work - we have to give this all we have and your support can make this a reality.

Please share this information with everyone who recognises our efforts and supports us - Please go to our DONATE page to make a donation:

Direct deposits to our Non-profit account here: 
UBUNTU PLANET NPC (Non Profit Company)
First National Bank
Hyde Park, Johannesburg.
Account number 62545939003
Branch code: 254005

PayPal: Send once of payment with PayPal to

 In love, resonance & unity
Michael Tellinger


Friday, 3 June 2016

UBUNTU Party Submits Final Candidates For 13 Municipalities

South African Municipal Elections 3 August 2016

Michael Tellinger shares the final moments of excitement while uploading the last of the UBUNTU Party candidates for the South African municipal elections.
UBUNTU Party will be contesting 13 municipalities on the 3rd of August 2016. This is the final submitted list.
  1. Johannesburg/Soweto
  2. Port Elizabeth
  3. Emakhazeni
  4. Hermanus
  5. Knysna
  6. Emfuleni
  7. Cape Town
  8. Bela Bela
  9. Bredasdorp
  10. Saldanha Bay
  11. Albert Luthuli
  12. Stellenbosch
  13. George
A great big thank you to all the amazing people from all over South Africa that rallied to support me in this stressful part of the preparation for the elections. Especially all those who joined up as candidates in the registered towns and those who wanted to stand in so many other towns as well. 
I apologise sincerely to all those who may feel disappointed that we did not reach them or include them on the list - there simply was not enough time and resources to reach everyone. Let us throw all our support behind the towns that we are represented in and let us create that ONE big surprise that will start the domino effect around the world. Tell everyone - share the news and call all your friends in the registered towns to tell them about UBUNTU participation.

We have 2 months, until 3 August 2016 to campaign as actively as we can to be seen by as many people as possible. It is NOW that we will need all the support we can get - as we start to really plant the seeds of consciousness into the political beast. 
Love and resonance - Michael Tellinger 

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

The Sun Shines on The UBUNTU Election Campaign

We have been blessed with beautiful weather in winter in South Africa, while on the campaign trail with the message of unity and abundance and the plan of action by the UBUNTU Party. Everywhere we have been, the people gather in great anticipation to hear the good news. It has taken even me by surprise, how quickly people resonate with our message. In Bredasdorp, one of the most influential farmers stopped our candidate Dylan yesterday, and told him that he has been reading up on UBUNTU and he thinks that it is the most exciting idea he has ever heard. Once we have influential farmers like this joining us, we will win over the rest of the people very quickly - especially in the countryside. 

To clarify the simple philosophy for the new-commers - we have taken the principles of UBUNTU, unity, harmony, cooperation and collaboration to create abundance on every level of our human endeavour - a vision of a perfect world and what some may call a utopian society that lives in paradise on a planet of infinite abundance... and we simply placed this beautiful philosophy that everyone dreams of, on to a political platform. This is why I always say that we are not a political party - we are a movement of unity consciousness that is using the political platform to inject a seed of consciousness into the political beast. All it will take is a victory in ONE SMALL TOWN - anywhere in the world to start the global domino effect. And it will be unstoppable. I am equally excited to say that the UBUNTU Parties in Australia and the USA will also be contesting the elections in 2016 and I have no doubt that we have reached the point of no return. A personal path of eleven years of sharing this simple plan has grown into a global movement with supporters in every country of the world. The latest and most exiting developments are in Brazil and Japan. I trust that this is a clear indication that the human spirit can never be crushed - it may be oppressed and damaged and invaded and raped - but it cannot be destroyed. The human spirit will always find a new place to surface and grow in strength and numbers. 
We are the ones we have been waiting for. Let us keep manifesting the beautiful planet we all want to live on. I can see it, I can smell it, I can hear it, I can taste it, I can feel it. So it is... and so it shall be.
In love, unity and resonance - Michael Tellinger

Michael Tellinger absorbing some warm winter sun in Port Elizabeth before the UBUNTU candidates' meeting.

 PS: We are in constant need of further funding for the election campaign - please don't stop supporting us. To make a badly needed donation go to our DONATE page. 

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

UBUNTU Campaign Update From Port Elizabeth

The Port Elizabeth UBUNTU meeting was as exciting and eventful as all the others. BUT - We have only 3 days left to submit all the names of our candidates for the elections. This is a huge task and requires a lot of focus and admin. I will stay in one place until I have been able to conclude this successfully. This means that I will not be going on to East London, Durban and other parts of SA - until we have concluded our candidates submissions successfully. At this stage we will have to be content with the municipalities that we have activated and trust that the universe has led us to this point. Our funding and admin support capacity is simply not strong enough to extend this any further. I will be giving all my support to the municipalities that we have activated and trust that we will will have good success in those. I will publish the names as soon as registration has been completed by the end of this week. Below are some images from the Port Elizabeth UBUNTU candidates' meeting. Please keep supporting us financially - we have 2 months left to campaign before 3 August - this is the most critical time ahead. We have to give it all we have and so that we can to keep spreading our message in all the areas we will be registered to participate.
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