Sunday, 4 October 2015

UBUNTU Canada Update - Infiltrated by Seperatist Group

After my Modern Knowledge tour in 2014, that took us right across this great land, and presentations in 12 cities, the UBUNTU group in Canada started out so strongly that it took my breath away. It is therefore with great sadness in my heart that I have to take this action to respond to sinister activity among the UBUNTU family in Canada. 
Unfortunately the Canadian UBUNTU movement was hijacked by a rogue group that separated themselves from the UBUNTU parent body, caused the de-registration of the party in CANADA, while promoting their own personal agenda which is far removed from the global UBUNTU plan of action and manifesto, and started posting negative sentiments regarding myself and UBUNTU Canada
As a result of their separatist action, UBUNTU Party Canada will not be able to participate in the Canadian elections 2016 as hoped. Instead of working with those that registered the party, electing a natural leader, and following the UBUNTU plan from the South African head office and the united effort in the UK, this small group has caused the first rift in our global united family. I trust they will realise that their actions were out of line and unnecessary - where collaboration should have been applied at all times. 
I can only conclude that this group was successfully infiltrated by agents who want to destabilise our activity and the UBUNTU movement around the world.This is very sad and disappointing and goes right against the spirit of what we are attempting to do, which is to unite people all over the world and across all borders - with the same philosophy of unity consciousness and a consistent political manifesto. 
This splinter group calls itself The Ubuntu Party Canada Political Contributions Team,  started posting derogatory statements to some independent media. They are: Kristie Elgersma; Ryland Fizcel; Robin Gosse; Mark Kennedy; Rousseau Kumara Llanera; Barb Pattison; Robin Ritchie.   
This means that this group of seven people can no longer call themselves UBUNTU representatives if they promote other philosophies that drive their own personal agendas. Please be aware of this. I wish them luck in creating their own movement with its own vision and a way forward for humanity and hopefully our paths will unite again in the future. The door is open to them to rejoin us in the UBUNTU plan.
Please note: As it stands, this group does not have the support of the UBUNTU Head Office, and therefore can not claim to represent the UBUNTU Party Canada or the UBUNTU movement in Canada in any way. They do not have the right, or permission from the UBUNTU Global Head Office, to use our name, logo or any other intellectual property that was created for the global UBUNTU Liberation Movement and associated political party activity.

As soon as I return home from my extended global tour, I will start setting up a new core UBUNTU team for Canada that works closely with me and resonates completely with the UBUNTU philosophy. If you want to be actively involved in UBUNTU Canada and the political activity which is crucial to speed up the realisation of our objectives, please make sure that you are on the coordinators list for Canada below. I will be sending out a communication to everyone soon.

In unity & resonance
Michael Tellinger
Founder of the global UBUNTU Movement and UBUNTU Party.

UBUNTU Party Launches Street Pole Posters For 2016 Municipal Elections.

Join us today and let's turn our towns into places of abundance and prosperity. It all starts with ONE SMALL TOWN. One UBUNTU Mayor will have a huge influence on his/her community for all others to follow. 
Once we win one small town and start to implement our plan of action, it will put a lot of pressure on other mayors everywhere to follow our lead - or they will simply be voted out or removed by the people of their towns. 

Friday, 2 October 2015

Technology Behind Our FREE ELECTRICITY Promise

I get many individual emails from people wanting to know what kind of technology will deliver the FREE ELECTRICITY we talk about. Keep in mind that our aim is for every town and community to have its own electricity supply that becomes FREE to the people once the installation has been paid, and free to those who participate in any of the community projects initiated by the UBUNTU plan of action in that community.
It is impossible to respond to individual emails one by one so I urge everyone interested in this subject to read all the documents that I put out on our website and spread the message to others. Our disappointment in the non-delivery of the generator from Germany is not the end of the world. It was merely one of many options we have and it appeared to be the simplest option at the time. 
We are focusing on tried and tested technology for the delivery of FREE ELECTRICITY in our campaign for 2016 municipal elections in South Africa. These are water turbines for rivers and lazy water, or slow moving water that can deliver the power we need. This is why we need to choose towns with water nearby.
In addition to this, we have access to dozens of inventors and scientist with a wide variety of other technologies that are just waiting for us to win on a political front at which point they will make their technology available to us. Many of them are too scared to go public before they can be supported on a political level by a party that has been elected into office as a municipal authority.

Have no fears - our campaign rests on tried and tested water turbine technology that can generate 22 times as much energy as current hydro-turbine installations. This is a unique advantage for the UBUNTU Party. But once we have the first free electricity system installed, this will open the flood gates and bring many inventors out of hiding to share their brilliant work. This is the moment that the world has been waiting for. The platform has to be set and provided with a political victory in one small town that will cause the domino effect in countless others. 

I trust that you will see the simplicity in our plan of action and support us every step of the way. We are not perfect and we do not have all the answers, and there will be hurdles and disappointments along the way. All we have to do is deal with them as they arise and not be afraid to take this journey to liberate ourselves from the stranglehold of our governments and their energy supply grid that holds us all hostage to the system. We are the ones we have been waiting for - so let's do what we came here to do and manifest our own reality and the beautiful future of abundance,unity and higher consciousness for the world. 
In Unity
Michael Tellinger

Please make a donation towards our 2016 Election Campaign here:

Monday, 28 September 2015

UBUNTU Party In The South African Municipal Elections 2016.

Our campaign for the 12 smallest municipalities has begun.

REMEMBER - that one appointed mayor will have a much bigger impact on his community than one elected member of parliament. The UBUNTU mayor can implement the UBUNTU plan of action immediately, based on the party manifesto. That is why this strategy is so important - we are about to change the future of our planet for the greater good of every living breathing human being - and it starts with ONE SMALL TOWN.
We are starting in the home of UBUNTU, Waterval Boven and the EMAKHAZENI Municipality which consists of 4 towns - the three others are: Belfast, Machadodorp and Dullstroom. We are also active in Mashishing, previously known as Lydenburg.
This means that we need serious support from all UBUNTU supporters around the world in funding this campaign. Let us use this as the spear-head to break through the veil of human abuse and control, and start the domino-effect. Daily funds are needed for the candidates' expenses and transport, posters banners, UBUNTU office costs and other expenses on the way.
Our teams are doing door to door calls with our petition and the UBUNTU Party Manifesto AND plan of action. These 5 towns will have 200 new street pole posters put up every month for the next 6 months, with a new message for the month - the first message is FREE ELECTRICITY FOR ALL -

This week I had to pay $12,000 for 6000 posters to launch this. We will need to print a lot more posters and banners and pamphlets for all other towns on the list. So please stand with us and make this historic shift in energy and a victory for the people possible.
We need to raise $200,000 to make this campaign possible and win at least one of these 12 small municipalities. Go to our website and make a small monthly contribution for the next several months to help us run a successful campaign.
When we win - we can implement the UBUNTU Community plan of action and start the domino effect all over South Africa and the world. Below is a list of the other municipalities and population, that we will target from November 2015.
  1. Mier Local Municipality Northern Cape Siyanda 7,003
  2. Laingsburg Local Municipality Western Cape Central Karoo 8,289 
  3. Kamiesberg Local Municipality Northern Cape Namakwa 10,187
  4. kwezi Local Municipality Eastern Cape Cacadu 10,537
  5. Renosterberg Local Municipality Northern Cape Pixley ka Seme 10,978 
  6. Kareeberg Local Municipality Northern Cape Pixley ka Seme 11,673 
  7. Richtersveld Local Municipality Northern Cape Namakwa 11,982
  8. Khâi-Ma Local Municipality Northern Cape Namakwa 12,465
  9. Karoo Hoogland Local Municipality Northern Cape Namakwa 12,588 
  10. KwaSani Local Municipality KwaZulu-Natal Sisonke 12,898
  11. Prince Albert Local Municipality Western Cape Central Karoo 13,136 
  12. Thembelihle Local Municipality Northern Cape Pixley ka Seme 15,701
  13. Kheis Local Municipality Northern Cape Siyanda 16,637
  14. Baviaans Local Municipality Eastern Cape Cacadu 17,761
  15. Ubuntu Local Municipality Northern Cape Pixley ka Seme 18,601 
  16. Kgatelopele Local Municipality Northern Cape Siyanda 18,687
In love and unity
Michael Tellinger

Saturday, 12 September 2015

For The Youth of The World

Thank you Matt for your wonderful energy and creating this informative video. It was great connecting with you in Byron Bay - keep up your beautiful journey - informing and energising the youth of the world. If the youth does not wake up now and take control of the future - there will be very little left for the youth to inherit.

In love and unity - Michael Tellinger

If you want to make a contribution to the UBUNTU Party election campaign funding please go to our website on this link:

Wednesday, 9 September 2015


UBUNTU Plan of Action For Small Towns

As we start planning our campaigning for the 2016 Local Municipal Elections in South Africa, I would like to point out that our entire political focus has shifted to small towns and villages. We are targeting the 12 smallest municipalities in South Africa. This is where we can make a huge impact by reaching the majority of the people with our message and being able to get a majority win. Our required budget for this campaign is $200,000 or R2,5 million Rand. If you resonate with our plan, do what you can to help us make it a reality and initiate the global shift into a new future of abundance and freedom from financial slavery. A victory in one small town will create a global domino effect that will spread around the world through all countries and across all borders. We are the ones we have been waiting for - this is the new age and we are the new wave of conscious thinkers and doers - so let's make this happen for ourselves now. We have about 7 months to go.

Here is the UBUNTU plan of action for small towns - In a nutshell - more details to follow.
  1. Win a local election
  2. Install an UBUNTU municipality and Council of Elders
  3. Provide our own electricity supply for every town under our control - hydro or more exotic kind 
  4. Launch a diverse number of Community Projects like food, water, sports facilities, improved healthcare, engineering,  dairy, bakery , etc
  5. These are well managed and coordinated by a chosen team of experts in that field.
  6. Everyone is asked to contribute 3 hours per week to these projects in return for the free electricity
  7. Those who do not participate, continue to pay for electricity
  8. Turn our town into a powerful labour force, doing everything for ourselves, creating abundance for our people - and others around us
  9. This allows everyone to keep their jobs and not disrupt their lives in the initial transitian phase, while participating in their own future prosperity
  10. This is a perfect launch and transitional model for people in towns with high unemployment and those in more wealthy areas - everyone benefits
  11. Free electricity for everyone that contributes 3 hours per week to the projects
  12. Free electricity to all Community Projects
  13. Free labour for all Community Projects from those who participate
  14. Create 3 x abundance of everything we do - export the 2/3 at a fraction of the price available anywhere else
  15. Invite all industry to become part of the Community Project pool - and benefit immensely from no labour cost, no electricity cost and an increasing supply of free components as the projects become integrated and start to supply each other for free
  16. Business owners retain one third of profits, 2/3 go to the community
  17. Interim generation of wealth with which to grow community projects
  18. No corporation can compete with us because we provide the labour for free ourselves - and an ever increasing percentage of raw materials and components
  19. Activate more projects and attract top talent in all areas - once the people feel the broad benefits on so many levels, UBUNTU Party will never get voted out
  20. Everything becomes available for free to all those who participate in the projects
  21. Everything we do eventually becomes a part of the Community Projects activity - like horse riding, healthcare, building, wood craft, hiking, art, shoe-making, etc.
  22. This system creates a new education structure where people learn valuable skills for life while doing community projects
  23. In a few years we have a well-trained and highly skilled community where everyone can do everything - and loving it
  24. We will use this one small town as the first domino to fall and lead by example to all other small towns.
  25. This will cause a win in the national elections next time around.
  26. Converting our whole country into a united community of abundant diversity on all levels which leads to the demise of money and the enslavement of the people by the banking elite entirely.
We need your help to make this a reality - We cannot do it on our own. To make a contribution towards our election campaign go to our funding page below.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Online UBUNTU WORKSHOP - 3 October 2015 6pm to 9pm PST (USA)

Since I cannot travel to all parts of the world and I will have to get back to base in South Africa soon, I will do another online workshop to continue spreading the Contributionism message and plan of action - showing how simple it is to transition from our current state of enslavement by money, to a world of abundance and prosperity - by simply replacing our practice of competition with cooperation and collaboration. I will outline the simple practical steps that we are taking in South Africa and what you can do in your communities. Spread the word and join us if you can.
Blueprint For Human Prosperity
Origins of Money
Understanding the global banking Scam
UBUNTU Philosophy
Plan of Action - Critical steps to take
Political Activity
Free Electricity
Community Projects

Sunday, 6 September 2015

UBUNTU Party Launches Funding Campaign For 2016 Elections

Required funding $200,000 
We are targeting the 12 smallest municipalities in South Africa - because we will be able to reach all the people in these towns with our message. Our aim is to win the majority in just one small town. This is our Achilles Heel approach to inject the seed of consciousness into the political beast and lead by example to thousands of other towns in South Africa and in other countries to do the same. Ten years of work and spreading the UBUNTU philosophy have brought us to this point in time when we can change our future irreversibly for the better of humankind. It is possible and achievable - all we need is the full support of all those who resonate with our message. We need to use this opportunity to pierce the veil of control and create an exponential domino effect around the world that we believe will be unstoppable. Please do what you can to help us raise the required funding to make this a reality for all of us.

Out main message for the municipal elections is FREE ELECTRICITY FOR ALL. Each municipality covers 4-5 towns, so our campaign will cover around 50 towns. When we become become the elected party with an elected UBUNTU Mayor in the town, it will allow us to swiftly implement our UBUNTU plan of action and lead the way for other towns to follow. The campaigning has already started in the 4 towns of the Emakhazeni Municipality where we live. These towns are Waterval Boven, Machadodorp, Belfast and Dullstroom - also in Lydenburg some 75km away. We will apply the funds based on our level of funding success and only engage as many areas as we can afford to be effective in. 

To achieve ongoing stability this campaign we need to find a minimum of 100 monthly donors of $100 each. This will be a good launch platform for us to initiate the campaign successfully.
We need your support to continue operating and growing to spread the UBUNTU message.
Click link for Funding Page:

OUR Most urgent needs:
  • Daily and monthly expenses in the UBUNTU Office
  • Upgrade of basic facilities
  • Printing materials and other consumables
  • Distributions of printed materials in South Africa
  • Travel expenses
  • Community projects - the launch and daily management
  • Salaries for new staff that we desperately need to hire
  • Political campaigning - Local Municipal elections 2016
  • Support of UBUNTU Party Candidates in 12 Municipalities = around 52 towns.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Bay FM Radio in Australia Interviews Michael Tellinger

Nick Jeanes on Bay FM 99.9 in Byron Bay, Australia - talks to Michael Tellinger about the corrupt banking system, origins of money, capitalism, democracy, UBUNTU philosophy and the plan of action - leading up to the South African Municipal elections in 2016. This is a really awesome interview that covers many topics in 45 minutes. Including how to create abundance for all of us by simply replacing competition with cooperation and collaboration.

Click the link below to listen to the interview.


Wednesday, 2 September 2015


I have been holding off on sending out this final update in the hope that the generator will appear in South Africa. But the latest news is that after paying the $10,000 deposit several months ago, for the delivery of the 2 x 300 kilowatt generators from Germany, to our town in South Africa, the generators have not been delivered to us.

I have exhausted all communication with the inventor, Mike Brady, who claims that the machines have arrived in South Africa, but are stuck somewhere in a warehouse, not being released to him, because he owes the shipping company another $20,000 or some.

I am not sure at this stage if we have been conned or if this is really the case but I am no longer willing to play that game with him and requested a full refund of the deposit. He agreed to refund the money to us which I await patiently. There was always the slight risk of this happening, and that is why I insisted on a small deposit for delivery at first, before we paid the $120,000 for the full device, only after it had been delivered and tested.

I am deeply disappointed, mostly in myself and my lack of judgement, because over the past several years I have had the pleasure of meeting many great scientists and inventors from all over the world with all kinds of energy devices that truly boggle the mind and inspired me in many ways. Free-energy is all round us, but it is always the lack of funds or greed that prevents us from building or distributing such devices.

I had two long meetings with Mike Brady, in the face of some bad publicity that he has had on the Internet, and I questioned him extensively accompanied by my close and trusted friend David, who is a PhD mechanical and electrical engineer, to satisfy ourselves that this technology was in fact real and not just a great story. We were shown a lot of compelling evidence and information that gave me the confidence to proceed. I was desperate to use this case as an example for the rest of the world to be able to follow.

The free-energy or alternative energy arena is one of the most exciting, but also one of the most turbulent areas of research at this stage of our evolution. It is filed with two kinds of inventors:
  1. Those that want to give their inventions and technology to the world for free, knowing that they will get immeasurable reward from their generosity – however, these people are mostly the ones that are always short of funds and are scratching together a few dollars to build their devices in private workshops.
  2. Those that have funding and have decent laboratories and production facilities – but in most of these cases the inventors are bound by contracts to the funders and the lodging of patents holds up the process for years. Inventors are fearful of losing their invention and not being able to survive off their hard work if they simply give it to the world. My personal experience is that everyone who has ever lodged a patent for an energy device, such device has never been seen in public after the patent application, and the inventor never makes any money from all the hard work in any case. 
The UBUNTU movement has therefore developed a very different strategy to help inventors get their devices out to the people, while protecting themselves and still making money while we are trapped in the capitalist system.
As disappointing as this process has been, it is by no means a dead end and it will not stop us in our quest to free ourselves from the system that has enslaved us. There are many inventors that we are in communication with and many amazing technologies that will become part of our journey as it unfolds.

The UBUNTU Party continues with our campaign for the 2016 local Municipal Elections in South Africa – where we are more that confident that we will win a majority vote in at least one small town. This will allow us to implement our own free-energy device for the people of the town that will become the foundation to unite the people and set up the many community projects that will start delivering abundance in all areas of our activity.

Our main election promise to the people is FREE ELECTRICITY for all, and we are mainly focusing on an advanced form of Hydro Turbine Technology which is tried and tested technology that everyone can understand. No fancy devices or exotic technology.

To all those who made a contribution towards the delivery of the generator, I am happy to refund you once Mike Brady has repaid the deposit, or simply use the funds towards the elections when we will acquire the turbines for the rivers to generate a continuous stream of electricity for the town and initiate the first model of the UBUNTU Contributionism plan that others can emulate.

Please follow our election plan of action on the UBUNTU Party website – I posted a simple 24-point plan for all to see and digest.
In love and unity 
Michael Tellinger